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Sustainability Certifications: What Do They All Mean?

Sustainability Certifications What do they all mean
Sustainability certifications help eco-conscious brands prove that they care about the environment, their workers, and their overall impact. But, there’s so much greenwashing happening that it can be hard to tell if a brand is sustainable, or if they’re making…

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

What is a Capsule Wardrobe
The term “Capsule Wardrobe” was coined in the 70s by wardrobe consultant, Susie Faux. In 1985, it hit the mainstream when Dona Karen launched her “Seven Easy Pieces” collection containing high-quality, stylish basics including items like a skirt, a pair…

Material Guide: How Sustainable is Modal?

How sustainable is modal
Modal fabric is a plant-based fiber that can be made from either wood pulp or cotton. It’s softer than cotton, breathable, and durable. It’s often cited as a sustainable fabric, for a few reasons. But, as is often the case,…

10 Comfy Organic T-Shirts You Can Wear Every Day

Boody Eco Wear Organic Tee
If you’re looking for an ethically made organic t-shirt, you know how hard it is. Most fast fashion brands don’t offer the quality or sustainability you want, and high-end brands charging $100+ for a simple tee isn’t feasible. Luckily, there…

Material Guide: How Sustainable is Fleece?

Is fleece sustainable?
Fleece is one of those materials that we want to love. It’s warm, cozy, and functional, perfect for outdoor activities. Unfortunately, those benefits don’t come without disadvantages. Fleece is a synthetic material made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and it can…

7 Fair Trade & Sustainable Shoe Brands [2021]

Sustainable Shoes
A good pair of shoes will be worn potentially hundreds of times. They’re a big investment. You want a pair that are stylish, but, don’t harm the earth. There are a variety of sustainable shoe brands out there creating high-quality…