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5 Vegan Leather Alternatives and Their Pros and Cons

Ethical Vegan Leather Alternatives

Leather is a material that has historically been hard to emulate well. We’ve all bought cheap faux-leather shoes or jackets, only for the materials to start cracking and crumbling months later. Luckily, vegan leather has come a long way and…

7 Best Vegan Sandals for a Cruelty-Free Summer

Best Vegan Sandals for Summer

There is a variety of natural, synthetic, and recycled materials that can be used in vegan sandals: cork, vegan leather, recycled post-consumer waste plastics, organic cotton, and much more. If you’re vegan, or simply want to support brands with cruelty-free…

Is Lululemon Ethical? Our Breakdown + 4 Alternatives

Is Lululemon an Ethical and Sustainable Brand

Lululemon is a well-known brand. They create high-end menswear and womenswear, including leggings, sports tops, and much more. But, is Lululemon sustainable? In this analysis, we’ll take a look at key information available to help you make an informed choice.…