13 Best Eco Shoes Like Toms for Summer [2024]

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Are you looking for an alternative to Toms? We’ve got you covered with our round-up of the best sustainable shoes like Toms.

Toms are the famous canvas slip-on shoes, but did you know there are many other sustainable and ethical brands on the market creating shoes like Toms?

The following brands use sustainable materials and ethical production to create eco-friendly shoes, sneakers, and slip-on styles.

Shoes like Toms
Featured Brands From Top: Allbirds, Paez,

Toms is a Californian-based footwear brand famous for creating its signature slip-on canvas shoe styles.

The company was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie and grew in popularity thanks to its shoe donation initiative. The company pledged to donate a pair of shoes for every pair purchased.

However, TOMS is one of many brands creating summer-ready shoes on the market. We’ve rounded up the best sustainable TOMS alternatives from brands using ethical production and eco-friendly materials.

1. Allbirds Tree Loungers

Allbirds Tree Loungers slip on shoes like Toms

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation uses natural and sustainable materials and ethical production practices

Best for: Slip-on breathable shoes like Toms

Ships to: Worldwide

Allbirds are one of the most popular sustainable shoe brands right now, thanks to their ultra-comfortable shoes. The San Francisco-based brand creates sneakers, slip-on, and running shoes from natural and sustainably sourced materials.

The Allbirds Tree Loungers are the perfect breathable slip-on alternative to a Toms shoe. Made from natural and eco-friendly materials, including eucalyptus tree fibers and a carbon negative green EVA sole, the Tree Loungers are light on your feet and good for the planet.

The Tree Lounger comes in a range of colors and gets excellent reviews, but customers say the shoe can run slightly small, so if in between sizes, size up.

Allbirds Pros

  • Sustainable
  • Slip on style
  • Long lasting – well made & Easy to clean

Allbirds Cons

  • Not vegan friendly
  • No jute espadrille styles
  • Pricier than Toms but higher quality

2. Rothys

Rothys shoes like Toms

Sustainability: Shoes made from recycled plastic bottles.

Best for: Casual shoes, slip-on styles, sneakers

Ships to: Worldwide

Rothy’s slip-on styles, which are made from recycled plastic bottles, are the perfect option if you’re looking for shoes like Toms.

The sustainable footwear brand boasts an impressive four different slip-on styles, including women’s loafer and sneaker styles and men’s boat shoe styles, all coming in various patterns and colors.

Rothy’s breathable knitted slip-on styles are made from Rothy’s signature yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and marine waste.

Rothy’s Pros

  • Recycled materials
  • Slip on style
  • Machine washable

Rothy’ sCons

  • Sizes can run large
  • Need a break in period
  • More expensive than TOMS

3. Suavs

Suavs sustainable slip on shoes

Sustainability: Seamless shoes made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles

Best for: Slip-on breathable shoes

Ships to: the US & International

The Barton shoe from Suavs is a great travel shoe alternative to Toms shoes. Thanks to its unique seamless no-stitch design, the shoe is lightweight, breathable, and blister-free. Plus, you can wear the shoes barefoot, thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of the recycled thread.

The blister-free aspect of the Suavs makes the shoe perfect for everyday wear. However, one drawback is that the Suavs slip-on style has a limited color choice, currently only available in the back with a choice of gum or white soles. However, this shoe is still a great option if you’re looking for summer shoes like Toms.


  • Recycled materials


  • Popular sizes sell out quickly


Sustainability: Certified B Corporation using natural materials. Every purchase = trees planted in the Brazilian reforestation program

Best for: Colorful slip-on shoes

Ships to: Worldwide

Sustainable footwear brand is on a mission to create comfortable, eco-friendly shoes and save the Amazon rainforest at the same time.

The Brazilian brand’s IBI style uses natural materials, including renewable bamboo and a sugarcane EVA sole, to create a comfortable pair of breathable slip-on shoes for everyday wear.

For every pair of sustainable sneakers purchased, Cariuma plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest, which directly aids in the restoration and preservation of vital biodiversity and natural habitats.

Read more on Cariuma’s sustainability initiatives here.

Cariuma Pros

  • Sustainable materials
  • Lots of choice in color and style

Cariuma Cons

  • More of a sneaker than a “beach shoe”

5. Suggies

Suggies leather shoes like Toms

Sustainability: Made in the USA using sustainable materials

Best for: Leather summer shoes like Toms

Ships to: Worldwide

Suggies (formerly Ashbury Skies) has the perfect Toms alternatives in the form of their BENDY’s range. The brand’s signature style features a soft LWG-certified leather upper, a super cushioned inner, and an ultra-bendy sole.

These shoes are perfect if you’re looking for a casual flat shoe like Toms but want something a little chicer.

Suggies come in a range of colors, but unfortunately, every style is leather, so they’re not vegan-friendly.

Suggies Pros

  • Super comfortable

Suggies Cons

  • No vegan options

6. Biankina

Biankina Espadrilles

Sustainability: Natural materials including GOTS organic cotton, raw Jute, natural rubber soles, and lightweight cork

Best for: Classic Canvas Espadrilles

Ships to: Worldwide

Biankina is a European footwear brand with roots in sustainability. The brand aims to create its shoes as eco-friendly as possible, and it does so by using natural materials to develop its footwear.

Biankina is the perfect alternative if you’re looking for shoes like Toms with a whole range of canvas slip-on espadrilles.

Biankina’s canvas shoes are handmade classically by artisans in Spain and come in many must-have summer styles.

Biankina Pros

  • Great options for summer shoes like TOMS

Biankina Cons

  • Only Women’s styles available


PAEZ shoes like Toms

Sustainability: GRS Recycled plastic material, PETA approved Vegan styles

Best for: Slip-on canvas shoes like Toms

Ships to: Worldwide

PAEZ is a fun and playful footwear brand creating canvas-style shoes like Toms. You can find vibrant colors and patterns in men’s, women’s, and kid’s styles at PAEZ.

PAEZ uses recycled plastic to create its slip-on styles, and today 90% of the brand’s materials come from recycled fabrics.

Also available to shop at .


Paez Pros

  • Most similar shoes like TOMS
  • Ethical and sustainable

Paez Cons

  • Currently creating new styles to be introduced in 2023

8. Kengos

Kengos sustainable canvas shoes

Sustainability: Plant-based materials, completely recyclable, and vegan

Best for: Canvas style shoes like Toms

Ships to: Worldwide

Are you looking for a unique pair of breezy shoes similar to Toms? Then, check out Kengos, the eco-friendly shoe using natural plant-based materials to create fully recyclable shoes.

Kengos are made up of only five components, compared to the usual 30+ materials often used to produce non-sustainable alternatives. Using sustainable materials and fewer components allows Kengos’ to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep its shoes out of landfills.

Kengos Pros

  • Great summer shoe
  • Fully recyclable

Paez Cons

  • Not much arch or foot support


Sustainability: 100% vegan shoes made from recycled plastic bottles

Best for: Slip-on sneaker style

Ships to: The US & Canada

is the perfect slip-on sneaker alternative to Toms. In addition, the brands’ shoes are entirely vegan and can be fully recycled at the end of their life.

Although not a canvas or knitted slip-on style like Toms, Thousand Fells stain and water-resistant uppers are breathable, and the shoe features an aloe vera-coated soft-touch liner so you can wear the shoes with and without socks.

Thousand Fell Pros

  • Great selection
  • Fully recyclable
  • Vegan friendly

Thousand Fell Cons

  • Not much arch or foot support

10. Wills Vegan Store

Wills Vegan store espradrilles

Sustainability: 100% vegan shoes ethically made from sustainable materials

Best for: Espadrille style

Ships to: Worldwide

If you’re looking for vegan Espadrilles-style shoes similar to Toms, look no further than Wills Vegan Store.

Wills is a UK-based sustainable clothing brand that creates ethically made vegan footwear and clothing from eco-friendly materials, including recycled plastic and bio-based vegan leathers.

Made traditionally and ethically in Spain with natural jute soles and cotton canvas uppers, Wills’ Espadrilles feature recycled cotton at least 20% post-consumer.

Wills Pros

  • Vegan friendly
  • Espadrille styles available

Wills Cons

  • Popular styles can sell out quickly

11. Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot slip on shoes like Toms

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation uses sustainable and natural materials to create barefoot shoes

Best for: Slip-on barefoot styles

Ships to: Worldwide

Vivobarefoot offers a unique shoe style that features a flexible thin sole that brings you closer to the ground, allowing you to connect with nature and stimulate your senses.

If you’re looking for shoes like Toms, we recommend you look at the Opanka slip-on style by Vivobarefoot. The Opanka shoe is a lightweight slip-on style, ethically made in Portugal from premium leather, the slip-on features Vivo’s famous thin yet durable sole.

Unfortunately, the shoe is available in limited colors, either black or limestone white, but it is still an excellent option for a slip-on style.

Vivobarefoot Pros

  • Minimalist alternative to Toms

Vivobarefoot Cons

  • Only come in barefoot styles – no arch support

12. Etiko

Etiko vegan shoes like Toms

Sustainability: Certified Fairtrade, Organic Cotton, and 100% Vegan shoes

Best for: Canvas slip-on style

Ships to: Worldwide

Etiko is an Australian-based sustainable shoe brand, creating a sustainable high-top alternative to the famous Chuck Taylor style. But did you also know the brand creates a canvas slip-on shoe?

Created ethically from organic cotton, Etiko’s slip ons are entirely vegan, use no animal glues, and don’t use any toxic dyes.

Etiko Pros

  • Vegan friendly
  • Sustainable materials
  • Great choice

Etiko Cons

  • Ships from Australia ( = more CO2 emissions).

13. Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers

Sanuk shoes that look like Toms

Sustainability: Toms alternatives, made from natural hemp fibers and recycled materials

Best for: Hemp shoes like Toms

Ships to: Worldwide

The hemp footwear market has made waves recently as the demand for excellent and practical hemp shoes grows.

Sanuk are a refreshingly different brand creating shoes that look like Toms but with their own twist.

Sanuks are made from hemp, an eco-friendly fiber that can be grown quickly without harmful pesticides.

Check them out in your search for shoes like Toms!

Sanuk Toms alternatives

Sanuk Pros

  • Natural hemp shoes
  • Recycled materials
  • Great reviews

Sanuk Cons

  • Not as much color selection as some other brands listed

We hope you’ve discovered some great new sustainable shoe brands, and have found the perfect alternative to Toms.

If you think of another brand creating ethical footwear and sustainable shoes like Toms, please let us know in the comment below.

To keep reading, and discover more great brands, check out our top footwear posts on sustainable sneakers, running shoes, organic footwear, and alternatives to allbirds.


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