40 Sustainable Fashion Brands for Earth Day 2024


Happy Earth Day! The theme for this year’s earth day is Invest In Our Planet, an important message we can take and influence our decisions towards a more sustainable future. Over 8% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the fashion industry, which…

What Is BCI Cotton? Is It Really Eco-Friendly?

What is BCI cotton?

As consumer trends shifts to more sustainable alternatives, many brands are using more sustainable materials. You may have seen many fashion brands moving to sustainable materials, including clothing made from BCI cotton. If that’s got you wondering, what is BCI…

20 Sustainable BIPOC Owned Brands You Should Know

Sustainable BIPOC Owned Brands

BIPOC-owned brands are drastically underrepresented, especially within the sustainable and eco-living sector and on websites like ours. We realize this, which got us thinking, “what can we do to help highlight amazing sustainable founders making a difference.” That’s why we’ve…