8000Kicks Review: The Worlds First Hemp Sneakers

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We were asked to try a pair of 8000Kicks in exchange for an honest review.

We were gifted a pair of 8000Kicks, but this review isn’t sponsored, and we weren’t asked to say anything in particular (positive or negative), all views in this review are our own.

Navy blue 8000 kicks sneakers pictured in shoe box with close up of one left sneaker
Our 8000 Kicks in Navy Blue Mens
8000kicks vegan shoes made from hemp
Overall, I rate 8000Kicks a 4/5 rating. I liked the waterproof hemp material, and the comfort of the bloom foam soles, it was also great that the insoles are easily removable. 8000Kicks look good on your feet; they’re lightweight and comfortable.

The main drawbacks are the limited color choice, and the sizing being on the slightly smaller side.
8000kicks Pros8000kicks Cons
✔Sustainable, eco-friendly materials❌Initially came in the wrong size – but excellent customer service and our pair were here the next few days.
✔Comfortable sole and good foot cushioning❌The initial non-express shipping option took a while to ship (roughly 2 weeks)
✔Waterproof shoe❌Fit is slightly on the smaller side but- if in doubt, size up
✔Vegan and animal-free❌ Not machine washable
✔Removable insoles
8000 kicks sneakers shoe box made from recyclable cardboard

Our pair of 8000kicks came in a recyclable cardboard shoebox, wrapped in biodegradable protective UPS wrap, made from corn.

The box kept the shoes secure and intact, and there was no plastic packaging in the shoe box.

Inside the box, the shoes come with cardboard inserts to keep the shoe held in position.

The packaging is playful, featuring hemp leaves and a cool cardboard card featuring information about your new hemp sneakers.

✔ We will be able to recycle all of the packaging easily, so that’s a definite positive.

Inside the 8000kicks sneakers shoe box, featuring the information card
8000 kicks sneakers shoe box picture showing the pair of sneakers inside the box

On first impressions, the sneakers feel lightweight and high quality.

Unfortunately, at first 8000 Kicks accidentally sent me the all-black pair instead of the navy blue pair – I let the 8000kicks team know, and they were very helpful and apologetic – the navy blue pair were on the way the same day; they even threw in a pair of super comfy hemp socks (which I wear now all the time).

✔ Overall excellent customer service from the 8000 kicks team.

The sneakers are very comfortable and supportive on your feet.

The sole gives good cushioning, and good flexibility. The shoe moves with you as you walk, and the shoes don’t feel rigid on your feet.

The hemp is naturally antimicrobial, so this means no foot odor, especially if you’re walking a lot in hot climates or on your feet all day.

The fit is slightly on the smaller side. However, this is partially my fault, as the 8000kicks website gives clear instructions on how to choose the size accordingly, they recommend if you’re in doubt to size up, and I agree with this.

8000kicks review

I thought the soles would be a little slippery on first impressions, but they have a good grip, and they’re not slippery when walking on wet ground.

8000kicks sneakers soles showing the grip

I haven’t had chance to test in snow and icy conditions, but we will update when we’ve had chance to test.

8000kicks sneakers hemp insoles showing they are removable from the sneaker

✔ Yes, the insoles are super easy to remove, great if you require specialty insoles with more foot arch support (something I need, so this was a bonus).

❌ The insoles in 8000kicks don’t have a built-up foot arch support and are relatively neutral insoles, so if you require more support, the option is there to add your insoles.

✔ The insoles in 8000kicks are made from hemp, which is antibacterial and breathable; this prevents your foot from getting too hot and sweaty.

8000Kicks are made from hemp fibers which are pesticide and herbicide-free. Hemp is a great natural fiber and an eco-friendly alternative to cotton as it requires five times less water than cotton to grow and purifies the soil as it grows.

Hemp is also a great alternative to conventional cotton as it requires half as much land usage to grow, and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.

Picture showing inside the sneakers

Inside the shoes is a soft cushion around the ankle, which meant I didn’t get blisters when wearing the shoes.

The hemp also keeps my feet dry and stops them from getting sweaty due to the natural breathability of hemp.

The sneaker soles shown in close up

8000Kicks partnered with Bloom Foam to create its super light insoles. The feeling is almost squishy, but without being too soft, they offer good cushioning.

If you want to read more about how they make soles from algae, check out the Bloom Foam site here.

YES – Even though the shoe initially doesn’t look waterproof, they withstand heavy rain and puddles keeping my feet dry.

8000 Kicks have coated their sneakers with a waterproof coating which forms a water-tight barrier around the shoes.

NO – 8000 kicks don’t recommend washing the sneakers in a washing machine, because it may damage the waterproof layer. Instead, they recommend cleaning lightly with a damp cloth.

I wouldn’t recommend 8000 kicks for running in; they are a casual sneaker, perfect for city strolls, commuting, working, and general wear.

If you’re looking specifically for eco-friendly running shoes, we recommend Allbirds Tree Dashers, which we’ve also reviewed and rate highly, alternatively you can view our full list of running shoe recommendations here.

8000 Kicks in black
8000kicks in black hemp fabric

8000Kicks measure their carbon footprint and are working to reduce this. The average emissions for a pair of running shoes are 14Kg of CO2, compared to 8000 kicks, which reduces to 4.1 Kg of CO2.

Hemp is a renewable, natural fiber, which in turn absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition, this eco-friendly fiber is durable, meaning your sneakers will last for years, which is essential to reduce the need to replace your sneakers every couple of months!

Are 8000kicks sneakers waterproof?

Yes, the sneakers are waterproof thanks to a coating, they’re good in rain and wet weather, but aren’t as good in icy conditions.

Are 8000kicks machine washable?

No, 8000kicks don’t reccommend washing your shoes in a machine as it can damage the waterproof coating.

Are 8000kicks on the small side?

Yes, we tried a pair and they were on the small side (but I’m between sizes), if you’re in between sizes then we’d recommend sizing up.

We’ve tested other sustainable sneakers at Ecothes. I prefer this pair to other sustainable sneakers on the market for the same price range (Giessweins, for example).

The sneaker retails for $135.00, which is on the pricey side but worth it as the sneakers should last for a long time. You can currently only purchase through the 8000 kicks website, 8000kicks.com. If you’re not sold and still want a pair of hemp shoes, you can also check out our guide here.

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