9 Best Hemp Shoes From Sustainable Brands 2023

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Are you looking for a pair of hemp shoes? Great choice! Take a look at the best footwear options available in our top picks below.

Hemp fabric is a great eco-friendly alternative to cotton and other plastic-based shoes. As the need to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our environmental impact grows, consumers are now making smart choices when it comes to choosing sustainable products.

Hemp is a renewable, natural fiber; it’s biodegradable, requires smaller land usage, and uses less than half the water needed to grow compared to cotton. These qualities make hemp a more environmentally friendly material than polyester or cotton. In addition to using less water and land, hemp naturally fertilizes the soil and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, with a ton of harvested hemp removing around 1.62 tons of carbon dioxide.

The hemp fiber is a durable and robust material, with its fibers being considered the most robust of all-natural bast fibers, meaning your shoes won’t fall apart after the first few wears.

Let’s dive in.

1. 8000 Kicks

8000 Kicks hemp sneakers

Sustainability: Eco-friendly hemp shoes made from responsibly sourced hemp and Algae bloom soles

Best for: Waterproof hemp sneakers for men and women

Ships to: Worldwide

8000Kicks (formerly Dope Kicks) is a hemp footwear brand creating the world’s first 100% waterproof hemp shoe.

The brand creates two hemp sneaker styles, and both are lightweight, vegan, and completely waterproof.

8000kicks hemp shoes are naturally thermoregulating and anti-bacterial, keeping your feet fresh even in waterproof shoes.

We’ve tested the 8000kicks Explorer V2 (The brand’s first model) and found the shoes comfortable, well made, and waterproof!

A drawback we’ve found is the limited color choice; the brand creates its sneakers in natural, earthy tones but doesn’t currently produce any bold vibrant colours. If you’re looking for vibrant hemp sneakers, check out Bohempia (included further down the list).

We also chatted to 8000kicks founder Bernardo who shared a behind the scenes look at the brand.

8000kicks hemp shoes
8000kicks Pros8000kicks Cons
✔ Waterproof❌ Not machine washable
✔ Vegan & eco-friendly

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2. Rackle Shoes

Rackle hemp shoes

Sustainability: Biodegradable sneakers with eco foam soles.

Best for: Walking shoes

Ships to: the USA

If you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable hemp walking shoe with good arch support, check out Rackle Shoes, a brand that creates hemp footwear with added PLEXUS ARCH™ support, which stimulates your foot throughout the day.

As well as being comfortable and suitable for all-day wear, Rackle shoes are biodegradable at their end of life thanks to their use of eco pure foam, which accelerates biodegradation. So you’ll have piece of mind knowing your shoes won’t live on in landfills like other polyester or PU-based footwear.

Rackle shoes offer free US shipping and returns on all orders.

Also available to shop at Earthhero.com, Madetrade.com and verishop.com.

Rackle hemp walking shoes
Rackle Shoes ProsRackle Shoes Cons
✔ Super comfortable with fantastic arch support❌ Not machine washable
✔ Lightweight & Biodegradable

3. Sanuk

Sanuk hemp shoes for men and women

Sustainability: Sustainable hemp materials, recycled materials, vegan shoes

Best for: Slip-on shoes, hemp skateboard shoes, sandals, machine washable shoes

Ships to: Worldwide

Sanuk is on a mission to make people smile, and along the way, they are creating sustainable footwear, which includes a great selection of hemp shoes.

The brand creates men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes made from from hemp and a range of sustainable footwear, including responsibly sourced leather sliders and sandals.

Sanuk shoes are great for warmer climates, traveling, or beach days. However, their shoes aren’t waterproof and don’t look robust enough for wet or cold weather.

Sanuk hemp slip on shoes
Sanuk ProsSanuk Cons
✔ Breathable❌ No sneaker options
✔ Hemp and recycled materials

4. Bohempia

Bohempia hemp sneakers

Sustainability: PETA-Vegan approved brand creating footwear and hemp clothing using sustainable practices in the EU

Best for: Slip-ons, hemp skateboarding shoes, barefoot shoe

Ships to: Europe & International

Forget Vans or Converse, meet Bohempia. The innovative brand is on a mission to bring the natural and renewable material hemp back to mainstream use.

Bohempia creates stylish high-tops, low-tops, and slip-on hemp shoes featuring a natural rubber sole and hemp uppers.

If you’re looking for a minimalist shoe, Bomhepia offers a barefoot option of its best-selling styles, which features an ultra-thin sole for the ultimate ground-to-sole contact.

Bohempia uses hemp’s naturally antimicrobial and thermoregulating properties to create shoes that keep your feet cool and prevent odor.

Bohempia hemp sneakers
Bohempia ProsBohempia Cons
✔ Barefoot options available❌ Sizes can run large
✔ PETA-Approved Vegan

5. Vivaia

Vivaia hemp flats

Sustainability: Hemp flats with a carbon negative rice husk sole, packaged in 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

Best for: Affordable hemp flats

Ships to: Worldwide

Sustainable shoe brand Vivaia is a well-known alternative to Rothy’s, creating a range of shoes in its signature recycled plastic knit. However, did you know that the footwear brand has recently released its famous Aria flats in a natural hemp fabric?

Thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of hemp, Vivaia’s hemp flats inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping your shoes and feet smelling fresh.
Vivaia’s hemp shoes look stylish, but they will also keep your feet cool and prevent excess sweating during the summer.

Unfortunately, these hemp flats are currently only available in natural colours, we hope Vivaia expand’s its range to include more vibrant colours in the future!

Vivaia hemp flats
Vivaia ProsVivaia Cons
✔ Breathable❌ Limited color and style options
✔ Anti-bacterials

6. Astral

Astral hemp shoes

Sustainability: Hemp and recycled polyester

Best for: Walking and hiking boots

Ships to: Worldwide however shipping may take 1-3 weeks

If durability is top of your list when looking for hemp shoes, look at Astal, a technical outdoor brand creating robust and durable products designed to withstand the elements.

The brand creates products, especially for rafting, kayaking, and other watersports. Still, Astral also has a range of high-quality hemp shoes, including hemp walking boots, work boots, sneakers, and walking shoes.

Astral combines hemp and recycled polyester to create its technical shoes, perfect for outdoor adventures or city commutes. Plus, Astral gets great reviews on its hemp collection, with reviewers commenting on how much grip and traction Astral shoes provide.

Astral hemp boots
Astral ProsAstral Cons
✔ Great technical shoes with good grip❌  Popular sizes sell out quickly

Eco Tip: Remember, once your shoes are out of use and not needed anymore, send them to a shoe recycling program instead of a landfill. Less than 5% of all shoes are recycled, and most are sent to landfills.

7. Rawganique

Rawganique organic hemp shoes

Sustainability: Organic hemp footwear created ethically and sustainably in America and Europe

Best for: Hemp sandals, hemp boots, dress shoes and slippers

Ships to: Worldwide

Leaders in organic fashion and home wear, Rawganique creates an impressive selection of hemp shoes. Expect to find hemp sandals, hemp boots, and hemp shoes made from organic hemp, free from harmful chemicals and dyed with eco-friendly dyes.

Rawganique has led the natural textile revolution since 1997 and continues to create all of its products ethically in Europe and the USA.

Rawganique hemp sandals
Rawganique ProsRawganique Cons
✔Great selection of styles available❌ Not machine washable
✔ Natural waterproofing wax available

8. Seagale

Seagale hemp shoes

Sustainability: Hemp and linen footwear created ethically

Best for: Breathable hemp sneakers

Ships to: Worldwide

French brand Seagale creates a range of sustainable shoes from eco-friendly materials, including hemp, linen, and recycled materials.

Seagale currently only creates one hemp shoe style and color choice in a natural and neutral undyed color.

The Seagale hemp shoe is perfect for summer wear, as the shoe is airy and breathable thanks to the woven linen and hemp uppers combination. The shoe, however, isn’t the best choice for colder climates.

If you’re looking for a waterproof hemp shoe that you can wear in wet or cold weather, we’d recommend 8000kicks instead.

Seagale ProsSeagale Cons
✔ Great summer shoe❌ Not machine washable
❌ Limited options available

9. Hey Dude

HeyDudes hemp footwear

Sustainability: Footwear created from an organic cotton and hemp material blend, with recycled rubber and recycled cork insoles and a bamboo fiber lining

Best for: Slip-ons and boatshoes

Ships to: Worldwide

HeyDude shoes offer a unique take on the classic comfy walking shoe, thanks to the brand’s patented EVA sole design.

HeyDude also offers a range of shoes crafted from natural materials, including organic cotton and hemp uppers, cork insoles, and a soft bamboo lining.

Not all of Hey Dude’s shoes are made from hemp; only the Wendy slip-on range and the Lena range feature hemp uppers.

Hey Dude hemp shoes

Also available to shop on the USA site here.

Also available to shop on Buckle.com.

Hey Dude ProsHey Dude Cons
✔ Lightweight ❌ Negative reviews about their customer service
Are all hemp shoes waterproof?

No, not all hemp shoes are waterproof. Hemp is a natural water-resistant fiber, but it will absorb water, and if not treated with a waterproof coating, you’ll end up with wet feet. If you’re looking for waterproof hemp shoes, look for shoes with a waterproof coating like 8000kicks.

Is hemp fabric eco-friendly?

Yes, hemp is a great sustainable material. It requires half as much water as other natural materials, including cotton, plus hemp is naturally pest-resistant, so it doesn’t rely on large quantities of pesticides.
In addition, hemp requires less land usage, and unlike cotton, hemp replenishes the soil it’s grown in.

Are hemp shoes durable?

Hemp is a naturally strong and durable fiber (around three times stronger than cotton), so hemp shoes should be able to withstand more wear and tear than footwear made from less durable materials. However, it’s important to note that the durability of hemp shoes will depend on how they are cared for and maintained. Properly caring for your hemp shoes, such as ensuring you follow manufacturers’ instructors and clean them correctly, can help extend their lifespan.

How to clean hemp shoes?

Most hemp shoes aren’t machine washable, as this can damage the fibers in the shoes. Most brands recommend spot-cleaning hemp shoes with a warm damp cloth and air drying. It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s care instructions when cleaning your shoes.

We hope you’ve found the pair of shoes made from hemp you were looking for. The footwear we’ve included here gets good or great reviews from brands we know are creating durable shoes that will last.

Hemp is a great eco-friendly material. If you’re interested in discovering more natural materials, you’ll love our guide on wool shoes.

You may have noticed we haven’t included brands or links to Amazon. That’s because we believe in supporting sustainable independent brands creating high-quality footwear.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.

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