Is Minga London Ethical? Brand Breakdown and Alternatives

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In this article, we ask the question is Minga London ethical.

Minga London is a small independent fashion brand creating vintage and grunge fashion-inspired clothing for people who want to express themselves.

The clothing brand is size-inclusive, with styles produced in sizes XS-3X.

Ecothes Opinion: Minga London Overall Sustainability Rating

Is Minga London Ethical?
We give Minga London an overall score of 3/5.

What we like: The brand focuses on its ethical practices, treating workers fairly, and ensuring garment workers work in a safe environment.

What we don’t like: The lack of sustainable materials and eco-friendly fabrics lets the brand down overall on its sustainability score.

You can read further to see a full breakdown of why we’ve given this score.

Is Minga London Fast Fashion?

No, we wouldn’t consider Minga London a fast-fashion brand, as the brand creates small collections of styles and doesn’t hold mass amounts of stock.

The brand aims to recycle unsold stock into new styles or donate them to local associations.

What Materials Does Minga London Use?

Is Minga London a ethical brand? We discuss is minga london fast fashion, and what materials Minga London uses

Unfortunately, the range of sustainable and eco-friendly materials Minga London uses is poor. The brand mainly uses materials such as virgin polyester and cotton.

Minga London has slowly introduced recycled fabrics and organic cotton into its garments. However, the brand still relies heavily on environmentally damaging materials to create the bulk of its clothes.

There is no mention of the brand moving toward low-impact or non-toxic dyes; the brand has a Chemicals Compliance Policy of chemicals that shouldn’t be used or used in limited quantities; however, this isn’t published on its website.

Is Minga London Carbon Neutral?

No, Minga London is not carbon-neutral.

The brand sources fabrics locally to reduce its carbon footprint, but beyond this, there is no indication that the brand is taking steps to reduce its carbon emissions.

Does Minga London Use Sweatshops?

No, Minga London owns its manufacturing facility in Portugal, where clothes are made in-house.

The clothing brand ensures workers are paid a fair wage, work in safe working conditions, and don’t work longer than five days per week.

However, there is no transparent information about workers’ wages or whether internal and external audits are conducted. It would be good to see Minga London being more transparent about its factory and working conditions, such as publishing audit scores and wages.

Where are Minga London Clothes Made?

Minga London manufactures its clothing in its textile facility in Portugal.

Is Minga London Cruelty-Free?

Minga London isn’t vegan as it sells some wool-containing products.

The brand doesn’t use fur or leather products; however, there is no information about the source of the wool or whether they are sourced from regulated sources.

Discover Sustainable Brands Like Minga London

We’ve chosen some sustainable alternatives to Minga London, which already uses low-impact and sustainable materials, coupled with ethical practices.


Sustainability: Sustainable fashion brand creating grunge style clothing from sustainable materials.

Materials: Organic cotton and natural materials, including hemp

Best for: Sustainable dresses, denim, t-shirts, and more.

Price: $$

Ships to: Worldwide

Story mfg.

Sustainability: Vegan and cruelty-free brand using natural and organic fabrics dyed with natural dyes.

Materials: Hemp, organic cotton

Best for: Organic t-shirts, dresses, and knitwear

Price: $$$

Ships to: Worldwide


Lucy & Yak

Sustainability: Ethically made 70s inspired clothing from sustainable materials

Materials: GOTS certified Organic cotton and recycled fabrics

Best for: Dungarees, t-shirts, bottoms

Price: $$

Ships to: the UK & International


Sustainability: Sustainable brand Kotn is a Certified B corporation, ethically making responsible cotton basics in Portugal

Materials: BCI cotton

Best for: Basics, sweats, tanks, sweatshirts

Price: $

Ships to: Worldwide

Christy Dawn

Sustainability: Sustainable clothing brand creating vintage-inspired looks from organic and deadstock materials

Materials: Organic cotton, deadstock recycled materials

Best for: Vintage-inspired dresses

Price: $$$

Ships to: Worldwide

Wrapping Up: Is Minga London Ethical?

We hope you’re enjoyed the article, and now have more information on the brand Minga London.

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