Bethany Worthington BSc (Hons) (she/her) is the Sustainable Fashion Editor and Co-founder of Ecothes. She has a passion for the environment, and a long love of all things clothing, and combines those two interests with Ecothes. In her free time she loves dancing, hiking in the countryside, and laughing with friends.

16 Best Ethical and Sustainable Sweaters for 2022

Sustainable sweaters

Searching for cosy, sustainable sweaters is hard work. Many brands mass produce garments in unethical factories with poor environmental practices. We’ve made it easy by selecting a variety of brands using natural and organic fibers, all with a goal of…

What Is BCI Cotton? Is It Really Eco-Friendly?

What is BCI cotton?

As consumer trends shifts to more sustainable alternatives, many brands are using more sustainable materials. You may have seen many fashion brands moving to sustainable materials, including clothing made from BCI cotton. If that’s got you wondering, what is BCI…

Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cowboy Boots 2022

Good Guys high top vegan cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are the hottest season style as we head into autumn and winter. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find high-quality vegan cowboy boots that don’t cost the earth. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite styles from vegan…