Bethany Worthington BSc (Hons) (she/her) is the Sustainable Fashion Editor and Co-founder of Ecothes. She has a passion for the environment, and a long love of all things clothing, and combines those two interests with Ecothes. In her free time she loves dancing, hiking in the countryside, and laughing with friends.

14 Stylish & Sustainable Blouses for 2023

United By Blue organic cotton button down shirt

Are you looking for the perfect sustainable blouse? You want a blouse that pairs effortlessly with your wardrobe and makes you feel confident. Finding sustainable blouses that are stylish, ethical, and eco-friendly can sometimes be challenging. We’ve created this guide…

40 Sustainable Fashion Brands for Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Day! The theme for this year’s earth day is Invest In Our Planet, an important message we can take and influence our decisions towards a more sustainable future. Over 8% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the fashion industry, which…

8 Vegan Comforters for a Cozy Sleep 2023

Urbanara vegan comforter

Finding high-quality vegan comforters can be challenging as many luxury comforters on the market are made with down filling. Alternatively, down alternatives can be of poor quality and don’t last longer than one season. But fear not; there are many…