Best B Corp Clothing Brands You Need To Know 2024

As many of us know, being more eco-conscious of our shopping habits is more important than ever, but with so many brands out there greenwashing, it can be hard to tell which brands are actually trying to do good for the planet.

Luckily for us, there’s an easy way to spot which brands are really making positive changes, and which ones are all talk, thanks to the B Corp Certification.

If you’re already familiar with what a B Corporation is and are wanting to learn more about brands that have the certification, you’ll find out which brands have it in this guide.

If you’re just learning about what being a B Corp means, we’ll explain the topic so you can be a more eco-conscious shopper.

Let’s dive straight in! 

B Corporations — B Corps for short — are for-profit companies that have been awarded a B Corporation Certification from B Lab. 

The certification takes into account all aspects of the brand and ensures the company is focused not just on making profit, but adhering to strict social and environmental standards.

As a Certified B Corporation, brands must meet these high standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

Brands can be audited at any time and have their status revoked, so if a brand is a B Corp, you can feel confident buying from it.

The fashion industry is known for its often-questionable ethics and environmental impact, so B Corps are a breath of fresh air. They show that clothing can be stylish, high-quality, and produced in a way that benefits both the planet and people.

When buying from a B Corp, you can use the B Lab website to search for the brand you’re considering and check out their credentials and scores yourself before buying.

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1. Patagonia

We’re big fans of Patagonia here at Ecothes. The brand not only creates long lasting and high-quality clothing – we’ve got fleeces, coats, and t-shirts from the brand – but they’re pioneers in both the fashion and business world.

The company has long been synonymous with environmental activism and sustainable practices. From using recycled materials to advocating and financially supporting environmental causes, Patagonia’s B Corp status underscores its commitment to the planet.

The brand also offers a repair program, which is a great way to lengthen the life of your clothes and reduce the amount of clothes going to landfill.


is an American brand who merges style with ethical practices.

The brand has held B Corp status since March 2020 and it highlights the brand’s ongoing commitment to quality, sustainability, and fair labor practices. 

Karen Kane is for women seeking durable, versatile, and practical wardrobe choices. The brand prioritizes the use of sustainable materials like organic cotton, and has an ethical manufacturing process, making it a great option.

3. Allbirds

Best known for their comfortable and sustainable sneakers, Allbirds is a brand that walks the talk. Allbirds has always prioritized the business impact by using carbon footprint-reducing methods and consistently relying on natural materials like ethical over microplastics, making the brand a great option.

The brand has recently expanded its selection of shoes from running shoes and sneakers to practical and stylish boots.

I’ve tested the Allbirds Tree Dashers and they’re my go-to sneaker for both running and everyday wear.


is a sustainable activewear favorite of ours because of its commitment to empowering women and championing sustainability. 

The brand offers a diverse range of high-performance apparel, including yoga pants, running shorts, and stylish athleisure wear, designed to fit and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. 

Athleta’s focus on inclusivity is equally matched by a dedication to environmental responsibility, as the brand uses recycled and sustainable materials to minimize their footprint.

Although the brand is part of the GAP group, it achieved B Corp status in 2018.


United By Blue removes one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for every product sold. Already, we’re onboard. As well as their ocean cleanup initiative, the brand’s sustainable outdoor apparel and accessories demonstrate a serious commitment to environmental stewardship.

United By Blue creates its clothing from recycled and eco-friendly materials, making it a great choice for anyone wanting to refresh their wardrobe with pieces that don’t cost the earth.


is one of my favorite B Corp clothing brands thanks to its commitment to ethical manufacturing and transparency. Their stylish clothing and accessories are made under safe, fair, and sustainable conditions.

The brand creates a host of trendy clothing options and is even more proof that shopping sustainably doesn’t mean compromising on your style.

7. Nudie Jeans

Swedish clothing brand Nudie focuses on creating organic, sustainable denim while promoting the idea of repair and reuse. 

The brand oozes style (thanks to its Swedish roots no doubt) and is famed for its long lasting jeans.

Their free repair services and use of sustainable materials put this brand in perfect alignment with B Corp principles, and it’s a great option if you want a pair of classic long-lasting jeans.


PAKA integrates traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style through the use of alpaca wool. 

The brand achieved its B Corp status thanks to the choice of natural, biodegradable materials and support for small-scale Peruvian artisans. By employing local weavers, PAKA helps preserve ancient weaving techniques and contributes to the economic stability of these communities that often lose out due to large fast fashion corporations appropriating.

It’s worth highlighting that PAKA isn’t a vegan brand, as it does use wool in all its garments. However, we should mention that the brand does source the wool ethically — hence the B Corp Certification.

9. tentree

Known for its unique commitment to planting ten trees for every item sold, tentree has transformed ecological responsibility into a tangible action. 

tentree’s clothes rely on eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp, which all combine the best of both worlds: comfort and minimal environmental impact. 

The brand’s B Corp Certification doesn’t just take material choice into account, either. tentree uses sustainable packaging and ethical manufacturing processes.

In our opinion, tentree is one of the leaders in sustainable fashion due to how they’ve managed to grow while staying true to its original mission.


Kotn has been a B Corp Certified brand since 2017 and has carved a niche in the fashion industry by blending minimalism and simplicity with social responsibility. 

Popular for its essentials, Kotn focuses on timeless comfortable clothing that can be dressed up or down, and is all made from high-quality, sustainable Egyptian cotton. 

As part of Kotn’s B Corp Certification, they ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for all workers in its supply chain. 

Kotn’s approach is rooted in a direct-to-farmer model, supporting cotton farming communities in Egypt. This model not only guarantees quality but also fosters economic development in these regions.


Cotopaxi’s vibrant, durable outdoor gear is as socially conscious as it is functional, as the brand has a commitment to reducing poverty and supporting community development — which are both key to the brand maintaining its well-earned B Corp Certification.

Cotopaxi is similar to Patagonia. Its clothes are perfect if you love getting out into the great outdoors — whether it’s hiking, camping, the brand’s clothes will take whatever you throw at them.

12. Eileen Fisher 

Eileen Fisher is a great option if you want to blend contemporary style with a commitment to sustainability.

The brand’s efforts in using eco-friendly materials coupled with their drive to support human rights make it a standout in the B Corp community.

In conclusion, these B Corp clothing brands are leading the way in sustainable and ethical fashion. By supporting them, you can be confident that you’re both getting high-quality garments, but are supporting businesses making a positive change in the world

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