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Who we are and what we do.


Ecothes helps eco-conscious and ethical shoppers make better decisions about which brands to support. Whether you’re buying a new pair of running shoes, shopping for an eco-friendly swimsuit, or trying to find out whether or not a material is sustainable, we’ve got you covered.

Why we started Ecothes

I’m Bethany, co-founder of Ecothes. We started Ecothes because we found it difficult to tell which sustainable brands were backing up their words with actions, and which were greenwashing.

The fashion industry is notoriously wasteful, and we believe that it’s on us to make an impact – either by buying less, or by supporting companies with sustainable and ethical practices.

At first, we started off slow— publishing a couple of articles per month, but we quickly saw that there were other people like us trying to discover if their favorite brands were sustainable, so we kept going.

Today, we’re focused on building a place to help people around the world shop from brands that align with their values around sustainability and green-living.

Bethany Ecothes Co-Founder and Editor
Founder Bethany hiking in hills

We’re reader-supported, what does that mean?

We’re a small team at Ecothes, we make money from affiliate sales, which helps us to keep the blog running. That means we partner with brands and if someone clicks on an affiliate link we’ve placed on our website, we make a small commission from the brand if whoever clicks the link makes a purchase (at no additional cost to you).

We’re not partnered with all of the brands we feature, and we always prioritize high-quality recommendations over making money.

We only ever feature brands we truly think our readers will like and whose values we believe in. This means we’ve turned down partnerships from big brands in order to make sure our values aren’t diluted.

If we’re partnered with a brand, we never let them change our editorial guidelines or influence how we feature them on our website. We always do our own research to guide editorial decisions.

What to expect if you follow Ecothes

If you follow along with our content, expect to see:

  • Blog posts and articles related to sustainability
  • Brand recommendations
  • Product reviews
  • Material guides
  • Interviews with sustainable brand founders and pioneers

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Getting in touch with us

If you have questions on our editorial choices or how we’ve selected a brand, we always welcome your input. You can reach out to us at: contact [@] ecothes [.] com

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We always do our best to ensure the recommendations we make live up to the expectations of our audience and meet all of the sustainability credentials we highlight.

However, we encourage you to always do your research before purchasing something from a brand.

We don’t accept responsibility for any purchases you make through a brand’s website.

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