Bethany Worthington BSc (Hons) (she/her) is the Sustainable Fashion Editor and Co-founder of Ecothes. She has a passion for the environment, and a long love of all things clothing, and combines those two interests with Ecothes. In her free time she loves dancing, hiking in the countryside, and laughing with friends.

Is Nivea Cruelty Free? Plus Alternatives

Is Nivea Cruelty Free?

Nivea may be one of the world’s largest skincare brands, but is Nivea cruelty-free?We’ll find out in the article below, asking is Nivea cruelty-free and is Nivea vegan? About Nivea Nivea (Beiersdorf) is a German cosmetics brand creating beauty and…

Modal Fabric vs. Cotton: Whats The Difference?

Modal Fabric vs Cotton

Are you wondering what the difference is between modal fabric vs cotton? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone. The growing popularity of alternative sustainable fabrics such as modal has left consumers wondering what modal fabric is and how it is…