14 Best Sustainable and Organic Pajamas For Sweet Dreams

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You spend half of your life in pajamas, and they are essential for a restful sleep. Therefore you need a pair that is comfortable, breathable, and soft.

Most pajamas on the market are produced either from conventional cotton or synthetic material. Unfortunately, both are environmentally damaging to produce, with many synthetic fibers making you sweat and overheat at night.

Organic cotton is a great natural fiber, as it is grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals and uses up to 80% less water to produce (than conventional cotton). In addition, organic cotton is naturally soft, hypoallergenic, and great for sensitive skin, making it the ideal fabric for a pair of cozy PJs.

We have selected the best sustainable and organic pajamas in this list, perfect for sweet dreams.

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Let’s take a look.

The Best Organic Pajamas

1. Pact

Sustainability: Organic cotton, non-toxic chemicals, Fair Trade Certified™ factories, Carbon offset shipping.

Sizes: XS-XXL

Pact is a sustainable clothing brand with an affordable sleepwear collection made exclusively from soft organic cotton. So if you’re looking for pajamas that keep you cool, they are a perfect choice.

They have a relaxed yet flattering range of short and cami sets, long leg pant styles, nightdresses, and organic cotton robes.

Pact only works with Fair Trade Certified™ Factories to provide safe working conditions to employees and empower local communities.

Featured: All Ease Sleep Set $75

2. Coyuchi

Coyuchi organic cotton nightwear, nightdress in breathable fabric

Sustainability: Organic, natural, and low-impact textiles, Made Safe® from any toxic chemicals, 1% for the planet.

Size: XS-L

Coyuchi has specialized in producing low-impact textiles for over 30 years. Their sleepwear range made from soft, brushed organic cotton is perfect for cozy nights.

They make all of their products from 100% organic cotton without toxins harmful to health or the environment.

They have sleepwear for every sleep style with a selection of nightdresses, short sets, robes, and flannel pajamas.

Featured: Women’s Solstice Organic Chemise $48

3. Mate the Label

Mate The Label Eco Friendly Sleepwear organic cotton pajamas

Sustainability: Organic yarns and dyes, Ethical supply chain, Plastic Free, Recycling program for a circular supply chain.


If you’re on the hunt for cozy, soft, and organic sleepwear in dreamy colors, Mate The Label is a great choice.

This LA-based sustainable brand focus on creating products without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes.

Their sleepwear, made from a blend of Tencel and Organic cotton, uses up to 84% less water and 22.6% less carbon than products produced with conventional fabrics. Their pajamas are also ethical and produced in safe and fair working environments.

You can sleep tight knowing your pajamas are doing good for people and the planet.

Featured: Tencel Sleep Pant in Rose $78

4. We are Thought

Thought Organic cotton pajama set

Sustainability: Zero plastic packaging, GOTS certified organic cotton, member of Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

Size: XS-XL

Thought is committed to producing sustainable clothing from responsibly sourced and natural fibers.

Using organic fibers such as organic cotton, LENZING™, and ECOVERO™, Thought Clothing has created a nightwear selection in breathable fabric and delightful prints, perfect for lounging and sleeping.

Featured: Stella Crinkle Organic Cotton Woven Pyjama Set £74.95

5. People Tree

Organic cotton cat pajamas

Sustainability: Organic cotton, Fair Trade Certified, Soil association Organic Textile Standard, PETA Vegan Certified. Transparent supply chain.

Size: UK 8 – 16 / US 4 – 12

For luxuriously soft pajamas in playful prints, check out People Tree.

Founded in 1991 by award-winning social entrepreneur Safia Minney, People Tree creates responsible clothes to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

You can sleep soundly, knowing your nightwear was made by conserving the planet’s resources and supporting workers in a safe environment.

Featured: Cat Print Camisole in Pink $39

6. Boody

Boody organic bamboo nightwear, sustainable pajamas in soft fabric

Sustainability: Renewable Bamboo fibers, No chemical pesticides.

Size: XS-XL

A sustainable alternative to organic cotton is organic bamboo fibers.

Bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and naturally soft, making the fabric perfect for sensitive skin. Boody creates their sleepwear from 100% naturally grown Bamboo, free from any chemical pesticides.

Boody produces breathable and soft sleepwear with a seam-free design for a comfortable and deep sleep.

Featured: Goodnight Raglan Sleep Top $42.95

7. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher Sustainable and organic pajamas set, pink organic nightwear

Sustainability: Certified B Corp, Responsible fibers, Free from harmful chemicals, No plastic buttons, Ethical supply chain.


Eileen Fisher produces a soft, stylish, and sophisticated sleepwear range, with a selection of slouchy pants, long sleeves, nightdresses, and cami sets, for every sleep style.

Eileen Fisher is committed to sustainability. It is a certified B corporation, which means they meet the highest standards for ethical and environmental production.

Featured: Cozy Organic Cotton Interlock Slouchy Pant $78

8. Summersalt

Summersalt recycled eco friendly pajamas in stripes, made from recycled materials

Sustainability: Eco friendly, recycled materials, GOTS certified factories, Women-led brand.

Size: XS-XXL

If you love a classic button-up pajama set, Summersalt is your next go-to brand. Made from 100% recycled polyester, Summersalt has created a luxurious, breathable fabric, perfect for sweet dreams.

This female-founded brand only uses recycled materials to create their fabrics and packaging. Summersalt is committed to providing honest pricing for their products.

Featured: The Cloud 9 Silky PJ Set $115

9. Yawn

Yawn Organic cotton pajamas, sleepwear set in hand-drawn design

Sustainability: GOTS Organic Cotton, Ethical Supply Chain, Recycled cardboard packaging.

Size: XS-XL

Yawn specializes in making beautifully designed pajama sets. Designs are hand-drawn in their London studio and brought together using 100% GOTS organic cotton from sustainable sources. In addition, yawn select suppliers have high ethical standards and are free from child labor.

Yawn is perfect for organic cotton matching pajama sets, nightdresses, and nightshirts. They also have a gift set range available in a beautiful ribbon-tied gift box, perfect for a special occasion.

Featured: Navy Bums & Roses Organic Pyjama Set £89

10. Araks

Araks sustainable pyjamas

Sustainability: Natural fibers, 100% organic linen, made in the USA

Price Range: $100+

Sizes: XS-XL

Araks is a sustainable brand creating soft, sensual sleepwear, lingerie, and swimwear.

They continuously work to improve their brand’s sustainability, by switching all cotton to GOTS organic cotton and all nylon to regenerated nylon.

Their Madder Root tank and boxer set are dyed with plant-based dyes and made from 100% organic linen, meaning that the fabric will fully biodegrade when these garments eventually reach their end of life.

Featured: Edie Tank Madder Root $150

11. Hanna Anderson

Hanna Anderson ethical organic cotton holiday pajamas

Sustainability: 100% GOTS Organic cotton, Fair Trade practices.

Size: XS-XXL (Matching pajamas for the whole family available)

If you’re searching for organic Christmas pajamas for the whole family, Hanna Anderson should be your first choice. They make fun matching pajama sets; all created using GOTS organic cotton from fair trade sources.

Hanna Anderson sets strict standards for working conditions, health and safety, and fair wages, which all suppliers must follow; they audit their partner factories regularly to ensure their high ethical standards are followed.

Featured: Holiday Green Stripe Matching Family Pajamas

12. Piglet

Piglet natural linen pajamas

Sustainability: Linen produced from flax, OEKO-TEX certified. Shipped in cardboard packaging.

Size: XS-XL

Piglet produces luxurious linen pajamas you won’t want to change out of!

Linen is produced from flax, a rotation crop farmed naturally in small batches. Linen is a naturally soft fiber with thermo-regulating properties that keep you super cozy in the winter and cool and relaxed when it’s hot. Their linens are created with safe dyes, which are all OEKO-TEX certified.

If you’re looking for a bespoke gift, Piglet provides a monogram service so that you can create a truly personalized pair of pajamas.

Featured: White Linen Pajama Trouser Set $148

13. Ettitude

Ettitude organic bamboo pajamas

Sustainability: Made with 100% organic bamboo, OEKO-TEX® certified, no harmful chemicals or dyes used

Size: S-L

Ettitude makes luxuriously soft silky sateen pajama sets from 100% organic bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable plant that grows quickly and requires little irrigation compared to cotton.

By using bamboo, Ettitude saves up to 52% CO2 emissions compared to using cotton.

Bamboo is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, perfect for keeping you cool and dry at night, especially if you have night sweats.

Choose from beautiful and sexy sateen cami and short sets or classic PJ styles with this organic brand.

Featured: Sateen Long Sleeve PJ Shirt $88

14. United By Blue

United By Blue organi cotton pajamas with astrology print in blue fabric

Sustainability: Certified B corporation, creating gorgeous organic cotton pajamas. Every order supports the removal of trash from our oceans.

Size: XS-XL

We are in love with these astrology-inspired organic pajamas by United By Blue.

This gorgeous sleepwear set is made ethically from 100% organic cotton and is perfect for cozy evenings.

United By Blue is a certified B corporation, meaning they meet high ethical and environmental production standards and are constantly striving to do better for people and the planet.

Every order with UBB supports the removal of trash from the ocean, with United By Blue supporting to remove over 3 million pounds of trash so far!

Frequently Asked Questions about Organic Cotton Pajamas

What are the benefits of organic cotton?

Organic cotton requires up to 80% less irrigation than conventional cotton, which saves water.
Organic cotton fibers are often softer than conventional cotton, making organic cotton great for sensitive skin.
Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides.

What are the best pajamas for reducing night sweats?

Choose a pair of breathable pajamas if you are prone to night sweats.
Organic cotton and linen are naturally breathable.
Bamboo is a natural fiber which is also naturally breathable and thermo regulating, brands such as Boody create great bamboo pajamas.

Wrapping Up: Organic Pajamas

We hope you enjoyed the recommendations, and have found the perfect pair of PJ’s for a refreshing sleep.

Wrap up in organic bedding with our cozy organic comforter and organic bedding guides.

Please let us know if you any feedback, or have tried any of the brands in the comments below.

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