Is Pact Ethical? Brand Analysis + Pact Alternatives

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Pact Clothing, founded in 2009, is a popular, affordable, sustainable clothing brand creating women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothes from eco-friendly materials, but we’re asking: Is Pact ethical?

As consumers, we’re changing our fashion habits, buying less, and supporting more sustainable brands creating longer-lasting clothing ethically, with less waste. As we search for sustainable clothing brands, however, it can be hard to tell whether brands are sustainable or whether they’re greenwashing.

Let’s jump in.

Ecothes Opinion: Is Pact Ethical?

Is Pact Ethical?
Overall we rate Pact a very good score of 4.2/5 and consider it a sustainable brand we’d support.

What we liked:

✔ The brand partners with Fair Trade certified factories that meet high social and environmental standards.

✔ Pact uses GOTS organic cotton, which saves water, energy, and pesticides.

✔ Pact is working to offset its carbon emissions, and is transparent about the impact of each product.

What we didn’t like:

❌ We think that Pact could give more information about the exact location its clothing is produced.

❌ Pact clothing could also share more transparent audit scores of its factories with its customers.

Is Pact Ethical?

Yes, Pact is an ethical clothing brand that produces its clothing in Fair Trade and Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS-certified factories.

A supplier must meet strict social, environmental, and economic standards to be Fair Trade certified. This includes having safe working conditions for all workers, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, and ensuring no forced or child labor is used.

If you want to read more about what is required to become GOTS certified, you can read out post on ‘What is GOTS?’ here.

Fairtrade-certified factories must also meet environmental protection standards, including reducing emissions, controlling waste, and more.

However, one drawback we found when researching Pact was that the brand does not share its code of conduct or specify whether workers are paid a living wage. Instead, the brand relies on the fact that its certifications will speak for themselves. However, seeing more information shared by the brand would be an improvement.

Overall though, because it only partners with Fair Trade and GOTS-certified factories, the factory must uphold a high standard of worker safety and environmental standards in its partner factories; otherwise, it would lose its certification.

Pact sweatpants

Where are Pact’s Clothes Made?

Pact creates organic cotton clothing in Fair Trade-certified factories in India, where 75% of its organic cotton is sourced.

The brand gives information about where each garment is made; however, it doesn’t give the specific names of the factories it partners with.

Pact partners with Fair Trade certified factories in India.

Is Pact Fast Fashion?

No, we wouldn’t consider Pact to be a fast fashion brand. Instead, the brand focuses on producing a small core collection, with seasonal pieces released. In addition, the brand focuses on using high-quality, sustainable materials. It doesn’t retail its products for a low price, instead pricing its clothing at a higher price point than fast fashion brands.

What Materials Does Pact Use?

Pact focuses on creating the majority of its clothing from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Organic cotton is an excellent alternative to conventional cotton because it is grown without the use of harmful pesticides that pollute the earth and waterways. In addition, organic cotton can be grown without as much water and doesn’t damage the soil it’s grown in compared to conventional cotton.

For organic cotton to gain the GOTS certification, factories and farmers must meet a high social standard at each stage of the production process. Although cotton production is notorious for exploiting workers, by choosing GOTS cotton, the brand is using more sustainable and socially responsible materials.

Is Pact Carbon Neutral?

Yes, Pact works to offset its carbon emissions by partnering with SimpliZero, a company that supports verified environmental projects that help to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Pact clothing also breaks down the carbon emissions emitted for the production of each garment. Again, a great addition, as we can see the actual environmental cost of clothing production in terms of GHG emissions and use the figure to make more informed choices about how much clothing we buy and the impact our buying habits have on the environment.

Example of the carbon offset information given for each Pact product

Is Pact Cruelty-Free?

While Pact doesn’t explicitly say it is vegan or cruelty-free, the brand doesn’t use any wool, leather, or fur in its products.

Does Pact Have A Clothing Recycling Program?

Yes, Pact partners with Give Back Box®, a clothing recycling program that allows customers to recycle and donate their old clothing to charity. You simply pack your pre-loved clothing into a box, download the free shipping label here, and send your clothing to charity.

Sustainable Brands Like Pact

If you love Pact, and want to discover similar affordable, sustainable brands, check out our favorite alternatives to Pact below.

1. For Days

For Days ethical brands like Pact clothing

Sustainability: Zero-waste circular fashion brand creating recyclable clothes from recycled materials.

Ecothes rating: 4/5

Best for: Sustainable everyday clothing

Ships to: the US & International

For Days Sustainable brands like Pact clothing

2. Mate

Mate organic linen clothing

Sustainability: Eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel and organic cotton, made ethically and responsibly in Los Angeles.

Ecothes rating: 4/5

Best for: Size-inclusivity, Women’s and men’s affordable fashion

Ships to: the US & International

Mate the Label sustainable alternatives to Pact clothing

3. Tentree

Tentree sustainable brands like Pact

Sustainability: Ten trees are planted for every order—clothing made from sustainable materials, including Tencel, organic cotton, and hemp.

Best for: Women’s, men’s, and kid’s sustainable clothing

Ships to: Worldwide

4. Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co

Sustainability: Sustainable materials, ethical production

Best for: Women’s and men’s clothing with a California twist

Ships to: the US & International

Back Beat Co LA

Wrapping Up: Is Pact Ethical?

Overall Pact is an ethical clothing brand because it works with only Fair Trade certified factories, and we would consider it a brand we would confidently shop from.

Don’t stop there, you check out whether other brands like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, are ethical, on Ecothes.


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