40 Sustainable Fashion Brands for Earth Day 2024

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Happy Earth Day! The theme for this year’s earth day is Invest In Our Planet, an important message we can take and influence our decisions towards a more sustainable future.

Over 8% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the fashion industry, which exceeds air travel and maritime travel emissions combined. In addition to the carbon emissions, the fashion industry is estimated to create over 92 million tonnes of waste every year, most of which end up in landfills, including waste plastics and polyester, which won’t biodegrade for hundreds of years.

Here at Ecothes we believe that making small changes in our consumer habits, buying fewer clothes, wearing your clothes more, and supporting sustainable and ethical brands when you shop helps contribute to the movement towards a more sustainable future.

We have some great resources if you’re looking to learn more about the fast fashion industry’s damaging effects on the planet. Our guides are written to help you discover new sustainable brands promoting the use of eco-friendly materials and ethical production.

Below we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite brands for you to discover this earth day!

10 Stylish Women’s Sustainable Fashion Brands

If you’re looking to discover women’s sustainable fashion brands, we have loads of great recommendations to tailor your wardrobe to include eco-friendly essentials, including Sustainable Size Inclusive brands, workwear brands, blazers, dresses, and swimwear.

Alternatively, check out a few of our favorite and most loved brands below.

1. Reformation

Reformation Made in the USA

Sustainability: Stylish ethical clothing made with sustainable materials and deadstock materials.

Best for: Dreamy Dresses, blouses, and jeans

Ships to: Worldwide

2. Vetta

Sustainability: Capsule wardrobe collection made ethically from eco-friendly materials

Best for: Capsule Wardrobe clothes

Ships to: The US

Vetta Earth Day

3. Valani

Valani Earth Day

Sustainability: Clothing made locally in the USA from plant-based materials

Best for: Dresses, vegan clothing

Ships to: the US

4. Graceful District

Sustainability: Made in USA clothing from natural materials, including organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes

Best for: Sweatshirts, organic cotton t-shirts

Ships to: the US

Graceful Distric Earth Day round up

5. Organic Basics

Organic Basics earth day round up

Sustainability: High-quality GOTS certified organic cotton basics made ethically using sustainable production practices

Best for: Sweatshirts, t-shirts, organic cotton underwear

Ships to: Worldwide

6. Colorful Standard

Sustainability: Biodegradable sunglasses and colorful basics made with GOTS certified organic cotton in an ethical factory in Portugal

Best for: Sweaters, sweatshirts, shorts, sunglasses

Ships to: Worldwide

Colorful Standard

7. Thought

Thought Earth Day

Sustainability: UK-based Ethical clothing brand creating clothing from responsibly sourced materials, including organic cotton and hemp

Best for: Casual clothing, including dresses, underwear, tops, and shirts

Ships to: Worldwide

8. Sézane

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation creates stylish French-inspired clothing ethically from sustainable materials

Best for: Parisian inspired looks, summer dresses, clothing, and accessories

Ships to: Worldwide

Sezane sustainable fashion

9. Birdsong

Birdsong patchwork print skirts handmade in the UK

Sustainability: UK clothing creating handmade clothes in London from sustainable materials. Birdsong supports marginalized women in London, providing them with jobs, support, and living wages.

Best for: Skirts, dresses, organic cotton T-shirts

Ships to: the UK & International


Sustainability: Certified B Corporation creates premium basics from responsibly sourced Egyptian cotton. Kotn has a fully traceable supply chain and ensures fair wages and treatment of workers throughout their supply chain.

Best for: Tshirts, shirts, pants

Ships to: Worldwide

KOTN ethical clothing

9 Sustainable Menswear brands

Check out our favorite sustainable men’s clothing brands below. If you want to discover more great eco-freindly brands, take a look at our articles on men’s sustainable fashion and mens swimwear.

1. United By Blue

United By Blue sustainable clothes

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation. Sustainable clothing brand removing trash from oceans for every product sold. UBB uses sustainable materials and ethical production to create its clothing.

Best for: Casual men’s clothing

Ships to: the US

2. Outerknown

Sustainability: Fair labor, sustainable and natural materials, including organic cotton.

Best for: Sustainable men’s clothing, men’s swimwear

Ships to: the US & International

Outerknown Earth Day brands

3. Patagonia

Patagonia Earth Day brands

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation and 1% for the planet member. Patagonia creates high-quality, durable outdoor clothing and casual clothing in fair trade certified factories using recycled and natural materials.

Best for: Outdoor clothing, swimwear, casual clothing, workwear

Ships to: Worldwide

4. Colorful Standard

Sustainability: Ethical production, sustainable materials, including GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled materials, and biodegradable sunglasses

Best for: Shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sunglasses

Ships to: Worldwide

Colorful Standard Earth Day clothing brands

5. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak sustainable clothing brand

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation. Canadian sustainable clothing brand creating ethical and eco-friendly clothing from recycled materials and natural fibers.

Best for: Jackets, clothing, accessories

Ships to: Canada & the US

6. Tentree

Sustainability: Ten tree plants ten trees for every item purchased. Clothing is created with sustainable and natural materials.

Best for: Casual clothing, outdoor wear

Ships to: the US & International

Tentree t shirt



Sustainability: Certified B Corporation, creating basics from natural fibers using ethical production

Best for: Premium cotton basics

Ships to: Worldwide

8. The Phoenix Brand

Sustainability: The Phoenix Brand creates fashion-forward garments that are plant-based, upcycled, and toxin-free.

Best for: Men’s clothing, t-shirts

Ships to: the US & Canada

The Phoenix brand New brands to discover this earth day

9. Organic Basics

Organic Basics t shirt

Sustainability: Certified B Corp and 1% for the planet company, creating premium organic cotton clothing made ethically.

Best for: Premium organic cotton basics including shirts, t-shirts, sweaters

Ships to: Worldwide

11 Sustainable Shoe Brands To Discover

Around 20 billion pairs of shoes are sold every year, with less than 5% of shoes being recycled. Most footwear is being disposed of in landfills. Shoes can take thousands of years to degrade due to materials, including plastics and metals.

By switching to shoes made with sustainable materials such as natural fibers and recycled materials, we can help to reduce our carbon footprint and tread lighter.

Check out our favorite shoe brands below, or discover more great brands by taking a look at our popular footwear recommendations, including running shoes, sneakers, and shoes made from recycled plastic.

1. Allbirds

Allbirds sustainable running shoes

Sustainability: Certified B corporation creating sustainable shoes from recycled and natural materials, including a carbon-negative EVA Sole created from sugarcane.

Best for: Running shoes, sneakers, slip-on

Ships to: Worldwide

2. Tropicfeel

Sustainability: Eco-friendly travel shoes created from recycled materials

Best for: Travel shoes, sneakers

Ships to: Worldwide

Tropicfeel shoes made from recycled plastic


Cariuma sustainable shoes

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation. Every pair = 2 Trees planted. Ethical shoes created with recycled and responsibly sourced sustainable materials, including organic cotton.

Best for: Sustainable alternative to low profile shoes like Vans

Ships to: Worldwide

4. Baabuk

Sustainability: Sustainable footwear brand using responsibly sourced wool to create its ethical shoes.

Best for: Wool shoes and slippers

Ships to: Worldwide

Baabuk earth day shoes

5. Native Shoes

Native shoes Earth Day round up

Sustainability: Recyclable shoes which are turned into children’s playgrounds

Best for: Kids shoes, sandals

Ships to: Worldwide

6. On Running

Sustainability: Sustainable running shoes created from recycled materials

Best for: Running shoes, hiking boots

Ships to: Worldwide

On running earth day round up


SUAVS shoes made form recycled plastic earth day

Sustainability: Travel shoes and sneakers created using recycled plastic bottles

Best for: Sneakers, slip-on

Ships to: the US

8. Rothy’s

Sustainability: Men’s and Women’s shoes made from recycled plastic bottles

Best for: Ballerina flats, sneakers, loafers

Ships to: Worldwide

Rothy's shoes

9. Etiko

Etiko vegan shoes

Sustainability: Vegan sneakers and hi-tops are made from natural and eco-friendly materials, including hemp and organic cotton.

Best for: Shoes like Converse and Vans

Ships to: Worldwide

10. Beflamboyant

Sustainability: Vegan sneakers made ethically from natural materials, including bamboo fibers

Best for: Vegan shoes

Ships to: Worldwide

Beflamboyant vegan sneakers

11. Earth Shoes

Earth Shoes sustainable trainers

Sustainability: Sustainable shoes and sandals made from eco-friendly materials, including hemp and organic cotton, and responsibly sourced leather

Best for: Sandals, pumps, sneakers

Ships to: Worldwide

5 Sustainable Underwear Brands

Below we’ve picked out our favorite top five sustainable underwear brands that create high-quality underwear from earth-friendly fabrics.

There are lots of other great eco-friendly brands out there. Discover them in our guides on organic cotton underwear, sustainable lingerie, and sustainable bras.

1. Heist

Heist eco lace lingerie

Sustainability: Eco-friendly underwear made from deadstock and recycled fabrics

Best for: Lace underwear

Ships to: Worldwide

2. Pact

Sustainability: Organic cotton underwear made ethically

Best for: Affordable organic cotton underwear

Ships to: Worldwide

Pact underwear


Parade earth day brands

Sustainability: Sustainable underwear created from eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials

Best for: Soft bras, affordable underwear

Ships to: Worldwide

4. Boody

Sustainability: Organic underwear created from renewable, organic bamboo

Best for: Ultra-soft and breathable bras and panties

Ships to: Worldwide

Boody Bamboo Underwear

5. Woron

Woron bras earth day brands

Sustainability: A female-founded brand creates soft, sustainable underwear designed with eco-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton and Tencel, always made without toxic chemicals or toxic dyes.

Best for: Soft cup bras and pants

Ships to: Worldwide

5 Sustainable Activewear Brands To Discover

Below we’ve chosen five sustainable activewear brands that create workout clothes from sustainable materials.
If you want to discover more activewear brands, look at our tailored guides on running shoes, running clothes, and yoga clothes.

1. Wolven

Wolven sustainable activewear earth day brands

Sustainability: Female-founded brand creating soft and lightweight, eco-friendly activewear made from recycled plastic bottles

Best for: Yoga leggings, colorful and vibrant workout clothes

Ships to: Worldwide


Sustainability: Sustainable workout clothes made from recycled plastic

Best for: Compression leggings, sports bras, size-inclusive activewear

Ships to: Worldwide

Girlfriend Collective earth day brands

3. Summersalt

Sustainability: Use of recycled fabrics and ethical production to create vibrant activewear sets

Best for: Vibrant activewear sets

Ships to: Worldwide

Summersalt Earth Day brands


Day Won Earth day round up

Sustainability: Made in the USA using recycled fabrics

Best for: size-inclusive activewear

Ships to: the US

Wrapping Up: Earth Day Brands To Support

We hope you’ve discovered a bunch of new sustainable brands to support this Earth Day.

Remember, buying less and wearing your existing clothes is the best thing you can do to prevent overconsumption. However, when you shop for new clothes, make sure you’re supporting brands using ethical production and sustainable materials that don’t damage the earth’s resources.


Bethany Worthington BSc (Hons) (she/her) is the Sustainable Fashion Editor and Co-founder of Ecothes. She has a passion for the environment, and a long love of all things clothing, and combines those two interests with Ecothes. In her free time she loves dancing, hiking in the countryside, and laughing with friends.

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