11 Best Sustainable Bras and Bralettes 2024

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Shopping for new bras can be hard. It’s hard to find the perfect size and style for you, and if you’re looking for sustainable bras, the selection gets even smaller.

To help you on your search for the perfect bra, we’ve sourced some of our favourite sustainable underwear brands, and sustainable clothing brands producing comfortable bras, from around the world. All of these brands use ethical and sustainable production processes, treating their workers ethically.

There are a few key things to look for when choosing a sustainable bra:

  • Materials: Sustainable materials often use less water, and are kinder on the planet.
  • Chemicals: Ideally, you should look for an OEKO-Tex Certified brand, which means they don’t use any toxic chemicals for their dyes.
  • Worker treatment: Look for brands that are transparent about their supply chain practices and factories.

The options here are all good choices. We’ve found brands from around the world, all offering unique styles and sustainable practices.

If you’re looking for something a little sexier, make sure to check out our guide to sustainable lingerie here.

1. Subset

Subset Sustainable Bras and Bralettes

Sustainability: Organic cotton, supply chain transparency, eco-friendly materials, free of harmful chemicals

Sizing: XXS – XXL (with detailed size guides in the Subset Fitting Room)

Subset’s (formerly Knickey) cotton bralette styles come in a variety of colors that look good and feel great.

To help you find the right fit, Subset has detailed size guides and an online Fitting Room to ensure you can find the perfect bra for you. The brand also offers a First Pair Guarantee, so you can try out your bra, risk-free.

Subset’s bras are made from sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled nylon, and Tencel, so they’re both kind on your body, and on the planet.

2. Parade

Parade sustainable bras and bralettes

Sustainability: size-inclusive bras created from recycled fabrics and sustainable materials. 1 item sold = 1 tree planted.

Sizing: Cup Sizes A-F, XS-3XL

Parade’s ultra-comfortable, breathable, size-inclusive bras are taking the internet by storm, thanks to their playful, sexy designs and sustainable production.

Parades sustainable bras are supportive and available in sizes up to 3XL and DD-F, including transformable styles with adjustable straps for weightless support.

Parade focuses on allowing everybody to express themselves through their playful under by creating bras and bralettes in vibrant colors, patterns, and textures.

Each piece is made from sustainable materials, including recycled fabrics and anti-microbial Tencel, a sustainable fiber made from wood pulp.

My Parade organic underwear featuring sustainable bra and pants

3. Boody

Boody eco-friendly bras

Sustainability: Organically grown bamboo fabrics, PETA-Approved vegan, Ecocert, Oeko-Tex, and WRAP certified

Sizing: 30B – 40C (XS – XL)

Boody is an Autralian sustainable brand focused that creates a range of bras, underwear, and other apparel from eco-friendly materials, made using bamboo.

They stock a selection of bras and bralettes, in a range of colors.

The bras don’t have an underwire, aren’t overly restrictive, and combine a high-level of comfort with good support.

We’ve personally tested Boody’s organic bamboo LYOLYTE bra and love how super soft and comfortable the bra fits.

“My Boody bra and pant set which I absolutely love! It’s supoer soft, lightweight, and comfortable!” – Bethany


PACT organic bras

Sustainability: All items made from organic cotton, processes that save 91% of water per bra compared to traditional production, Fair Trade Certified™ business

Sizing: XS – XXL

PACT is a brand we’re a big fan of. The production process for their GOTS-Certified organic cotton bras uses 91% less water than traditional cotton manufacturing, and there are no toxic chemicals.

PACT offers a wide range of bras and bralettes, so it’s easy to find one that offers the style, support, and colors you’re looking for.

There are no underwires, making them very comfortable.

5. Cosabella

Cosabella bra made in italy

Sustainability: Ethically made in Italy, classic colors produced from natural dyes

Sizing: Inclusive sizing, petite, regular, extended, and curvy sizes 28A – 40DD

Cosabella has a fantastic range of ethically produced bras and bralettes for every body shape.

They have the most inclusive range of sizes from the brands we’ve featured and have recently launched their new Cosabella Renew range, designed to be comfortable for women pre and post-surgery.

Cosabellas’ classic colors are created with untreated Italian alpine water and are free from harmful toxic chemicals.


Woron sustainable bra created from plant based fibers

Sustainability: Plant-based fibers, allergy-friendly and ethically made.

Sizing: XS-XL

Danish minimalist underwear brand WORON was founded by two sisters to bring comfortable, sustainably conscious underwear to women.

WORON’s soft bras are designed for comfort; they are all unpadded and free from any wires, including syles with and without back fastenings.

Each bra is crafted from plant-based material, Lenzing modal – a naturally soft, antibacterial fabric created from beech wood.

We’ve reviewed the WORON flirt base bra and found it super soft and comfortable; you can check our review here.

My sustainable Bra from Woron

7. Organic Basics

Organic Basics organic bras

Sustainability: GOTS Certified organic cotton, vegan, ethical supply chain, free of child labor or poverty wages

Sizing: XS – XL

Organic Basics is a Danish brand (that ships all over the world) creating a range of simple, ethically made, sustainable basics including bras.

Their bras use GOTS certified organic cotton, which means the supply chain is ethical, and no harmful chemicals are used to grow the cotton.

The bras carry the PETA vegan approved label, as no animals were harmed in the production process.

The bras are flattering, don’t have wires, let your skin breathe, and offer good support.

8. WAMA Underwear

WAMA hemp bras

Sustainability: Sustainably sourced hemp, PETA-approved vegan, Green America Certified Business

Sizing: 32AA – 42DD

WAMA Underwear creates a range of bras and bralettes from organically grown hemp. It’s a clean, eco-friendly material that’s kind on the earth and on your body.

WAMA is a Green America Certified Business, completely vegan, and the dyes are non-toxic and Oeko-Tex Certified.

The bras are adjustable, comfy, and underwire-free.


HARA organic bras

Sustainability: Non-toxic dyes, eco-friendly bamboo, partner with the EJF

Sizing: XS – 5XL

HARA The Label is on a mission to bring change to the fashion industry, through super-soft and sustainable bamboo underwear.

They partner with the Environmental Justice Foundation to support a range of sustainable initiatives.

Their bras are super comfortable, and offer good coverage and support.

The dyes are all non-toxic and OEKO-Tex Certified, so you can be confident knowing that HARA’s bras are kind on your body.

10. Kat The Label

Kat The Label ethical bras

Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials, charitable donations

Sizing: XS – XL (and a free size exchange program)

Kat The Label make a variety of lace lingerie sets, as well as everyday basics.

They use a range of eco-friendly materials, and purchase materials from factories that would have otherwise been wasted.

Despite being a smaller brand than some, Kat The Label generously give back to charities supporting breast cancer awareness.

Their bras, such as the bralette pictured, are super comfortable and always look good.


Le Buns sustainable bras

Sustainability: Organic cotton, natural dyes, pushing for ethical worker treatment

Sizing: AUS sizing 6 – 16

Take 15% off your order with code: “ECOTHES15

LÉ BUNS is another Australian brand making a range of sustainable, organic bras and lingerie from sustainable materials.

They only use organic cotton, which requires less water, and has tighter restrictions around how it’s grown and harvested.

Le Buns work with factories who are proven to support their workers with good working conditions and fair wages.

11. Lara Intimates

Lara Intimates sustainable bras

Sustainability: Made in the UK from deadstock fabrics, zero-waste offcut materials

Sizing: A – GG

Lara underwear is all made from deadstock fabrics in the brand’s UK-based factory. It’s a great way to recover

You can also book a virtual bra fitting, which is a great initiative. You’ll be walked through the sizing options and advised on the best choice for your unique body.

Lara’s is an all-women team, so you can be sure all of these bras are created with your needs in mind. The underwear is all wire-free, made with sustainably sourced materials.

Wrapping Up: Sustainable Bras and Bralettes

We hope you found the perfect sustainable bra, all of the brands featured are using eco-friendly materials.

Wondering hot to sustainably dispose of your old worn out bras? Check out our guide here.

Make sure you check out our guides on organic cotton underwear, robes, and organic pajamas.

If you enjoyed the article, or have any recommendations, please let us know in the comments below.

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