WORON Review: Our Thoughts on the Minimalist Underwear Brand

What we tested:

The verdict:

If you’re looking for soft, sexy, and sustainable lingerie and underwear, you can trust WORON to deliver what you’re looking for.

The set we tested with a bra and pair of underwear look and feel great. While I haven’t had them for that long, they’re not losing any elasticity or softness, even after going through several wash cycles.

WORON sustainable lingerie

Their Flirt Base Bra has a chic, clean, and sexy look and makes me feel super secure and comfortable. The straps don’t budge all day, and without any harsh underwires, the bra feels comfortable all day long.

In terms of sizing, I went for the M and usually wear a 34 C. The cup size is perfect, and the straps are comfortable. In addition, I found that the back strap felt secure and didn’t cut into my skin.

The fit and feel of their low-rise undie hipster brief are comfortable, and the modal fabric means no chafing, even on hot days.

I prefer the bra over the pants, as the only drawback is that the pants are slightly see-through. Apart from that, there’s nothing bad to say about them, and I’m sure the rest of WORON’s collection would be of equally high standards, judging by their glowing customer reviews.

WORON sustainable panties

Now, let’s jump into the full review.

What is WORON?

Woron is sustainable underwear and essentials brand based in Copenhagen. It was founded by two sisters, Arian and Anya Woron.

Woron’s mission is “to make woman’s identity flourish along with a love for our Earth.

ethically made, plant based fibers, peta approved and vegan

Their products all use plant-based, cruelty-free, and sustainable fibers and are free of toxic chemicals and dyes.

What Materials Do WORON Use?

Woron sticks to sustainably sourced materials, and all fabrics are sourced and produced in Europe.

Their base collection is made from a sustainable fabric called Modal. This fabric is produced from Beech Wood and is considered one of the most environmentally sustainable options available. Fibers are sourced from trees from sustainable forestries, and the production of the modal fabric is CO2 neutral.

Modal is naturally soft, breathable, and anti-bacterial.

When they use cotton, it’s always GOTS certified organic.

Organic cotton is grown free from any pesticides and harsh toxic chemicals. It also uses up to 60% less water to produce, making it better not only for your skin but also better for the environment.

The brand relies on natural dyes rather than toxic chemicals to help their garments remain anti-allergen and kind to even sensitive skin.

And How Ethical is Their Supply Chain?

Woron works with factories in Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Turkey. Their main factory in Hungary meets rigorous standards such as Oeko-Tex certified and ISO 9001: 2015.

It ensures the payment of a living wage across its supply chain. Woron also works with factories with high social standards, fair trade production, and organic product chain authentication.

How Comfortable are WORON’s Bras?

On first impressions, the material feels super soft and comfortable.

The straps are stretchy and secure; they stay in place throughout the day. The soft triangle cups have a relaxed but supportive feeling too. I first wore the bra for a busy day out in London, which included a 5K bike ride on a hot day – The bra straps stayed perfectly secured all day, and the bra kept me cool and supported – which I find can be rare for a soft cup bra.

The flirt base bra has become a wardrobe staple. The bra can either go well under a tee or dressed up under a sheer top. Even though the bra material is white, there’s no transparency to it, and I feel really comfortable and confident wearing under a fitted vest and sheer blouses.

WORON sustainable lingerie under Maison Cleo Blouse
I have paired my bra to compliment a sheer top.

What type of products do WORON create?

WORON creates eco-friendly undergarments in sexy Scandinavian styles, true to the culture of this Danish brand.

They specialize in soft bras, bottoms, and bodysuits, using high-quality sustainable materials such as modal and organic cotton. The dyes they use are non-toxic – certified and suitable for sensitive skin, making Woron products ideal for people with chemical sensitivity and allergies.

They also produce organic socks, which, although we haven’t tested them yet, also look super soft and come in some cool colors such as red wine and aqua green.

What type of packaging are products shipped in?

Woron shipped my products in plastic-less packaging. The box was recyclable cardboard, and paper wrapping came around the products for protection.

WORON recycled cardboard packaging

The individual item boxes are made from recycled paper, which can be recycled after use. The underwear also came with a 100% organic cotton bag reusable wash bag.

Woron recycled packaging

In Summary

Woron should be your next go-to brand for sustainable lingerie. Even though I was gifted my set, I would happily purchase another bra and pants set from Woron’s collection, and I would recommend their soft flirt base bra and undies.

You can tell this brand is created by women, for women, as their products make you feel sexy, confident and supported.

Their commitment to sustainability, ensuring an ethical supply chain, and using environmentally friendly fabrics such as modal and organic cotton sets this brand apart from other mass produced, low-quality lingerie brands.

If you want to test out a pair of WORON underwear, you can check out their full product range on their website, here.


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