10 High-Performance Sustainable Running Clothes Brands

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Whether you’ve been an avid runner for years or are just getting started, one thing is certain: you need comfortable clothes that support you and let your body breathe.

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer like me, you’ll be looking for sustainable running clothes over fast fashion options.

Unfortunately, exercise and running gear isn’t usually available second hand due to the wear it goes through, so it means we have to buy new items. However, there’s still a way to shop for running clothes sustainably, and that’s by supporting brands using their platform to make a positive change.

In this guide, we’ve found some of the best brands making sustainable running clothes and sustainable activewear, using eco-friendly materials without compromising on performance.

Let’s jump in.

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1. Allbirds Natural Run Collection

Allbirds Natural Leggings

Sustainability: Natural fibres, created from eucalyptus tree. Certified B corporation, climate neutral.

At a glance: Running leggings, running tops, bike shorts and tops all perfect for 5-10K runs.

Allbirds is a certified B corporation, which means they go above and beyond ethical and sustainable standards. They are climate neutral by offsetting all carbon in the supply chain.

Allbirds only work with suppliers who meet ethical standards and do not use child labor or forced working conditions; they instead empower communities and provide safe environments for workers.

Their natural run collection is breathable, temperature regulating, and extra comfortable. We have reviewed Allbirds natural run leggings here and found them super supportive, perfect for running and working out.

As always, their products are shipped in recyclable paper packaging for minimum impact on the environment.

Allbirds running shoes


Model pictured working out in LNDR leggings

Sustainability: High-quality & Eco-friendly running and gym-wear created ethically in small batches from recycled fabric

At a glance: High compression running leggings and running shorts

LNDR is a cool activewear brand creating some of the best quality running clothes on the market. Their leggings retail for a high price point but their quality and compression is seriously unmatched.

I’ve personally tried both the compression leggings and running shorts and found them perfect for 10K runs indoor and outdoor.

Model wearing LNDR running jacket

3. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective eco-friendly running clothes for women

Sustainability: Eco-friendly and sustainable materials, non-toxic dyes, safe factories, recycling program

At a glance: Women-owned brand creating high-performance running clothes. From leggings, to sports bras, to, sustainable running shorts all in a range of inclusive sizes

Girlfriend Collective’s range of running leggings, tops, and shorts — including the orignal Moon Compressive High-Rise Legging (pictured) — are an amazing option.

Each pair of leggings are made from a stretchy, supportive material composed of 25 recycled water bottles. Their tops are also made from 79% recycled polyester.

Girlfriend Collective’s main factory in Hanoi is SA8000 certified, with fair wages, and safe conditions.

When you’re done with your running clothes, you can send it back to Girlfriend Collective and the team will recycle and upcycle them into new garments as part of their ReGirlfriend program.

4. Patagonia

Sustainability: Fair trade and sustainable running clothes made from recycled materials

At a glance: Running vests, leggings, and shorts

Patagonia is the O.G. for sustainable outdoor brands and has gained a huge fan base thanks to its high-quality, ethical, and sustainable products.

If you’ve not tried Patagonia yet, their running collection is one to check out. I have had the Patagonia endless running leggings for around three years and have worn them probably over one hundred times, and they still look as good as new and function just as good as when I first got them.

The Patagonia endless running leggings have a breathable panel on both legs which helps to keep you cool during your runs.

Patagonia running gear

5. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices sustainable running clothes

Sustainability: Recycled materials, recycled and reusable packaging, partnerships with WWF, The Nature Conservancy, and CHOOOSE to promote sustainability

At a glance: High-performance running clothes

Outdoor Voices is an activewear brand creating eco friendly running shorts, tops, leggings, and even shoes, using sustainable processes.

There’s no compromise in performance, either. Their running gear has anti-chafe seam lines, compression waistbands, and handy storage pockets for your phone, headband, or sunglasses.

6. Wolven

Wolven sustainable running clothes brand

Sustainability: Recycled materials, 1% For The Planet, ethical factories, Cleanhub partner to protect the oceans

At a glance: Sustainable running leggings, tops, and bras in a range of fun designs

Wolven is a female-founded, carbon-neutral brand creating clothes perfect for running.

They measure all of their greenhouse gas emissions, and offset their footprint. Their carbon credits support important projects around rainforest conversation, and methane-capture.

Wolven is a member of 1% For The Planet, and their clothes are Global Recycled Standard and OEKO-TEX Certified.

Their leggings are made of 27 post-consumer recycled bottles, and they use other sustainable materials including Modal in their other clothes.

Drawbacks – I’ve personally tested Wolven leggings and love them for Pilates and yoga, but find they don’t offer the compression needed for long runs.

7. Pact

Pact sustainable running clothes

Sustainability: Organic materials, Fair Trade Certified factories, clothing donation programs

At a glance: Functional, comfortable leggings and sports tops, ideal for running

Pact is on a mission to be “Earth’s favorite clothing company“. At first glance, they’re doing well so far.

Their clothing is made using GOTS Certified organic cotton, which uses 91% less water than conventional cotton. They also ensure no toxic chemicals are used in the production or dying process.

Pact also have carbon offset options for shipping, and offer customers a way to donate lightly worn clothes to them, which they send to nonprofits that need them.

8. tentree

tentree ethical running clothes for women

Sustainability: 10 trees planted for every purchase, sustainable materials, Certified B Corp

At a glance: Leggings, tops, and lightweight sweaters, perfect for city or trail running

tentree’s range of eco-friendly and ethical running clothes are a great option. They use sustainable materials made from recycled water bottles and TENCEL.

Their running clothes are durable, and comfortable, even on long runs, and there’s options for both summer and winter.

We love how they stay true to their name, planting 10 trees for every purchase made to support reforestration.

9. Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel sports bra

Sustainability: Traceable supply chain, Made in Los Angeles, eco-friendly materials from recycled plastic bottls

At a glance: A range of stylish activewear and running clothes from sustainable and natural materials

Groceries Apparel is a Los Angeles-based brand making comfortable, moisture-wicking, and breathable activewear.

The sports bra pictured is made from 82% post-consumer plastic bottles, transformed into high-performance fabrics.

Groceries Apparel has a transparent and traceable production process, and use materials like hemp, organic cotton, vegetable dyes, and eucalyptus in their sustainable running clothes.

10. Silou

SILOU sustainable running clothes

Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials, member of 1% For The Planet

At a glance: Luxury, high-quality activewear for runners that want a touch of extra style

SILOU is a luxury activewear brand creating clothes from sustainable materials like ECONYL, TENCEL, and GOTS Certified organic cotton. The brand is also a member of 1% For The Planet, and vocal in their support of movements including BLM.

Orders are shipped in biodegradable polybags, and labels from bio-based compostable materials. In short, SILOU’s team bases every decision on the positive impact it can have on both performance, and sustainability.

You can find leggings, sports bras, running shorts, tanks, and much more. If you’re into other sports, there’s also ranges for yoga, pilates, spin, barre, and more.

According to Runners Need, the most important things to look for when choosing running clothes is to find comfortable, sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable clothing which will help to wick away any sweat and keep your temperature regulated and keep you running comfortably.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you wear clothing that’s hi-viz if you’re running at night or when its dark outside.

We hope you enjoyed the recommendations, if you are looking for specific running shoes we have a guide here. alternatively, if you are looking for activewear perfect for workouts or the gym, check out our sustainable activewear guide.

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Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below!

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