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12 Sustainable Fashion Brands from Los Angeles You Should Know

Shopping from brands in your own city is something we all want to do.

We’ve chosen a range of sustainable brands from Los Angeles that you should definitely check out, either in person or online, if you want to support LA-based businesses.

Let’s jump into the article.

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands from LA – The Complete List

1. Reformation

What they make: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Reformation Los Angeles

We’ve talked about Reformation before several times on this blog praising their Made in the USA womenswear.

If you didn’t know before, the brand hails from Los Angeles and makes their clothes using sustainable materials like TENCEL Lyocell and invests heavily in creating an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Reformation is completely transparent about their processes, ethics, and values, and if you read up on them, it’s clear the team are building a great clothing company.

2. Back Beat Rags

What they make: Womenswear, Accessories

Pricing: $ – $$

Back Beat Rags LA

Back Beat Rags are another great LA-based ethical brand. They create a range of everyday essentials for women and a selection of accessories.

Their ethical production process includes using GOTS certified organic cotton and hemp, as well as using 100% recycled packaging.

Black Beat Rags also make their clothes affordable enough for the mass market, so you can be sure you can find something you like for a great price.

3. Whimsy + Row

What they make: Womenswear, Accessories

Price: $$ – $$$

Whimsy + Row LA

Since 2014 Whimsy + Row have been creating eco-conscious clothing in West LA.

Their mission is “to provide ease and elegance for the modern, creative woman.

Whimsy + Row create limited-run batches of clothing, which is all handcrafted. They use locally sourced deadstock materials, as well as a range of eco-friendly fabrics.

4. Sotela

What they make: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Sotela LA

Sotela is another sustainable womenswear clothing brand from Los Angeles that is definitely worth checking out.

They create wardrobe staples, and all of their clothing comes in a range of sizes that will fit just about anyone.

Sotela’s manufacturing process aims to have minimal environmental impacts, and like other brands here they use eco-friendly materials like TENCEL, Modal, and Linen. Not only that, all of their packaging and marketing materials are made using recycled paper.

5. For Days

What they make: Womenswear, Menswear

Price: $ – $$

For Days Made in LA

For Days are one of the most unique brands here. They make simple T-Shirts from organic materials and have a zero-waste manufacturing process.

But, you can’t just go and simply buy a T-Shirt.

For Days run a membership program that involves you signing up and paying a one time fee ($38) to receive your first For Days item. Sounds pricey for a T-Shirt, right?

However, where this brand gets interesting is that when your T-Shirt starts to get worn out and you’re ready for a change, you can swap it with another item for $8. The longer you keep swapping out items, the more affordable it gets. For Days then recycled the items their customers send back and turn them into new clothes, making this closed-loop system highly sustainable.

6. Taylor + Thomas

What they make: Footwear

Price: $$$$

Taylor and Thomas made in Los Angeles

Taylor + Thomas are a sustainable footwear brand making carefully designed shoes for women.

All of their shoes are made from vegan and sustainable materials. Their materials are all sourced from an ethical supply chain.

Not only that, but they also donate 1% of revenue from their sales to 1% For The Planet, so you know your purchase is making a positive environmental impact.

7. SUSI Studio

What they make: Footwear

Price:$$ – $$$

Susi Studio LA

Another shoe brand, SUSI Studio create artisan-made women’s shoes.

The materials they use are all vegan, and their Hong Kong factory is completely women-owned. Susi Studio’s shoes are definitely worth checking out, and considering the care that goes into their shoes, the prices are well priced.


What they make: Footwear

Price: $$$$

Rafa USA sustainable shoes made in Los Angeles

RAFA is a luxury sustainable footwear brand from LA who produce a range of made-to-order, Made in the USA shoes.

They have a smaller collection of shoes that are in stock, but a wide selection of shoes that you can have made-to-order. RAFA’s prices are relatively high compared to your average footwear brand, but considering that everything is custom made you can expect the quality to be high.

9. Sugar Candy Mountain

What they make: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Sugar Candy MTN Los Angeles

Sugar Candy Mountain isn’t even the best part of this brand.

All of their womenswear is made in the USA, using natural materials. They make all of their clothing in Los Angeles and aim to reduce waste in their manufacturing process.

If you order something from Sugar Candy Mountain, you’ll receive it in recycled packaging.

10. Pistol Lakes

What they make: Menswear

Price: $$ – $$$

Pistol Lake Made in Los Angeles

Pistol Lakes are one of the few menswear brands in this list, but they definitely deserve an inclusion.

This LA-based brand creates minimalist basics using recycled materials and ethical manufacturing processes. All of their clothes are made in Los Angeles and all of their workers are paid a fair wage.

12. LA Relaxed

What they make: Womenswear

Price: $$

LA Relaxed is another Los Angeles brand pushing the sustainable fashion movement forward.

All of the fabrics they use are locally sourced and made from sustainable materials. These included organic cotton, hemp, Tencel Lyocell, Tencel Modal, linen, and more.

Their clothes are also all made in the USA, partnering with local manufacturers to keep their supply chain as green as possible.

If you’re looking for clothes that have a relaxed (as the brand name suggests!) style, can be used as activewear and are extremely sustainable, LA Relaxed could be the brand for you.

Recap – Best Sustainable Clothing Brands from Los Angeles

Want to shop from local sustainable brands in LA?

These companies are all doing great work when it comes to both sustainability and design.

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