5 Sustainable Luxury Menswear Brands

Finding a sustainable luxury menswear brand is tough.

With many eco-friendly and sustainable brands is that design can take a backseat to sustainability.

However, there are a range of luxury menswear brands, with a sustainable mission available out there. It’s just a matter of finding them.

This post has been written to help you find your new favorite luxury sustainable menswear brand, and build your eco-friendly wardrobe.

Let’s get into it.

1. Christopher Raeburn

Sustainability: Recycled materials, responsible manufacturing partners, handcrafted, carbon footprint reduction and waste reduction practices.

Raeburn sustainable luxury menswear

One of my personal favorite brands in this list is Christopher Raeburn, or RAEBURN. Founded by British designer Christpopher Raeburn, they are a high fashion, luxury sustainable menswear brand you should definitely know about.

While the style of clothing that RAEBURN produce isn’t for everyone, each piece is unique and handcrafted, and the quality is extremely high.

They produce smaller batches of clothes than most brands – in line with their waste and carbon footprint reduction ethos – meaning if you do purchase an item from RAEBURN you’ll be one of a lucky few.

2. STORY mfg.

Sustainability: Natural, organic ingredients and dyes, artisan practices, vegan materials, cruelty-free, no waste.

Story MFG Sustainable Luxury Fashion

STORY mfg. are another highly unique brand. While not strictly menswear, as they don’t differentiate between men’s and women’s clothes – all of their items can (and should be) be worn by whoever wants to wear them -, I’ve only ever heard good things about STORY mfg.

They create limited runs of unique items, clearly crafted with the utmost care and love. They’re highly environmentally and ethically conscious, and even publish essays and content on the way they create their clothes (definitely worth checking out!).

While they’re not cheap, you wouldn’t want these to be. They’re high-quality, carefully crafted, and some of their pieces should probably be in a museum.

3. Todd Shelton

Sustainability: Made in USA, in-house manufacturing, ethical sourcing, made-to-order.

Todd Shelton luxury sustainable menswear

Todd Shelton is another sustainable menswear brand, catering to the higher end of the more classic menswear market.

All of their products are made in the USA, in the company’s NJ headquarters. All of their garments are sold direct-to-customer through the brand’s e-commerce store, minimizing the amount of travelling each item does before it reaches the consumer.

They offer a range of core wardrobe pieces, with classic, timeless styles and are hyper-consistent quality and fit.

You can expect your Todd Shelton clothes to last, provided you take decent care of them.

4. Brave GentleMan

Sustainability: All vegan, minimally impactful, recycled, organic and high-tech sustainable materials.

brave gentleman luxury vegan menswear

We’ve talked about Brave GentleMan in previous blog posts, but that’s for good reason.

Brave GentleMan were awarded Menswear Brand of the Year in 2016, and Most Influential Designer of 2015 by PETA.

They do both footwear and sustainable luxury menswear, making this the ideal store to visit if you’re looking for high-quality items.

They embrace a slow-fashion production model, and don’t follow traditional fashion industry “seasons” of clothing. Brave GentleMan focus on sustainable innovation, high quality vegan materials, use ethical labor, and create classic menswear styles.

5. Rag & Bone

Sustainability: Denim recycling program.

Rag and Bone sustainable menswear

Rag & Bone are a popular luxury menswear brand anyway, but did you know they have a denim recycling program?

If you take your own used denim into the store, you get 20% off a new purchase on denim items.

The denim you take in to Rag & Bone gets used to produce insulation for new homes and civic-buildings around America.

Recap – Best Sustainable Luxury Menswear Brands

If you’re looking to build your sustainable menswear wardrobe, these luxury brands are a perfect place to start.

You might prefer some to others, but the core mission of these brands aligns with their sustainability efforts.

Do you know another eco-friendly or sustainable luxury menswear brand you think should be included?

Let me know in the comments section!

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