Allbirds Natural Leggings Review: What’s The Verdict?

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Allbirds has launched their new highly anticipated natural run collection and they sent us the natural leggings to review.

We have tried different Allbirds products and found them all to be high quality, so we were eager to try out these new leggings.

All views here are our own, and Allbirds didn’t ask us to say anything specific (or positive) about the leggings.

Let’s jump in.

The Verdict:

I was so excited when I first opened the new Allbirds Natural Leggings. The material of the leggings is soft, stretchy, and lightweight. I went for the Shadow color, a lovely blue/grey shade, and a fab change to my usual black workout leggings.

ALlbirds Natural Leggings Review

I tested these at a 2 hour HIIT and dance class to put them through their paces. Here’s what I found.

✔  Secure and Supportive ❌ Sweat patches formed under my knees
✔ Squat Proof – no visible undies❌ Not designed for high impact e.g running 10K+ or marathons.
✔  Ease of movement – non restrictive
✔ Thermo-regulating and breathable
✔ Sustainable materials
  • I felt super secure. The waistband stayed up and didn’t budge. The leggings have an elastic string in the waistband, which can be pulled and made tighter. I didn’t have to keep pulling the leggings up throughout the class continuously.
  • Squat Proof: I was confident that everyone behind me couldn’t see straight through to my underwear. 
  • Ease of movement: These leggings weren’t restrictive and didn’t dig into my thighs or restrict my range of motion.
  • During exercise, no sweat patches formed around the bum area, which was a key benefit for me as I usually stick with black leggings just in case. The only place I did start to see sweat patches were under the knees, but this was at an extremely sweaty and hot class, so overall, they held up well.
  • Kept me cool: The natural moisture-wicking and odor-free material allowed me to feel confident and cool when wearing them.
  • The leggings washed easily on a cold wash and still feel super soft after washing.

I also found that the Shadow colorway, complimented my Allbirds Tree Dashers perfectly!

Allbirds Natural Run Leggings

How Ethical is Allbirds?

Allbirds is a certified B Corporation, which means they meet high standards of ethical and environmental production. As a B corp, Allbirds strive for lower levels of poverty and inequality and instead empower people and communities in their supply chain.

You can read more about their transparent supply chain and auditing process here.

What fabric are the Active Leggings made from?

Allbirds create the natural legging with their signature eco-friendly fabric, Trino. Trino is crafted from a blend of Eucalyptus tree, merino wool, and recycled materials to create a lightweight, thermoregulating, and moisture wicking fabric perfect for workouts.

Designed to move with you, without going against nature.

Allbirds Natural Run Collection

The fabric is a refreshing change from plastic and petroleum-based synthetics (which most activewear from well-known sportswear brands is made of today).

The stretchy material allowed unrestricted movement during my dance class, and the material felt supportive and didn’t keep slipping down.

Allbirds recycled tag

How eco-friendly are the leggings?

The leggings use an eco-friendly blend of natural and recycled materials, as mentioned above.

Allbirds measure the carbon footprint of every item they make. For example, these leggings cost 14.5 kgCO2 emissions to make, which Allbirds then offset through sustainable practices.

The Natural Leggings are a more eco-friendly choice than many other workout clothes on the market.

How do you clean the natural leggings?

Wash at 30 degrees with detergent, and air dry (check the care tag on your leggings before washing just in case!). My leggings are still super soft and held their shape after a wash.

How were the natural leggings packaged?

As with every Allbirds item, products are carefully shipped in recyclable FSC paper, no plastic in sight!

Allbirds recycled packaging

Wrapping Up

The natural leggings are perfect if you’re looking for high performance, sustainable activewear that positively impacts the planet.

Overall, I am impressed with the leggings. At $98 they are slightly more expensive than other sustainably made leggings on the market, but they are high quality and performed well during my workout.

If you want to check out the leggings on the Allbirds website, click the button below.


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