Allbirds Tree Dasher Review: How Do They Fare?

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The Verdict – Tree Dasher Original Review

The Allbirds Tree Dashers are a reliable running shoe for anyone who regularly runs distances in the 5 – 10K range. The shoes are lightweight and breathable, with solid but comfortable soles and good grip. To top it off, the Tree Dashers are made with a range of innovative sustainable materials, which we love to see.

✔ Comfortable and supportive everyday running shoe ideal for 5-10K

✔ Rubber traction pads for stability

✔ Breathable uppers

✔ Carbon negative via emission offsetting

✔ Sustainable and eco-friendly materials (eucalyptus uppers, castor bean oil insoles, sugarcane EVA, and more)
❌ Not ideal for wet weather running (go with the Mizzles instead if you need extra grip and waterproofing)

❌ Not made for regular long distance (10K+) runs

Allbirds’ Background

Allbirds make a variety of minimalist shoes using ethically sourced wool, and a variety of sustainable materials. The company is a Certified B Corp, meaning they’re required to be transparent about their processes, ethics, supply chain, worker treatment, and much more.

Allbirds also partner with Soles4Souls, a charitable organization that works with Allbirds to donate lightly used shoes to people who need them most around the world.

The Tree Dasher is Allbirds’ first foray into the world of running.

We were sent a pair by Allbirds to try out, and provide an honest review. We weren’t asked to say anything specific (or even anything positive!). Overall, we’re enjoying the Tree Dashers (and still are several months after receiving them).

To summarize:

  • The Tree Dashers are a great pair of reliable everyday running shoes
  • They’re comfortable, breathable, and sustainable
  • The Tree Dashers also double up as a great walking shoe

You can buy the Tree Dashers directly from the Allbirds website, here.

With that said, let’s jump straight into the review!

Tree Dashers: unboxing and first impressions

The ordering system was simple. You can select from a variety of colorways, depending on your preference. I went for the Thunder (Dark Blue Upper / White Sole) option.

When asked about shipping preferences, I chose the free shipping option (named: “Fast-ish Shipping“) on checkout. The shoes arrived at our doorstep before lunch the very next day.

Allbirds in box

The packaging was smart, and I was glad to see that there wasn’t any unnecessary or excess paper/plastic inside. Important information about the shoes was printed on the box.

Everyone has different style preferences, but for running shoes, these look great.

They’re sleek and minimal, and extremely lightweight and the one-piece upper made from eucalyptus feels strong but soft. They look and feel similar to a knit upper you’d find on most modern running shoes, and no corners cut in terms of durability.

Tree Dasher from above

The only piece of extra packaging included is a small piece of recycled cardboard to help the shoes hold their shape during postage. You could also keep them handy to ensure your running shoes hold their shape.

Tree Dasher with or without socks

Tree Dasher sizing, fit and feel

When you put the Tree Dashers on for the first time, you start to understand why the reviews for these shoes are so good.

They fit true-to-size and offer half-size options if you’re in-between sizes.

They’re comfortable from the moment you first put them, and dont need any breaking in. The sole feels bouncy, but stable and supportive.

Allbirds Tree Dasher from above

One thing worth noting is that the heel cup felt like it sat relatively low on the foot, which meant that these had to be tied relatively tightly compared to my usual running shoes (Brooks Adrenalines). That said, after a few miles, that was unnoticeable.

The midsole is made from Allbirds’ proprietary SweetFoam™, which is compromised of sugarcane. It’s also the world’s very first carbon negative green EVA — part of what gives these runners their sustainability credentials.

The Tree Dashers are comfortable with or without socks, so that comes down to personal preference. I wear them with socks.

How sustainable are the Allbirds Tree Dashers?

Allbirds Tree Dasher from the front

If you’re looking at the Tree Dashers, there’s a high chance it’s because they’re some of the most sustainable running shoes around.

Overall: The Tree Dashers are completely carbon negative as Allbirds offset the 9.0 kg CO2e emitted during the production process.

The insole: Made of castor bean, it’s a sustainable alternative to typical petroleum-based foam insoles found in most popular running shoes.

The midsole: The midsole is made of sugar cane, transformed into a bouncy, supportive, and carbon negative EVA.

Uppers: The lightweight, breathable one-piece uppers are made of FSC-Certified eucalyptus trees. The lace eyelets are made of bio-nylon.

Overall, these are a great option if you’re in the market for a sustainable everyday running shoe. They do include a ZQ Merino padding on the heel cup, so theyre not a vegan shoe.

What makes the Tree Dasher good for running?

Allbirds Tree Dasher style

The Tree Dashers have a bouncy and supportive sole. As you can see, the heel and sole is relatively wide, which means you have a nice stable base.

The knit upper is breathable and comfortable.

After testing them for a few weeks, it’s clear that they’re a solid running shoe. They’re a comfortable and sturdy everyday running shoe.

The sole also has natural rubber traction pads on the base so it doesn’t feel like you’re going to slip, even if it’s been raining a little. That said, these aren’t wet-weather running shoes, and if that’s what you’re after, Allbirds has a weather-resistant alterative to the Tree Dashers in the Wool Dasher Mizzles.

Pictured with Patagonia Endless Run leggings

Other frequently asked questions

Where can you buy Allbirds Tree Dashers?

The best place to buy your Tree Dashers is on the Allbirds website. Click here to see them on

How do you clean Allbirds Tree Dashers?

Read our complete Allbirds cleaning guide here. First, remove the insoles and pull out the laces. Put your Tree Dashers into a delicates bag, and put them in the washing machine on a cold cycle. Let them air dry, and they’ll go back to their original shape and style.

Can you actually run in Allbirds?

You can run in the Tree Dashers, Wool Dasher Mizzles, or Wool Dasher Mizzles – Mid.

Are Allbirds Tree Dashers waterproof?

The Tree Dashers aren’t waterproof. But, they work well for fair-weather running. If you expect to be running in the rain, you can choose the Wool Dasher Mizzles, or Wool Dasher Mizzles – Mid, which follow the same design as the Tree Dashers, but with weatherproof materials.

How do other Allbirds products compare?

We’ve reviewed a range of other Allbirds products, such as their Tree Pipers, Camp shirt, and TrinoXO T-shirt, to see how they compare, check them out!

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