Allbirds Camp Shirt and Shorts Review (2021)

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An Honest Look at the Allbirds Camp Shirt and Short Set

Allbirds sustainable clothing Camp Shirt

As Allbirds launch their newest addition to their ever-popular apparel line, they sent us both the Camp Shirt and Camp Short set to review.

They didn’t ask us to say anything specific about the set, so all views here are our own.

We opted for the Camp Shirt in Dryad and the Camp Shorts in Natural White, both in size M.

The Verdict:

The Camp Shirt is well made with a relaxed, comfortable look. The buttons feel super secure like they won’t fall off after a few washes, and the stitching is excellent. So overall, the shirt looks and feels high-quality.

Style-wise, it’s versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. I can layer it over a vest or wear it buttoned up. When paired with the camp shorts, they compliment each other well, giving a relaxed summer look.

The Camp Shorts are super easy to pull on and go. They’re comfortable, move easily with the body, and don’t bunch up when wearing them.

The only downside so far is the Natural white shorts are slightly transparent when worn with darker underwear.

Apart from that, this set has no obvious drawbacks, and Allbirds have delivered with their sustainable, high-quality materials and attention to detail.

Allbirds camp shirt and short set
✔ Cool, breathable fabric, perfect for summer weather
✔ Sustainable and ethically made with natural materials
✔ Relaxed and easy fit
✔ Easy to wash and clean
✔ Can be dressed up or down
✔ Easily layer-able – style over a vest or T-shirt
❌ Shorts are slightly transparent, unable to wear dark underwear.

How Ethical is Allbirds?

Allbirds is a sustainable apparel brand producing sneakers, running shoes, and apparel.

They are a certified B Corporation, which means their company ethos and production processes meet high sustainability, ethics, and environmental performance standards.

They strive to use the best natural and renewable materials in their products, such as Hemp and Tencel.

What Fabric is the Camp Shirt and Short Made From?

Both items are made from a pretty cool blend of natural materials:

  • Hemp: a naturally breathable fabric, perfect for warm summer days. Hemp is a great sustainable alternative to cotton as it requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers to grow.
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell – this sustainable fabric is made from tree fibers, sourced from sustainable forests.
Allbirds camp shirt set in Dryad and Natural White

How Sustainable Is the Camp Shirt and Camp Short?

Carbon footprint

Despite the company’s size, Allbirds is carbon neutral. They offset the emissions required to produce their products by using natural materials and buying offsets.

Before offsetting the CO2, Allbirds measures the carbon footprint of each item:

  • Shirt: 7.4 kg CO2e
  • Shorts: 4.9 kg CO2e

Of course, any item of clothing you buy from even the most eco-friendly brands will always emit some amount of CO2e during the manufacturing process. We like how Allbirds are transparent about the amount of emissions created, and that they offset it.

How do you Clean the Camp Shirt and Shorts?

You can easily clean the shirt and short set on a 30°C machine wash. However, Allbirds recommend you don’t tumble dry or iron the garments.

We simply hung our Dryad shirt out to dry, and it dried with minimal creasing, so not being able to iron it hasn’t been a problem. If you have a clothes steamer, that will do the job.

Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts

The Camp shirt retails for $78 and the Camp short $58, so are they worth the price tag?

Overall, I would say yes. The shirt and shorts both compliment each other perfectly, and you can easily pair them with other items in your closet. Plus, you know that when you purchase items from Allbirds you buy from a sustainable company that is doing good for both people and the planet. You can get the look here.

The company also has a hassle-free returns policy so if you don’t like them, you’re not going to have to jump through hoops to get your money back.

I’m looking forward to wearing these throughout the summer, and this post will be updated over the next couple of months with updates on how the products are holding up.

Have any questions about either the camp shirt or shorts? Ask it in the comments and we’ll get back to you on it!

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