Allbirds Tree Piper Review: Should You Buy Them?

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The Verdict:

The Tree Pipers are a perfect minimalist sneaker for the warmer weather.

They’re made with sustainable materials, including natural eucalyptus, a sugarcane-based midsole, and a castor bean oil-based insole. You can wear them comfortably with or without socks, and the cushioned sole keeps your feet comfortable all day.

You can choose from a variety of colorways in men’s and women’s sizes.

✔ Lightweight and breathable, perfect for warm days
✔ Versatile design, can be dressed up or down
✔ Easy to wash and clean
✔ Supportive and cushioned sole keeping you comfy for hours
✔ Soft and supportive merino wool and sugar cane insole
✔ Made from innovative sustainable materials
❌ Inner materials are slightly warm if worn barefoot

An Honest Look at the Allbirds Tree Pipers

Tree Pipers unboxed

Firstly, it’s important to note that we were sent these sneakers by Allbirds. But, they didn’t ask for us to write anything positive, or mention any specifics.

In this review, we’ll cover our first impressions of the shoes, answer commonly asked questions, and analyze how sustainable these shoes really are.

Let’s jump straight into the review.

How Ethical are Allbirds?

We like Allbirds’ ethos. Their products are always high-quality — meaning you can buy less, and wear each item more. We’ve tested their Tree Dashers and the TrinoXO Tee in the past, and have been impressed with both.

As well as that, the brand consistently uses eco-friendly materials in all of their products, and they’re continuing that trend with the choice of materials in the Tree Pipers.

Allbirds is transparent about the emissions their products create, which is a good step towards sustainability.

And, they’re a certified B Corporation. That means they’ve been audited (and can be audited at any moment) for transparency, sustainability, worker treatment, governance, and more.

How Sustainable are the Allbirds Tree Pipers?

Allbirds sustainability

Allbirds is a B Corp, which means they’re already far above the average company in how they approach sustainability and transparency.

The Tree Pipers are created with a variety of interesting and innovative sustainable materials. Here are the highlights:

  • Eucalyptus fiber knit from FSC Certified Forests
  • Sugarcane midsole, the world’s first carbon negative and green EVA
  • Castor bean oil and ZQ Merino wool insole as an alternative to petroleum-based foam

The Tree Piper emits 7.5kh CO2e during the production process, and Allbirds offset that with carbon credits. If you remove the insole, you can see the CO2e tag showing this.

Overall, the Tree Pipers (or any other Allbirds shoe) are a great option if you’re on the lookout for a sustainable sneaker.

Wool Piper vs. Tree Piper: What’s The Difference?

Allbirds Tree Dashers worn

The first key difference is the materials used. Allbirds’ popular Wool Piper range are made with merino wool. The Tree Pipers are made with eucalyptus tree fiber (sourced from FSC® Certified forests).

The material is cooler and slightly more breathable than the Wool Pipers, making the Tree Pipers a better shoe for the warmer months.

Aside from the material used for the body of the shoe, the Wool Pipers and Tree Pipers are identical.

How comfortable are the Tree Pipers?

Allbirds Tree Pipers on foot

The soles — as is usually the case with Allbirds’ shoes — is very comfortable. There’s good cushioning and you feel adequately supported. Keep in mind that these are casual shoes, not made for sport, so there are still limitations.

The insole is made of Allbirds’ signature merino wool. It’s super soft, but it’s worth noting that on a hot day, the wool insole can be a little warm, especially if you’re wearing the shoes barefoot. But, the insoles are removable, so you could easily switch them out with a cooler material, such as a cork insole, which would keep your feet cooler in the summer. Apart from that, there’s not much to improve on the comfort front!

When I first started wearing them, there was light rubbing on the heel, but after a couple of days, the heel area had softened up nicely.

How long will the Tree Pipers last?

I’ve owned the Tree Pipers for around three weeks now and worn them pretty much everyday. So far, there have been no issues. The build quality is solid, the materials feel good, and when they eventually get dirty, I can throw them in the washer.

As the sole is white, you can expect some scuffs here and there, but most do come off with a wipe down.

How do you clean Tree Pipers?

To wash the Tree Pipers, first, remove the insoles and laces. Then, put them in a delicates bag and wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water. You can handwash the insoles and laces if needed.

Let the shoes air dry, and they’ll be clean and ready to go in no time.

Read our complete guide to washing Allbirds, here.

Are Tree Pipers worth the price tag?

The Tree Pipers cost $95, which is in line with Allbirds’ other products. So far, our verdict is that they’re worth the price if you’re looking for a versatile and comfortable summer shoe.

If you wear them regularly, they will wear out, like any other shoe, but in general, Allbirds shoes are high quality. The Tree Dashers (a running shoe) that we tested are holding up well six months later, with regular use.

If you want to learn more about the Tree Pipers, you can check them out on the Allbirds website.

Click here to see the women’s Tree Pipers, and here to shop the men’s Tree Pipers.

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