17 Best Sustainable Mens Clothing Brands for 2023

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Are you struggling to find stylish ethical and sustainable mens clothing made from high-quality materials? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve researched the best sustainable clothing brands, to bring you a complete list of the world’s best fashion brands, bringing you stylish and sustainable mens clothing.

Whether you’re looking for workwear, or casual wear, you’re sure to find it from the brands featured in this list.

Don’t have time to read the full article? Check out our Editors top picks below.

Best For Casual Mens ClothingPact

Best For Mens Outdoor WearPatagonia

Best for Made in the USA menswear – American Trench

Best Men’s Sneakers – Allbirds

Let’s jump in.

1. Pact

Pact sustainable and organic mens clothing featuring blue shirt

Sustainability: Men’s organic cotton loungewear, produced in Fair Trade environments.

Best for: Men’s organic joggers, men’s hoodies, men’s sweatshirts

Sizes: S-XXXL

Ecothes Rating: 4.2/5

Pact is an affordable, sustainable clothing brand that ethically creates minimal men’s clothing from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Pact specializes in men’s organic cotton hoodies and loungewear, perfect for all-day comfort.

Pact partners with Fair Trade suppliers and factories to ensure its clothes are produced ethically by people paid a fair wage and have access to safe working conditions and support.

Pact pink hoodie

2. American Trench

American Trench made in the USA sustainable mens clothing

Sustainability: Made in the USA, sustainable men’s clothing

Best for: Outerwear, sweaters, t-shirts

Sizes: S-XXL

American Trench should be on your radar if you’re looking for high-quality, sustainable menswear. The Pennsylvania-based sustainable menswear brand focuses on creating on-trend sustainable clothing made in the USA.

The company started making classic trench coats and has not expanded to include stylish menswear, including t-shirts, sweaters, vests, fleeces, and more.

American Trench ethical sustainable menswear

3. Outerknown

Outerknown men's sustainable clothing brand featured image is a man in forest wearing pink button up shirt

Sustainability: Sustainable menswear created ethically, each product carried the Fair Labor Association accreditation. Outerknown is working towards a circular supply chain production model.

Best for: Men’s shirts, sweaters, denim jeans.

Sizes: S-XXL

Sustainable mens clothing brand Outerknown, founded by professional surfer Kelly Slater, designs stylish, sophisticated, and relaxed menswear, proving you don’t have to compromise between sustainability and style.

Outerknowns best-selling blanket skirt should be the staple of every eco-conscious modern mans’ wardrobe.

Outerknown’s S.E.A. jeans are responsible denim done well. They’re made at the world’s cleanest denim facility, using less water and fewer chemicals than regular jean production. In addition, every pair of S.E.A. jeans are guaranteed for life. In addition, to ensure S.E.A. jeans are kept out of landfills, Outerknown will repair, replace or recycle them.

Outerknown men's sustainable clothing brand featured image is a man leaning againsty a white truck wearing flannel button up shirt and jeans

4. Toad & Co

Toad and Co men's orange and red flannel shirt and orange chinos

Sustainability: Sustainable menswear from eco-friendly, and natural materials including Hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials.

Best for: Relaxed flannel shirts and men’s sweaters

Sizes: S-XXL

For relaxed weekend flannels and sustainable sweaters, check out Toad & Co. Toad & Co, a sustainable clothing brand that creates eco-friendly mens clothing from low-impact materials and fabrics, including Hemp, recycled wool, and organic cotton.

Toad & Co has specialized in creating sustainable clothing for over two decades; its organic men’s clothing is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability.

Toad and Co men's sustainable sweater in red

5. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak men's blue shirt made from recycled materials

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation creating ultra-cool sustainable mens clothing from eco-friendly fabrics.

Best for: Stylish men’s sweaters, men’s shirts, and jeans.

Sizes: XXS-XXL

Ecothes rating: 3.5/5

Revamp your eco-friendly wardrobe with stylish staples from sustainable menswear brand Frank and Oak.

This Canadian brand creates on-trend, ethical menswear from eco-friendly materials and sustainable production practices.

Frank and Oak’s responsible denim lab create responsible and sustainable denim jeans from natural dyes and organic cotton.

Frank and Oak men's flannel shirt made from sustainable materials

6. Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton fitted classic shirt

Sustainability: Ethical and sustainable mens clothing handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Best for: Well fitted work shirts, relaxed shirts, pants, and t-shirts made from biodegradable fabric

Sizes: S-2XL, slim and regular shirts available

Todd Shelton clothes are designed for people who care about how their clothes fit. This American designer creates timeless, classic shirts, jeans, pants, and t-shirts for the modern man.

Every item is hand-made to order in the U.S.A., sourced from biodegradable fabrics.

Todd Shelton offers at-home try-on services; they send you three different fits, so you can ensure you get the perfect fit and feel for you. The home try-on service is free, and Todd Shelton will set up a portal online to remember your fit details, making your shopping experience seamless every time.

Todd Shelton blue shirt

7. Patagonia

Patagonia sustainable tshirt

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation creating versatile and practical men’s clothing from recycled and sustainable materials.

Best for: Men’s Jackets, men’s fleeces, and outdoor wear

Sizes: XS-XXL

Patagonia is the original sustainable men’s clothing brand, and it has driven change in the industry since 1973. Patagonia creates practical, durable, and sustainable men’s clothing, designed to withstand life’s great adventures and last for many years.

As a certified B Corporation, Patagonia meets high ethical and environmental production standards. It balances the planet and profit to do better as a company, donating 1% of all profit to charity organizations.

Patagonia creates stylish and ethical men’s clothing from recycled materials and low-impact materials, including organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Ecothes Reviewed: “I’m happy with everything I’ve purchased from Patagonia – the clothes fit well, feel high-quality, are made from eco-conscious materials, and they’re durable. It’s also nice to support a company that actively gives back to good causes.” – Georges

Ecothes founder Georges in his Patagonia sustainable fleece

8. Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard recycled merino wool sweater in pink

Sustainability: Sustainable and ethical men’s clothing made from organic cotton and recycled materials.

Best for: Organic cotton oxford shirts, recycled merino wool sweaters, organic cotton t-shirts, and hoodies

Sizes: XS-XXL

Add a pop of color to your closet with Colorful Standard. This ethical clothing brand creates great everyday basics in a fantastic range of colors.

All of the dyes used to develop Colorful Standards various shades are all Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

We love the Colorful Standards organic cotton oxford shirt, which is available in over 20 different colors!

Colorful Standard oxford shirt made from organic cotton, featured here in blue

9. United By Blue

United by blue menswear featuring yellow shirt

Sustainability: Every purchase supports the removal of trash from oceans. Sustainable and ethical manufacturing, Certified B Corporation.

Best for: Relaxed and casual shirts and bottoms

Sizes: S-XL

Want to look good but at the same time protect our oceans; that’s what you can do with sustainable fashion brand United By Blue. Every product purchased from U.B.B. supports the removal of 1 lb of trash from our oceans. So far, they have removed over 3 million lbs of trash pollution from oceans.

United By Blues men’s clothing is sophisticated yet relaxed and can easily complement your wardrobe. Think responsible flannels, recycled sweaters, and cozy jackets, perfect for sitting by the campfire and relaxing with friends.

United by blue sustainable mens sweater

10. Neem London

Sustainability: The sustainable and circular menswear brand uses recycled materials and natural fabrics, including ZQ merino wool.

Best for: Casual yet tailored looks

Sizes: XS-XL

London-based sustainable menswear brand Neem is changing the way men’s clothing for the better. The brand creates tailored yet relaxed looks, comfortable for those WFH days, sophisticated enough for the office, and relaxed enough for a weekend.

The brand consciously curates its products with sustainability at its core. The result is a transparent supply chain, use of sustainable and recycled materials, and high-quality products that last year after year.

The Neem brand has carefully considered all aspects of its supply chain and has introduced a circular model where clothing can be worn, returned, and recycled with Neem.

We caught up with Neem London founder Nick, to discuss his brand, check out the interview.

11. Nudie Jeans

Nudie jeans denim jacket and denim jeans

Sustainability: High-quality denim jeans created with 100% organic cotton.

Best for: Denim Jeans and Denim Jackets

Sizes: W26-W38, L28-L36

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish denim brand, creating high-quality denim jeans from organic cotton. You can find all styles of jeans, including unwashed, tight, slim, regular, and loose-fitting jeans, in various colors.

They offer a free repair service with every pair of jeans purchased. So whether you got your jeans last year or last decade, Nudie Jeans will patch them up free of charge. The repair service is excellent as it reduces the need to purchase or replace multiple pairs of jeans, reducing unnecessary consumption.

Nudie jeans denim jeans and t shirt

12. Tentree

Tentree sustainable mens clothing t shirt with llama motif

Sustainability: Every item purchased = ten trees planted—sustainable men’s clothing made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel, and Hemp.

Best for: Sweatshirts, hoodies, men’s joggers, and t-shirts

Sizes: S-XXL

Ecothes rating: 4/5

If you want stylish ethical menswear that also protects the Amazon rainforest, check out Tentree, a sustainable men’s clothing brand that plants ten trees for every item purchased.

Tentree has planted over 67 million trees so far and is on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

Tentree creates men’s basics from eco-friendly materials. It has a good selection of organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, along with comfortable men’s joggers.

Tentree sustainable mens clothing white t shirt and joggers

13. Tellason

Tellason American denim

Sustainability: Raw Denim made in the U.S.A.

Best for: Raw denim Jeans, denim shirts, and denim Jackets.

Sizes: S-XXXL

For high-quality, American-made denim, check out Tellason. This San Fransico-based men’s clothing brand creates premium raw selvage denim jeans, shirts, and jackets.

Founded in 2008, Tellason has gone from strength to strength, and they’re committed to maintaining their California-based production.

Tellason’s denim jeans and jackets get 5-star reviews from customers who rave about the quality and craftsmanship of Tellasons products.

14. Prana

prAna ethical mens clothing green and orange flannel shirt

Sustainability: Fair Labor Association accredited brand creating sustainable men’s clothing from low-impact and recycled materials.

Best for: Practical and durable outdoor and casual wear

Sizes: XS-XXL

Since its founding in 1992, prAna has created sustainable fashion for thrill-seekers and those who live active lifestyles. It has an impressive timeline of positive sustainability initiatives the company has implemented over the past three decades; this includes becoming a Fair Labor Association accredited brand and ensuring no virgin rayon, nylon, or polyester is used in its products.

prAna has a great product range for men, with practical and sustainable clothes made from eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton and Hemp.

prAna ethical mens clothing technical trousers

15. Wills Vegan Store

Wills Vegan Store grey sweater vegan and sustainable mens clothing

Sustainability: Vegan men’s clothing is created ethically from sustainable materials.

Best for: Vegan clothing, Vegan leather jackets

Sizes: S-XL

If you’re looking for sustainable men’s clothing that’s also cruelty-free and vegan, Wills Vegan Store is the shop for you. You can expect high-quality vegan leather jackets and cardigans, and sweaters made from recycled materials.

This London-based store created all its products ethically in Italy and Portugal, from bio-based vegan leather and sustainable materials.

Wills Vegan Store vegan leather jacket

16. Kotn

Kotn sustainable mens clothing orange pullover

Sustainability: Certified B corporation creating ethical men’s clothing from eco-friendly materials.

Best for: Minimal men’s clothes, sweaters, and t-shirts

Sizes: XS-XXL

Ecothes rating: 4/5

Sustainable and ethical fashion brand Kotn promotes us to buy less and enjoy items longer. It creates high-quality yet minimal garments from biodegradable and natural fibers. Each piece of clothing is made ethically from responsibly sourced materials.

As a certified B Corporation, every purchase directly supports the lives of their cotton farmers and children. So far, Kotn has funded ten schools, partnered with over two thousand farms, and supported over one hundred thousand people in rural Eygpt.

Kotn striped shirt sustainable mens clothing

17. Happy Earth

Happy Earth ethical mens clothing

Sustainability: Carbon-neural, Certified B Corp, GOTS-certified, 1% for the planet, trees planted for every order

Best for: Men’s organic shirts, men’s sweatshirts

Sizes: XS-3XL

Happy Earth is an excellent choice for sustainable and ethical menswear. The brand is committed to sourcing eco-friendly and ethical fabrics like GOTS-certified cotton and TENCEL to reduce their impact on people and the planet. In addition, happy Earth creates versatile pieces like cozy blanket shirts and cool tees that are ready for all of life’s adventures.

Plus, with every Happy Earth order, you can support environmentally friendly initiatives like tree planting, trash removal, and Greenhouse gas removal.

Happy Earth ethical mens clothing

Sustainable clothing is designed and manufactured to minimize its impact on the environment. Sustainable fashion is different from conventional clothing because it reduces the number of resources used and produces less pollution during production. Sustainable clothing should also be high-quality and focus on the longevity of the clothing.

Eco-friendly clothing is often made from recycled or natural materials, such as organic cotton, wool, bamboo, and hemp. It is also often made using production techniques that use less energy and cause less waste.

Unfortunately, workers across the fashion industry are often exploited, working long hours with little pay. Sustainable clothing should also be produced ethically, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for those involved in the production process.

Researching the company’s practices is one of the best ways to determine if a fashion brand is sustainable. Many companies have a website sustainability page outlining their commitment to producing sustainable clothing.

Look for transparent information about their use of natural, organic, or recycled materials and their commitment to ethical manufacturing processes. If a brand is being shady about where it’s clothing is produced, that’s a big red flag the brand isn’t sustainable.

Another great way to check if a brand is ethical or sustainable is to look for certifications to ensure their claims are valid. Certification such as:

  • GOTS-organic certification proves that their material is organic.
  • WRAP, Fair Trade, and Fair Wear – These certifications show that factories ensure safe working conditions.
  • Oeko-tex – A certificate that ensures clothing doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

Additionally, it is essential to look at the quality of the clothes – fast fashion is a massive problem because brands are notorious for creating low-quality clothing you’ll need to throw out after the first wear. Discarding clothes because they’re poor quality is causing a huge textile waste problem. Instead, choose high-quality pieces, and check reviews.

We hope you enjoyed the article, and have now found you’re next go-to sustainable men’s clothing brand.

If you have any recommendations you think we should check out, leave us a comment below.

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