Is Tentree Ethical? Brand Analysis + Brands Like Tentree

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is a Canadian clothing brand founded in 2011 by Kalen Emsley and David Luba. While Kelen was working as a tree planter in Hawaii, David visited, and the two friends became inspired to start a fashion brand that gave back to the planet.

Over a decade later, Tentree is now a household name in the sustainable fashion industry, creating women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing. In addition, the brand is well known for its tree planting, planting ten trees for every item sold and planting over fifty million trees so far.

But while Tentree is advocating for the planet, we want to know if the same care is given to the workers in its supply chain; that’s why we’re asking the question Is Tentree Ethical?

Join us as we discuss where Tentree’s clothes are made, what materials the brand uses, and whether the brand is using fair and ethical production.

Ecothes Opinion: Is Tentree Ethical?

IS Tentree ethical?
Overall we rate Tentree a 4.5/5 and consider it a brand we would support.
What We LikedWhat we Didn’t Like
✔ The brand is transparent about its suppliers.❌ Some of Tentree’s suppliers have yet to be audited against their code of conduct.
✔ Tentree is carbon neutral and gives full transparency around carbon emissions.❌ We’d like to see the brand implement a recycling scheme to encourage customers to recycle their old clothes.
✔ The use of sustainable materials.
✔ The brand’s commitment to reforestation.

Is Tentree Fast Fashion?

No, we would not consider Tentree a fast fashion brand. The brand creates limited collections that aren’t based on rapidly changing trends. Tentree clothes also receive excellent reviews for quality, meaning their clothes will last and not fall apart like many fast fashion brands’ clothing.

What Materials Does Tentree Use?

Tentree mainly uses sustainable materials in its collections. The brand mainly uses a combination of the following materials:

TencelTencel is a brand of lyocell and modal fibers created through an environmentally friendly process from sustainably sourced, natural wood. Tencel is a sustainable alternative to nylon, cotton, or rayon because its created in a closed-loop process where water and solvents are recycled.

Organic CottonOrganic cotton is favored over conventional cotton because it’s grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals that pose a risk to human health and the biodiversity around cotton farms. In addition, organic cotton requires less water to grow and process, making it a more eco-friendly material.

Recycled PolyesterRecycled polyester takes existing plastic and transforms it into new rPET fibers. While recycled polyester isn’t biodegradable, it is more beneficial than virgin polyester because it reduces the reliance on crude oil and diverts plastic from landfills and marine environments.

HempHemp is a great sustainable material; it’s fast-growing, replenishes the soil, and can be grown with little irrigation and without harmful pesticides. Plus, Hemp is a strong, durable fiber and naturally anti-microbial.

Is Tentree Carbon Neutral?

Yes, Tentree is climate-neutral certified, meaning it offsets all of the carbon emissions in its supply chain.

Annually, the brand emits 14,311 tCO2e across its scope 1, 2, and 3 supply chains. However, every year, the brand offsets the equivalent (14,311 tCO2e) through carbon-reducing initiatives like projects that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and instead increase renewables like solar power.

Along with being carbon neutral, Tentree publishes a goal of reducing emissions across its production processes and includes updated progress towards these goals.

Is Tentree Ethical?

Yes, we would consider Tentree an ethical brand. The brand is a certified B corp, ensuring it meets strict social and environmental standards.

The company has a code of conduct based on International Labour Organization standards. The code states that suppliers must not use any forced or child labor and that workers must have safe working environments with no excessive hours worked.

The brand also specifies that suppliers must pay a living wage and equal pay to workers; however, we don’t know whether this is followed across its supply chain.

Along with having a detailed and transparent code of conduct, Tentree is transparent about where its clothing is made. The brand partners with some factories with certifications such as WRAP, SA8000: Auditing Standard and Certification from SAI (Social Accountability International), Fair Trade, and Fair Wear, but not all of its partners are certified.

Where are Tentree’s Clothes Made?

We often discuss how much information a brand shares as being one of the biggest indicators of whether a brand is ethical – we refer to this sharing of information as brand transparency.

Tentree publishes an accessible list of all its suppliers, including whether they have been audited or carry any certifications.

Tentree manufactures mainly in China, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

One point we noticed when looking through all of Tentree’s suppliers was that not all factories have been audited or visited by Tentree.

Is Tentree Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

No, Tentree is not a vegan brand, as it uses some wool in its products. The brand doesn’t use fur, leather, or exotic skins in its collections.

Does Tentree Have A Clothing Recycling Program?

Unfortunately, Tentree doesn’t have an active clothing recycling scheme at present. However, we hope this is something the brand would look towards implementing in the future.

Sustainable Brands Like Tentree

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1. Pact

Pact clothing ethical brands like Tentree

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PAct ethical clothing


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4. For Days

For Days Ethical Tank

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For days mens organic cotton long sleeve t shirt

Wrapping Up: Is Tentree Ethical?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our brand analysis. Make sure you check out our analysis of other brands like J. Crew, Reformation, Girlfriend Collective, and Cider.


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