5 Sustainable Fashion Brands from Nashville (2022)

Nashville is a hotspot for sustainable fashion brands.

Something about it this city has led to a surge of ethical brands popping up, making beautifully designed clothes, shoes, and accessories.

We’ve put together this list to showcase 5 of our favorite Nashville-based brands making their products in a conscious way.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the brands.

1. Nisolo

Sustainability: Certified B Corp, artisan-made shoes, beyond fair trade wages, transparent production practices, carbon offset initiative with Ecosphere+

What they make: Womenswear

Pricing: $$ – $$$

Nisolo nashville shoes

Nisolo makes a beautiful range of sustainable leather footwear. They run a variety of initiatives to ensure their products are ethically made.

For example, all of their producers receive above fair-trade wages, healthcare, and operate in a clean and safe work environment.

They don’t sell through any middlemen to ensure the products aren’t marked up either.

Nisolo has also partnered with Soles4Souls. You can send them your used shoes which will be given to people who need them around the planet.

For every product that Nisolo sells, a contribution is made to help protect forests in the Amazon. According to their website, they’ve protected 89,666 trees from being uprooted. This is done through a partnership with Ecosphere+.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality leather goods in Nashville, Nisolo could be for you!

Shop Nisolo


Sustainability: Ending generational poverty by providing economic opportunity for women.

What they make: Womenswear

Pricing: $$ – $$$

Able Nashville sustainable brand

ABLE is a socially conscious fashion brand dedicated to creating sustainable business opportunities for women to promote economic change.

They are on a mission to end generational poverty by helping people provide for themselves. To do this, they manufacture their goods within the communities they help to provide jobs and boost the local economy. To provide accountability they also publish the wages that their workers earn.

ABLE makes a range of accessories such as bags and wallets, have their own range of shoes, as well as clothes. If you’re in Nashville, we definitely recommend checking out their flagship store in the Nation’s neighborhood.

Shop Able

3. Elizabeth Suzann

Sustainability: Everything made in the USA, uses of sustainable and natural fibers

What they make: Womenswear, Accessories

Pricing: $$$

Elizabeth Suzann Nashville Sustainable Brand

Elizabeth Suzann is a popular Nashville-based sustainable clothing brand. Everything they make is cut and sewn in Nashville, and they use all-natural and sustainable materials.

Their designs are simple, stylish, and timeless. This encourages their customers to wear their clothes year after year, as they never go out of style.

They don’t have a physical store, but you can visit their design studio in Nashville and they host events throughout the year.

Shop Elizabeth Suzann

4. Han Starnes

Sustainability: Small batch production

What they make: Womenswear

Pricing: $$$

Han Starnes Nashville Sustainable knitwear Brand

Han Starnes is a knitwear label based in Nashville.

Since 2013 they’ve been based in Nashville and making beautifully designed and carefully crafted knitwear.

Their collection started as a range of accessories, and they now stock a range of womenswear.

Han Starnes’ collections are limited in supply and they focus on fall/winter clothes rather than spring/summer.

Shop Han Starnes

5. Annie Williams

Sustainability: Small batches, vintage leather

What they make: Womenswear

Pricing: $$$$

Annie Williams Nashville Sustainable bag Brand

Annie Williams is a leather bag company based in Buena Vista, Nashville.

All of the leather they used is from vintage sources and the famed Horween tannery, to ensure their sourcing is sustainable.

All of the bags are created in small batches in their Nashville studio. They create small batches and are often sold out, so it’s worth following them on social media to stay updated.

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Recap – Best Sustainable Brands from Nashville, TN

So, if you’re in Nashville and looking to shop from a sustainable clothing brand you’re clearly not short of options.

All of these brands are creating ethically produced, and beautifully designed clothes, footwear, and accessories.

If you know any other Nashville based brands that deserve am mention in this article, let us know in the comments below!

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