An Honest Look at Organics Basics: Organic T-shirt and Boxers Review

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An Honest Look at Organic Basics

We were invited to test out items from the Organic Basics menswear range. The team at Organic Basics didn’t ask us to write anything specific.

We chose the Organic Cotton Tee in Ocher Stripe, and the Organic Cotton boxer pair in navy.

These products were gifted, but all feedback is our own, and we haven’t been asked to say any specific pros or cons about the products.

Let’s take a look.

First Impressions and Unboxing Our Organic Basics Products

Organic Basics recyclable packaging

First of all, we were impressed with Organic basics packaging. The items were packed in small, minimalist recycled cardboard boxes, which can be easily recycled. It was refreshing to see that no plastic was used (there are still a wide variety of ‘sustainable’ brands that opt to package in plastic).

The details:

  • Uncoated, undyed and responsibly sourced FSC-Certified paper for their boxes.
  • FSC-Certified Recyclable cardboard.

Organic Basics FSC cardboard box fully recyclable

When it came to the products, there were a few things I noticed:

  • Materials: Both the tee and underwear felt great. Solid, high-quality, and soft.
  • No labels: rather than an itchy label, care details are printed directly onto the clothes.
  • Colors: the color of both the tee and underwear matched up well with the product photos online
Organic Basics close up organic T shirt in Ocre Stripe

Our Verdict on the Organic Basics Organic Cotton Tee

The tee we chose was the 100% Organic Cotton Tee. It’s made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and is PETA “vegan approved”. Here are the pros and cons we found with it.


  • Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. That means no harmful chemicals are used during the production process, and the people involved at every stage of the production process are treated fairly. The tee is very, very soft, but feels robust and like it’s going to last a long time.
  • Fit is True To Size. The sleeve length is very nice, slightly longer than your run-of-the-mill tee, but in a good way. It also sits relatively close to your arm and doesn’t flare out, which is nice.
  • Held it’s shape and feeling after being washed 3-4 times (make sure you stick to the care instructions on the tee).


  • Cost is obviously a factor here. The tee costs $70, which is on the higher end. As we mentioned above, I didn’t pay for this myself, as it was gifted. To bring the cost down, you can buy it in a 3-pack, and if the tee holds up well, I can definitely see myself going that option, rather than buying them individually.
Organic Basics organic T-shirt in Ocre Stripe size S

Our Verdict on the Organic Basics Boxers

Organic Basics organic cotton boxers

I chose the Organic Cotton Boxers 2-pack. You get two pairs of identical boxers for $55.


  • The boxers are made with 95% GOTS organic cotton, and 5% elastene. The elastene keeps them in place on your leg, and they hug your legs and waist securely, but not too tightly.
  • No labels. There are no annoying, scratchy labels on the boxers. Instead, the details are printed directly onto the material.
  • Hold up well in the wash


  • Honestly, there’s no real downsides to these. Of course, the price is slightly higher than underwear from a non-sustainable brand, but, the quality is noticeably better than most others I’ve tried.

How Ethical is Organic Basics as a Brand?

Certified B Corporation logo

Organic Basics is a Certified B Corporation, which is an excellent start. That means they’ve been audited by a third-party on a range of important business areas, such as how environmentally friendly their business practices are, how they treat their workers, how transparent they are, and much more.

Organic Basics work with certified factory partners who follow the same strict ethical and environmental standards. They’re transparent about which factories they work with, and where their products are made.

Their partner factories guarantee no child or forced labor is used, and all employees have a safe working environment and are paid a living wage.

They also stick to organic and sustainable materials, which we love to see. You can discover more on their sustainability page here.

Organic Basics are an excellent model for other apparel brands.

Wrapping Up: Organic Basics Review

Overall, I was very impressed with both of the products I received to test out.

You never quite know how products will hold up before you test them, even if the brand has a good reputation, and I’m happy to say that Organic Basics do live up to their promises. I can definitely see myself purchasing more wardrobe staples from them in the future, when I need some.

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