10 Best Vegan Chelsea Boots For Women & Men [2024]

Are you looking for the best vegan Chelsea boots to add to your seasonal capsule wardrobe? We’ve narrowed down some fantastic vegan leather Chelsea boots for your weather-appropriate style upgrade below.

Despite the allure of constantly-rotating and micro trends that keep flooding our social media feeds all year long, there’s nothing quite like a classic pair of boots to fall back on. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The versatile, easy-to-wear, and inherently cool vegan Chelsea boots only get better with age and will get you through even the roughest of scenarios. Exploring a new city? Easy. Going on a spontaneous dinner after a long day at the office? Not a worry in the world. Let’s not sugar coat it: vegan leather Chelsea boots will forever be the most reliable footwear choice.

Some sustainable fashion aficionados might gravitate toward edgy combat styles, while others prefer lug-sole options to take their ensemble to new heights (both figuratively and literally). Then, there are vegan platform Chelsea boots perfect for weekend brunch with pals on rainy days. No matter your preferences, you’ll definitely find your new shoe mate in today’s roundup of the best vegan Chelsea boots of 2023, below.

To put it simply, vegan Chelsea boots are made of non-animal materials such as pineapple or apple leather, microfibers, recycled polyester, etc. These vegan alternatives are equally durable, breathable, and stylish, but unlike their real leather counterparts, they don’t harm the animals. 

Vegan leather is not just plastic. In 2023, there’s an array of eco-friendly materials to choose from when looking for the best vegan leather Chelsea boots. It can be produced using artificial and plant-based materials. PVC and polyurethane are both petroleum-based options that can cause significant waste. The most non-plastic leather options are apple leather, cacti, pineapple leaves, mycelium, Piñatex, and recycled rubber.

Yes, vegan boots are extremely durable, breathable, and surprisingly comfortable. Vegan leather performs just like real leather, which means it molds to the shape of your feet over time. PVC-based leather, on the other hand, isn’t breathable – that’s why it would be best to consider opting for sustainable women’s vegan Chelsea boots.

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1. Bhava

Bhava Vegan chelsea boots black

Best For: Comfortable Chelsea Boots For Men & Women

Materials: Recycled Microfiber, Organic Cotton & Cork Insoles

Ships to: Worldwide

Bhava is the mecca for boots that are equal parts stylish and kind to the animals – and the environment.

The NY-based company uses premium-quality, Italian vegan leather to create classic styles that perfectly combine a sole similar to combat boots with a Chelsea boot upper. No formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates, or aromatics. All vegan leather Chelsea boots are equipped with removable, comfortable cork insoles. What’s more, you’ll receive an extra pair of organic cotton-lined insoles to keep you warm and cozy throughout winter.

Bhava also offers an eco-friendly shoe care kit to help you keep your favorite vegan Chelsea boots in tip-top shape.

Bhava vegan leather chelsea boots

2. Nae

Nae vegan platform chelsea boots

Best For: Lug Sole Chelsea Boots 

Materials: Pinatex, GOTS-certified organic cotton lining, EVA footbeds, cork, recycled PET

Ships To: Worldwide

The Portuguese footwear brand Nae (No Animal Exploitation) makes a case for sustainable pineapple leather – and we are here for it!

If you are looking for Vegan leather Chelsea boots with a trend-driven silhouette, this one’s for you.

Their pairs are enhanced with chunky lug soles and a comfy elastic side panel that offers flexible fastening. Moreover, these vegan platforms Chelsea boots feature a moisture-wicking footbed padded with EVA to provide arch support. To keep transport emissions low, all materials are sourced from the European market, except Piñatex, which is imported from the Philippines.

To top it all off, every pair is made with a CO2-free manufacturing system under ethical working conditions in Portugal.

Nae black vegan chelsea boots

3. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Good Guys vegan suede chelsea boots

Best For: Classic And Platform Chelsea Boots

Materials: Microfiber Upper, Corn And V-Label Lining, Rubber Sole

Ships To: Worldwide

Your hunt for the best Vegan leather Chelsea boots with a sense of je ne sais quoi ends here.

The Parisian footwear brand Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather specialize in infinitely cool, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly vegan boots in both neutral and look-at-me-now hues made ethically in Italy, Sweden, and Portugal.

We absolutely adore their wide range of Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class certified vegan leather Chelsea boots because they are the perfect sustainable dupe for your favorite Dr. Martens. Ideal for travelers and city-dwellers, you can find both classic styles and Vegan platform Chelsea boots for an extra edge.

Also available to shop at Immaculate Vegan.

Goot Guys black vegan chelsea boots

4. Alohas

Alohas vegan boots

Best For: Vegan Leather Stompers & 90s-Inspired Slim Ankle Boots

Materials: Polyurethane And Polyester/Cotton

Ships To: Worldwide

Aside from the array of sustainable sandals and warm-weather-ready ethical footwear, Alohas also offers a wide range of winter boots –including women’s vegan Chelsea boots made from plant-based and recycled leather. 

Designed for street style aficionados who appreciate silhouettes with a trend-driven edge, Alohas vegan leather Chelsea boots come with a reinforced rounded toe and ultra-chunky rubber soles that will have you feeling like you are bouncing on the moon.

While you are at it, don’t forget to have a look at their 90s-inspired slim ankle boots as well. As they say, ethical boots are made for walking. That’s precisely why they focus on the on-demand production model to eliminate any waste and save as many natural resources as possible. 

Alohas vegan boots

5. Wills Vegan Store

Best for: Insulated Waterproof Chelsea Boots 

Materials: PETA-APPROVED, Certified Carbon-Neutral Eco-Certified Microfibre Material, Recycled Rubber & Vegetable Oil

Ships To: Worldwide

Granted, Wills Vegan Store needs no introduction. But in case you haven’t heard of this O.G brand, this sustainable footwear brand offers ethically-made, premium quality, and vegan Chelsea boots on repeat.

Every pair of waterproof vegan leather Chelsea boots is made under fair and healthy working conditions in Tuscany, Italy, and Portugal.

In addition to being free of phthalates, PFCs, nanotechnology, and APEOs, the company uses OEKO-Tex 100 certified vegan leather made from natural and recyclable ingredients such as bio-oil from organic cereal crops and viscose. What’s more, Wills Vegan Store boots feature recycled rubber insoles and are also certified carbon-neutral.

Wills brown boots

6. Minuit sur Terre

Minuit Sur Terre faux suede ankle boots

Best for: Classic Vegan Leather Chelsea Boots, Including Suede

Materials: PETA Approved Grape And Apple Vegan Leather, Corn Oil Fibers, And Recycled Plastic Bottles,

Ships To: Worldwide

Sure, finding the ideal pair of high-quality, waterproof vegan Chelsea boots can be a Herculean task, but Minuit sur Terre’s collection ticks all of our ethical and sartorial boxes. These cruelty-free leather and suede Chelsea boots are all Oeko-Tex 100 certified and PETA-approved vegan. Honestly, you’d never guess that these pairs are made from largely plant-based and recycled materials such as grape and apple leathers, bio-based maize oil fibers, and recycled plastic bottles. In addition, if you compare it to other favorite fair trade and sustainable shoe brands, this one is very reasonably priced. You may also search in their “second-hand” section for even greater deals.

Minuit Sur Terre black boots

7. Vegetarian Shoes

Brown vegan suede chelsea boots from Vegetarian shoes

Best For: Durable, Water-Repellent Vegan Chelsea Boots

Materials: Water-Resistant Polyester Microfiber  

Ships To: Worldwide

Vegetarian Shoes, based in the United Kingdom, is one of the first, original vegan footwear manufacturers in the country, producing ethical vegan shoes since 1990. As a result, they currently provide the most extensive range of vegan boots for all situations, weather, and aesthetics.

Seriously, Vegetarian Shoes has it all, from these tough winter boots to steel-toe work boots and waterproof boots. We particularly love the brand’s As well as breathable and tough, vegan Chelsea boots that are equipped with extra thick, deep tread, translucent soles.

Vegetarian Shoes

8. Vegan Style

Vegan Style unisex boots

Best For: Unisex Vegan Leather Chelsea Boots 

Materials: PU, Biolatex, And Cork

Ships To: Worldwide

Vegan Style creates some of the greatest vegan leather Chelsea boots that are not just versatile and sleek but are also entirely produced in Brazil by expert artisans using only vegan materials.

The lining is made of breathable, antimicrobial, and anti-allergy, made in an eco, CO2-free manufacturing system. As for the insoles, they are made of soft biolatex and cork.

The entire line is centred on authentic classics with a wear-me-everywhere flair that’s perfect for pairing effortlessly with everything from jeans and casual wear to smart suits and trousers.

Vegan Style boots

9. Feel Grounds

Fell Grounds barefoot chelsea boot

Best for: Barefoot Chelsea Boots

Materials: Vegan PU leather (upper), TPE & TPU (sole), microsuede (inner lining), cork (exchangeable insole)

Ships To: Worldwide

Feel Grounds’ selection of vegan Chelsea boots for men and women is ideal for anyone looking for both comfort and style without sacrificing foot health.

Instead of using any type of extra cushioning, the brand focused on naturally shaped footwear to build strong and healthy feet. In other words, they unite barefoot functionality and timeless boot design.

Each pair features a flexible, zero-drop sole with grippy tread and an anatomically shaped toe box to respect the natural shape and function of your feet. In addition, the velvety microfiber lining and soft, water-resistant vegan leather are breathable, eco-friendly, and adaptable to any aesthetic.

Feel grounds barefoot boot

10. FAIR

Fair mens vegan chelsea boot

Best For: Breathable Chelsea Boots 

Materials: PVC-Free Italian Microfiber, Neolite Sole

Ships To: Worldwide

FAIR designs and manufactures cruelty-free and vegan boots ethically in Portugal under fair and safe working conditions using cutting-edge ecological materials. Plus, the silhouette can take you from the office to launch and afternoon drinks – which is exactly what our capsule wardrobe news is.

Vegan boots are available in a number of styles, including Brogue boots, Desert boots, and these Chelsea boots for men. The latter is made of Breathable and eco-friendly Italian microfiber with a CO2 free manufacturing system.

Fair mens vegan chelsea boot style

We hope you enjoyed the article, and have found the perfect pair of new boots.
If you’re looking for other styles, make sure you check out our guides on sustainable sandals, heels, and sustainable sneakers.

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