5 Ethical Alternatives to H&M to Refresh Your Wardrobe

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If you’re looking to remove yourself from the cycle of fast fashion and discover ethical, sustainable fashion, this article is for you.

H&M is the biggest fast fashion brand worldwide. Fast fashion is a major contributor to landfill waste, and creates a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Fast fashion also exploits workers throughout supply chains, with the majority of workers being paid 2-5x less than they need to live.

Sometimes we can feel limited in our abilities to make change, particularly if the problem is happening on the other side of the world. However, if you want to do your part to make a change, the first step is to stop buying from major fast fashion retailers like H&M.

Shopping sustainably and ethically doesn’t mean compromising on style. We’ve curated a selection of brands creating stylish, ethical, and high-quality clothes that are making a positive impact on both the planet and workers in their supply chains.

Here are the recommendations:

Our Favorite Ethical Alternatives to H&M

1. Organic Basics

Organic Basics ethical alternative to H&M

Sustainability: Ethical fashion using organic fabrics and working with ethical suppliers. PETA vegan approved.

At a glance: Great basics, Shirts, Demin, Dresses, Sweaters, underwear and activewear.

Price: $$

Organic Basics use a range of sustainable fabrics to produce their clothing, this includes Tencel, GOTS Organic cotton, Recycled cashmere and many more.

They only work with trusted, certified suppliers who share the same sustainable vision at they do. This means factories free of forced and child labour, and suppliers which are reducing their environmental impact.

They produce some great solid basics for your wardrobe, and are a perfect alternative to H&M for everyday wear.

One of our favorite product lines from Organic Basics is their circular denim collection, which uses no synthetic dyes, and your jeans can be recycled at the end of their life and stay in circulation. 

2. Vetta

Vetta alternative to H and M

Sustainability: Organic cotton, sustainable fabrics. 

At a glance: Capsule wardrobe collections, meaning less is more. Dresses, Blazers, trousers, Shirts.

Price: $$$

Made in the USA clothing brand Vetta create pieces which can form part of a capsule wardrobe. tTis means that they can be dressed up or down, and can be interchanged meaning you can buy less, but still have a versatile wardrobe fit for any occasion.

Vetta use sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL (made from sustainably harvested wood pulp), Organic cotton and deadstock fabrics.

You can shop individual items or whole capsule collections on their site. If you haven’t heard of a capsule wardrobe before, you can read our handy guide here

3. People Tree

People Tree sustainable alternative to H&M

Sustainability: World fair trade organisation. Sustainable fabrics. PETA vegan approved.

At a glance: Sustainable and ethical clothing. Chic prints and colourful fabrics also great basic staples for your wardrobe. 

Price: $$

Founded in 1991 by ethical fashion pioneer Safia Minney, People Tree has pushed the boundaries in sustainable clothing for 3 decades. They were the first company to be awarded world fair trade organization product label. Their sustainable manufacturing practices have secured them multiple awards, and they continue to strive for a fairer, more ethical fashion industry.

Their brand uses traditional hand made skills such as hand knitting and weaving in combination with sustainable materials such as TENCEL and organic cottons. They produce a range of easy wearing collections perfect for everyday wear.


KOTN sustainable alternative to H&M

Sustainability: World fair trade organisation. Sustainable fabrics. PETA vegan approved.

At a glance: Sustainable and ethical clothing. Chic prints and colourful fabrics also great basic staples for your wardrobe. 

Price: $ – $$

KOTN is another great alternative to H&M that has been producing conscious clothing since 2015. They work with ethical suppliers who ensure workers are paid a fairly and work in safe environments.

They use a range of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and are PETA Vegan approved.

Check them out for cool tees, loungewear and relaxed staples for your wardrobe.

We also looked at Kotn’s sustainability credentials more in-depth in this guide.

5. Pact

Pact alternative to H&M

Sustainability: Organic cotton, no toxic dyes or chemicals. Partnered with World Fair Trade Factories. Carbon offset shipping.

At a glance: Ethical clothing made from sustainable fabric. 

Price: $$

If you’re looking for easy casual looks for your wardrobe, Pact are a good choice. They produce their clothes with sustainable, organic fabrics and are also sweat-shop free.

They use 100% organic cotton which uses 91% less water than conventional cotton, making their pieces not only good quality, but more sustainable than alternatives.

Recap: Alternatives to H&M

There;’s plenty of great brands ourt there not only using sustainable materials, but ensuring ethical practices throughout their supply chain.

To discover other sustainable brands, check out our guides on dresses, sandals, sneakers and sweaters.

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