16 Best Ethical and Sustainable Sweaters for 2024

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Searching for cosy, sustainable sweaters is hard work. Many brands mass produce garments in unethical factories with poor environmental practices.

We’ve made it easy by selecting a variety of brands using natural and organic fibers, all with a goal of reducing environmental impact and waste in the fashion industry.

So, if you’re looking for a warm sweater this winter, take a look at our favourite sustainable top picks below.

Let’s jump in.

16 Cozy Sustainable Sweaters


Sustainability: Ethically made and Fair Trade certified, made with organic cotton.

Size: XS-XXL

Price: $100+

creates ethical clothes from 100% organic cotton. Pact’s new sweater range features gorgeous colors and styles ready for your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Each ethical sweater is Fair Trade Certified and produced in factories with safe working conditions, protecting the environment and uplifting communities.

Organic cotton uses up to 91% less water to produce compared to conventional cotton. Organic cotton is also grown without harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals, making it soft and suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Reformation

Reformation sustainable sweater

Sustainability: Low impact fabrics used in production. Ethical production and supply chain, partnered through the Fair Labor Association.

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $100+

Reformation is well known for their ultra-chic, highly sought-after collections of dreamy dresses, but they also design sweaters that compliment any outfit.

Climate-neutral since 2015, Reformation is striving for zero net emissions by 2050.

They are transparent with their policies and choose to use sustainable materials and fabrics to produce their garments. For example, they choose low impact materials, such as Alpaca wool and deadstock fabrics, for their sweaters, so you can keep warm and cozy while being sustainably stylish.

3. Colorful Standard

Colorful standard ethical sweater merino wool sweater

Sustainability: Sustainable materials, 100% Recycled Extra-Fine Merino Wool, ethically produced with eco-friendly dye and recycled packaging.

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: from $70

Colorful Standards’ zero waste, merino wool sweater produced from 100% recycled wool comes in 19 stunning colors, all created with environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex® dyed yarn. Merino wool is naturally highly breathable, allowing you to stay warm during the winter months and comfortable when the weather is hot.

Colorful Standard wants to hold the fashion industry to a higher standard, which no longer risks workers’ health or the environment. They are doing this by leading by example, ensuring all products are produced as sustainably and ethically as possible, promoting zero waste production methods, using GOTS certified organic cotton, and guaranteeing ethical working conditions for employees.

Colorful Standard Merino Wool Sweater review
Editor Bethany in her Colorful Standard Sweater *gifted

4. Organic Basics

Organic basics warm sweater made from sustainable materials

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation. Ethical and sustainable clothes made with recycled materials.

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $135

Organic Basics is an on-trend sustainable clothing company, creating wardrobe staples from recycled materials. They are a certified B Corp, meaning they meet high standards of ethical and sustainable production practices on their supply chain. For example, they do not partner with factories with unsafe work environments or child labor practices.

If you’re looking for a warm sweater that you can pair perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe, The Recycled Wool Boxy Knit is a great choice and comes in four different colors. Made from 100% recycled merino wool, the wool boxy knit uses materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill.


Sustainability: Certified B Corporation, Ethical supply chain, recycled and sustainably-sourced textiles and packaging

Size: XS-XL including a great extended range up to 3X

Price: $70-$120

Karen Kane’s sweater collection comprises chic ethical knitwear and cozy wool jumpers from materials sourced sustainably, such as recycled polyester and wool.

First started in LA, as a small family business, back in 1979, Karen Kane has now grown into a popular sustainable clothing brand, creating ethical clothes for women.

Karen Kane is a certified B corporation; being a B Corp means they meet higher standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability compared to alternative brands. They work closely with their supplies and partners to ensure they follow sustainable practices such as minimizing their environmental impact and providing good working conditions.

6. Patagonia

Patagonia sustainable ethical sweater from recycled wool

Sustainability: Members of 1% for the planet. Transparent supply chain, recycled materials.

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $99-$199

Patagonia is one of the most well-known ethical and sustainable clothing brands available. They create practical and durable clothes tailored for the great outdoors. Patagonia is a certified B corporation and donates 1% of sales revenue to preserve and restore the natural environment.

Using recycled wool fibers in their sweaters, Patagonia saves up to 98% CO2 emissions compared to using virgin wool.

Their sweaters are perfect for cooler climates and will keep you warm, whether camping outdoors or snuggling up by the fire.

7. Summersalt

Summersalt sustainable warm jumper

Sustainability: Recycled and sustainable fabrics. Women-led company with inclusive sizing.

Sizes: XS-2XL

Price: $55-$135

If you’re looking for warm sweaters in playful designs, check out Summersalt’s chic sweater range. This sustainable brand, known primarily for its extensive swimsuit collection, also produces a range of on-trend, eco-friendly clothes.

They design sustainable sweaters from natural and organic fabrics, such as organic cotton, which saves up to 88% less water and 68% less energy than conventional cotton.

This women-led company has done extensive research and taken over 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 bodies to ensure the Summersalt size guide is as inclusive as possible.

8. Wool And The Gang

Wool and the gang hand knit sweater

Sustainability: Hand-knit your own cozy and warm sweater with eco-friendly yarn.

Sizes: Sizes vary

Price: $100+

For a genuinely unique sweater, Wool and the Gang allow you the option to knit or crochet your own eco friendly sweaters.

They offer easy-to-follow tutorials and patterns to make your bespoke knit and tell you how long it will take to knit the item yourself.

Simply choose the design you want (you can select from beginner, intermediate or advanced), order the equipment and eco-friendly yarn, and get knitting.

9. Shop Second hand

Buying second hand sweaters is another great option

Buying second-hand is a great way to be more sustainable and prevent items from going to landfill.

You can often find unique, high-quality knitwear and cozy warm sweaters in the following places:

  • Charity / Thrift Stores – Check out your local charity and thrift shops for second-hand sweaters, jumpers and cardigans. We have compiled a list of online thrift stores in our handy guide here.
  • Depop – There are thousands of people selling their pre-loved clothes on Depop, find second hand designer knits and unique jumpers.
  • The Next Closet – Find pre-loved brands at a fraction of the price!

10. Vetta

Vetta capsule collection sustainable sweater

Sustainability: Ethical supply chain, garments made in the USA, using sustainable and organic materials.

Size: XS-XL

Price: $100+

Vetta is the go-to brand for a sustainable capsule wardrobe. They create versatile pieces perfect for dressing up or down, and their concept proves that less is more.

Vetta creates all of their clothes in their ethical factories in LA and NYC, with sustainable fabrics such as Tencel, organic cotton, and deadstock fabrics.

11. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher luxury knitwear sustainable sweater

Sustainability: Certified B corporation. Ethically produced luxury collections. Circular supply system with their Waste No More and RENEW initiative.

Size: PP (petite range) – XXXL

Price: $200+

Luxury meets sustainability in Eileen Fisher’s timeless collections.

Part of the B corporation community, their certification means they meet high standards in ethical and sustainable production. In addition, they are working to prevent human trafficking and slavery in their supply chain through initiatives such as CAST.

Their signature sweaters are created carefully with soft, natural fabrics, such as recycled cashmere, organic cotton, and merino wool.


Sustainability: Ethical supply chain, ensuring fair wages and empowering women worldwide.


Price: $130

is a sustainable and ethical clothing brand that is transparent by publishing their lowest-paid employee wages to promote the industry to provide living wages for all workers. In addition, they use sustainable and organic fabrics and are working on using 100% recyclable packaging by 2022.

Their entire sweater line is made of 100% organic cotton and is traceable from seed to garment. Able designs quality sweaters in relaxed and cozy styles, perfect for your fall/winter wardrobe.


Sustainability: Recycled fabrics, Certified organic cotton, Zero plastic packaging, Ethical production

Sizes: UK size 6-18

Price: £40-£100

clothing’s sustainable fashion journey began over two decades ago. During this time, Thought has put sustainable production at the top of their priority list and now creates impressive organic and ethical collections for men and women.

Thoughts stylish organic knitwear collection comprises ethical cardigans, sustainable sweaters, and knitted dresses, all produced from responsibly sourced materials like organic cotton, wool, and recycled polyester. Their recycled fabric meets the Global Recycled Standard certification; this ensures good working conditions and minimizing harmful environmental and toxic chemical impacts.

All products are shipped entirely in 100% biodegradable garment bags and zero plastic packaging.

14. Baukjen

Baukjen sustainable sweater made from merino wool and recycled yarn, jumper with stripes

Sustainability: Certified B corporation, responsibly sourced and recycled fabrics, ethically produced sweaters and cardigans. Clothes rental available.

Sizes: UK 6-18 / US 2-14

Price: from $60

You’ll be spoilt for choice with Baukjen’s sustainable cardigans, sweaters, and jumpers produced using eco-friendly materials such as yarn from recycled plastic bottles and responsibly sourced merino wool.

Baukjen is a sustainable clothing brand doing good for people and the planet. As a certified B corporation, they meet strict environmental and ethical production standards, such as working only with suppliers who pay workers a fair living wage, ensuring safe working conditions for employees, and using low-impact production methods.

Baukjen measures the environmental and social impact of every item produced so that you can see precisely the sustainability impact score of every piece in their collection.

15. Tentree

Tentree sweater with pink and purple detailing

Sustainability: Climate-neutral, certified B corporation creating ethical and sustainable sweaters from low-impact and natural materials

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: from $68

For classic sweaters made from eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and wool, Tentree is your go-to brand.

Tentree is a sustainable clothing brand on a mission to plant one billion trees by 2030. For every item purchased, Tentree will plant, you guessed it, ten trees.

Tentree meets high environmental and ethical production standards as a certified B corporation, ensuring workers are paid a fair wage and work in safe working environments.

16. IceBreaker

Icebreaker sustainable wool sweaters

Sustainability: Natural materials, ZQ Merino Wool

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: from $80

If you’re looking for a natural sweater this winter, check out Icebreaker, a brand creating non-itch sweaters from soft merino wool.

The brand creates a whole range of sweaters and zipped hoodie jackets from responsibly sourced ZQ merino wool.

There’s nothing worse than a clammy jumper than causes you to sweat. Merino wool is a wonder fabric that will keep you warm and toasty when it’s cold, and wick away any moisture keeping you sweat free.

Icebreaker wool sweaters

Wrapping Up: Sustainable Sweaters

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect sustainable sweater. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a sustainable sweatshirt, we also have a handy guide here.

If you want to browse more fall and winter outfit ideas, check out our guide on sustainable jackets, and ethical boots, both perfect to keep you warm this winter.

Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below!


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