10 Best Ethical and Sustainable Jackets to Stay Warm [2024]

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As we head into the colder climates of fall and winter, you might be struggling to find the perfect warm winter jacket.

Many coats on the market have been mass-produced in unethical factories. Therefore it can be hard to find good quality, stylish jackets produced ethically and sustainably.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We have researched the best ethical winter coats which combine style with sustainability.

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Best for sustainable rain jacket: Patagonia

Best for stylish long wool coats: Reformation

Best for responsible puffer jackets:

Best for variety: Baukjen

Let’s jump in.

The Best Ethical and Sustainable Winter Coats

1. Patagonia

Patagonia ethical jacket made from recycled materials, 3 in 1 sustainable coat

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation using recycled and sustainable materials and fabric, all ethically produced. 1% for the planet organization.

Coat Styles: Rain jackets, Puffer coats, Parkas, and more styles

Price: from $60

Famous for producing some of the best sustainable outdoor packs and gear, Patagonia needs no introduction. This brand has been leading the charge on sustainable and ethical production since starting over three decades ago.

Patagonia’s sustainable jacket selection has someone for everyone, with hundreds of styles to choose from, including casual jackets, rain jackets, and hiking jackets.

Pictured Women’s Tres 3-in-1 Parka


Frank and Oak sustainable puffer jacket

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation creating ethical and sustainable clothes using responsible, low-impact fabrics.

Coat styles: Light layers, puffers, and parka jackets.

Price: from $129

Keep yourself toasty and warm with Frank and Oak’s sustainable puffer and parka collection, created from 100% recycled polyester. These sustainable coats come in a range of colors including, black, walnut blue, and pink.

As a certified B corporation, Frank and Oak meet the highest social and environmental performance standards – ensuring clothes are produced ethically and without damage to the environment. The brand is cutting all virgin plastic and aiming towards 100% recycled polyester in all of its fabrics.

Pictured: The Hygge Puffer Coat Jacket $399

3. Baukjen

Baukjen sustainable shearling coat

Sustainability: Certified B corporation, producing products ethically, using natural and organic fibers such as cotton, wool, and deadstock fabrics.

Coat styles: Wool coats, shearling coats, denim, and biker jackets

Price: from $100

Baukjen is a sustainable clothing brand producing stylish but environmentally conscious collections. They are a certified B corporation, which means they go above and beyond ethical and environmental production.

Baukjen ensures every garment is made as sustainably as possible; they do this by using lower impact material such as organic cotton, recycled materials, and deadstock fabrics otherwise destined for landfill.

All of their leather jackets are produced ethically using animal by-products.

They have a range of coats perfect to compliment your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Pictured: Carey Shearling Aviator Jacket £999


Sustainability: Fair Labour Association accreditation, recycled and organic materials including organic cotton and recycled cotton.

Coat styles: Puffer jackets, organic utility jackets, stylish shirt jackets

Price: from $150

For functional and stylish outerwear, check out . Founded by professional surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown set out to be a completely sustainable clothing brand since day one.

The company is accredited by the Fair Labour Association, which holds brands to the highest ethical labor standards.

Outerknown uses environmentally friendly fabrics such as Econyl, recycled, and organic cotton.

Pictured: Cloud Weave Shirt Jacket

5. Reformation

Reformation long wool winter coat produced ethically and sustainably

Sustainability: Recycled fabrics, ethical production.

Coat styles: Stylish long coats, leather jackets, light jackets

Price: from $130

If you’re looking for a smart, stylish, sustainable coat, Reformation is your go-to brand. Their designs are always chic and on-trend, featuring long wool coats for colder days and cool short jackets which will pair effortlessly with your wardrobe.

All of Refs coats are ethically made using sustainable, low-impact materials, and every product is made carbon neutral – this means Reformation offsets all of CO2 required to produce, package, and ship their products. Reformation doesn’t stop there – it has pledged to become carbon positive by 2025.


Sustainability: Sustainable and low impact materials including organic cotton, Tencel, Hemp and recycled fabrics. Toad & Co are a 1% for the planet organization.

Coat styles: Quilted jackets, parkas and fleeces, and quilted vests.

Price: from $110

create practical and stylish sustainable jackets, perfect for relaxing by a campfire or taking a crisp autumn walk. Their collections feature low impact and natural materials, including organic cotton and hemp, and recycled fabrics such as recycled polyester.

Created in 1995, Toad & Co have constantly evolved their company to do better for people and the planet. Founders of Toad co-founded the Planet Access Company PAC, a warehouse that ships and handles their products, trains, and employs adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Pictured: Mcway Quilted Jacket $180


NORDEN sustainable puffer jacket womens

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation, creating apparel from 100% recycled materials.

Coat styles: Outdoor coats, sustainable parkas, and puffer jackets

Price: from $300

Canadian brand Norden is consciously designing versatile, practical outdoor coats from recycled materials including recycled plastic.

NORDEN offers a buy-back program, which will buy your old coat (several brands are eligible), clean it and then donate the jacket to someone in need. The buy-back token can then be discounted off a new NORDEN garment – this is one step towards NORDEN’s circularity vision.

Every NORDEN garment is designed in Montréal, Canada, in an eco-friendly space. Their production facilities have an ethical and secure working environment with good working conditions.

Pictured: Rozamund Cire Puffer $525


Sustainability: Small batches, responsibly made using upcycled, deadstock materials, and regenerative fabrics.

Coat styles: Trench coats, cardigans

Price: from $200

You may already know makes gorgeous sustainable dresses from deadstock and regenerative fibers, but did you know they also make a dreamy collection of coats and cardigans.

Christy Dawn’s outerwear collection is small, but each piece is created with the purpose to last and be cherished for many years.

Christy Dawn has been a sustainable company since day one. Still, it is striding towards a regenerative future by working with farmers in India to replenish soil on depleted land through their farm-to-closet initiative.

Pictured: The Marlow Trench $238

9. Finisterre

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation, ethically produced, biodegradable packaging

Coat styles: Outdoor rain jackets, puffers, and fleeces

Price: from $100

British outdoor brand Finisterre focuses on creating practical and sustainable outerwear perfect for colder climates. Using recycled polyester combined with naturally sourced materials, including down to produce its coat range, Finisterre will keep you warm and dry.

Like a couple of other brands featured in this list, Finisterre is a B Corporation that prioritizes the environment and society as a business. Finisterre uses biodegradable packaging, works with suppliers who ensure safe working conditions, and uses sustainable materials.

10. Whimsy and Row

whimsy and Rown recycled wool jacket

Sustainability: Products ethically made with natural and organic materials including recycled wool.

Coat styles: Denim jackets, cotton utility jackets

Price: from $100

Whimsy + Row is a sustainable lifestyle brand tailored to the eco-conscious individual. They create ethical, quality pieces.

Their collections are created ethically in Los Angeles using only locally sourced, recycled, and up-cycled fabrics. Whimsy + Row limit the products they create to reduce waste and lower their carbon footprint.

They have a waitlist feature on their site that tells Whimsy + Row how many pieces to make of the product, so make sure you add yourself to the list if you see something you love.

Pictured: Emilia Jacket in Light Grey Plaid $312

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations, and have found the perfect sustainable and ethical coat. If you’re looking for an ethical and sustainable sweater, hat or scarf to pair with your new sustainable jacket, make sure you check out our recommendations. If it’s specifically rain coats you’re looking for, we have a guide for that too!

Please let us know your feedback in the comments below!

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