Beflamboyant Review: Manimal Vegan Sneakers

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Are you looking for a new pair of vegan sneakers? In this article, we review Beflamboyant Manimal sneakers. Beflamboyant is a Spanish vegan shoe brand, creating vegan sneakers and shoes from sustainable materials.

I was gifted a pair of Beflamboyant sneakers to check out and provide an honest review. All views here are my own, and I haven’t been asked to say any specifics about the brand or the sneakers.

Let’s Jump in.

Verdict Beflamboyant Sneakers

✔ Recyclable and minimal packaging❌ Flat sole that some may find uncomfortable walking long distances if you have bad feet.
✔ 100% Vegan
✔ Unisex Style
✔ Sustainable Materials
✔ Bamboo inside is very soft on feet, with no blisters when wearing in.

First impressions and unboxing


Beflamboyant sneakers review cardboard box with tote bag

I was very impressed with the Beflamboyant packaging. The sneakers came in a recyclable, recycled cardboard box.

So far, this is my favorite packaging of any shoe brand I’ve tested!

Inside the box, the packaging was minimal, featuring a cool jute tote bag. The shoes were in perfect condition, showing you don’t need vast quantities of excessive plastic or paper packaging.


The sneakers themselves are from Beflamboyant’s new Manimal collection. I chose the Oak color, but the sneakers are also available in black or with different shades of heel tag, including nude, navy, and mint.

Beflamboyant Review Manimal sneakers with jute bag
Beflamboyant Sneakers pictured in box with Jute tote bag

The sneakers are 100% vegan, but the shoes look and feel high-quality. In addition, the vegan leather feels soft and well made compared to other vegan sneaker brands, for example, Matt Nat sneakers, which often use plastic-based vegan leather alternatives.

Fit and Feel

Beflamboyant review Manimal Sneakers in box
Manimal Sneakers from above

The Manimal sneakers fit true to size; I am in between sizes, so I sized up, and the sneakers fit well on my feet.

Thanks to the bamboo lining, I found no rubbing around the heel, and there is a good amount of space around my toes.


The 100% recycled foam insoles have a bouncy and supportive feeling. However, another positive point about the Manimal sneaker is that the insoles are removable.

Beflamboyant recycled materials insoles
Beflamboyant removable recycled foam insole

The sneaker itself has a flat sole, similar to the style of skate shoes, so having the option to put a built-up supportive insole into the trainers is a great bonus.

Are They Waterproof?

I’ve worn my Manimal sneakers out in the rain and my feet stayed dry. The vegan leather material allows the water to run off without soaking into the shoe.

Beflamboyant water test
Beflamboyant with water splashes

Beflamboyant Materials

Cruelty-Free Vegan Materials

Beflamboyant is a 100% vegan brand; the Vegan Society and PETA, approve its vegan trainers and shoes, including the Manimal sneakers.

Beflamboyant doesn’t use any animal products to create its vegan footwear, and all glues used are water-based, compared to brands such as Veja, who have vegan lines but also produce leather and non vegan shoes.


As I’ve said previously, on first impressions, I was highly impressed with the quality of the vegan leather; it is soft and feels almost leather-like.

I’m pleased to say this first impression didn’t change over time, and the more I’ve tested the Manimal sneakers, the more impressed I am with the quality.

Corn, recycled materials, and organic bio-based materials make up the unique material of the Manimal vegan leather uppers. The combination of natural and recycled materials allows the leather to be breathable, lightweight, and cruelty-free.

I prefer the bio-based vegan leather Beflamboyant has chosen for their sneakers, as I have tried other plastic-based vegan sneakers in the past and find the quality poor and plastic feeling.


The shoe inners might be my favorite part of the Manimal sneakers. The sneaker inners, created from bamboo fibers, are ultra-soft and naturally moisture-wicking, meaning my feet did not overheat while wearing.

The softness provided by the bamboo lining also ensured I didn’t get any blisters, even when walking over 10km around the city in the sneakers!


The Manimal sneakers have a thick solid 100% recycled rubber sole, which is hand-stitched to the uppers and reinforced with animal-free, water-based glue.; this looks cool and adds to the shoe’s high-quality look and feel.

The sole has a flat design; this may mean you might need a supportive insole if you have foot problems. However, I find the sneakers comfortable for walking around all day.

Beflamboyant Sustainability

Beflamboyant is one of the better vegan sneaker brands I’ve discovered for sustainability.

Rather than opt for virgin plastics, Beflamboyant has considered the environment at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The choice of bio-based and recycled materials, including corn, organic cotton, and recycled rubber, means a lower impact on the environment than virgin plastics and virgin rubber.

Beflamboyant review thank you card
Thank you card made with wild flower seeds

Beflamboyant has a transparent supply chain, and detail they work with Jovan Shoemakers, a small shoe-making company based in Portugal.

Each pair of Beflamboyant sneakers is ethically made with workers working in good conditions under EU labor standards.

Wrapping Up: Beflamboyant Review

Overall I am very impressed with the new Manimal Vegan sneakers, and I rate the sneaker a 4/5. I especially love the choice of vegan, eco-friendly materials and the minimal packaging.

I love the style of the Manimal sneaker and enjoy the soft bamboo lining of the shoes. The sneakers are comfortable to be worn all day and can be easily paired with any outfit.

Where To Buy Beflamboyant Sneakers

If you’re looking to buy a pair, I have rounded up a list of retailers so you can check the price across multiple platforms for easy shopping.

Let us know if you have more questions in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article make sure you check out our other reviews on vegan sneakers, vegan hiking boots and more.


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  1. I cannot recommend buying from Beflamboyant in Spain directly. Because the size guide is wrong I got too small shoes, and when returning them they did not refund the money. Their customer service is exceptionally poor. Never had such an experience at an online shop in Germany. So instead better buy from one of their nice dealers.

    • Hi Pascal, thanks for the feedback! We ordered with Beflamboyant in Spain directly with no issues, so that’s a shame you had issues. Can you let us know how you found the shoes?

  2. Hi! Thanks for the review.
    I got the same sneakers but have two problems with them: The shoes squeak a lot when walking, it’s quite loud and bothers me a lot. I also have the feeling that my feet can’t breathe well in the shoes. Have you had the same experiences? Could this be due to the insoles?
    Thank you!

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