4 Ethical Made in Portugal Cork Handbags

If you’re looking for a Made in Portugal Cork handbag or purse, this article is for you.

Cork bags have gained popularity over recent years for a number of reasons.

Firstly, cork bags are completely natural and vegan.

They also have a range of practical benefits such as being water repellent, stain-resistant and scratch-proof.

Cork is a low maintenance material, and unlike leather, you won’t need to regularly condition it to keep it looking fresh.

Why get a Made in Portugal Cork Handbag?

If you’ve ever been to Portugal you’ll know how ubiquitous cork is there. Every souvenir shop has a range of cork products, and you can easily find shops selling high-end cork accessories.

Over 50% of the world’s cork comes from Portugal, and what makes it such a great material is its sustainability.

Image source: visitportugal.com

When the cork is harvested, the trees aren’t damaged or cut down. Every 9 years, you can re-harvest a cork tree.

When buying a cork bag that’s made in Portugal you can be confident it’s from a good source, as you can’t cut down cork trees without a valid permit from the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture. This means your cork came from a healthy tree that doesn’t need to be cut down to provide you with your bag or other cork goods.

Best Cork Handbags from Portugal

Without further ado, let’s look at our recommendations for your next Portugese cork bag.

1. Corkor Cork Purse

Corkor cork purse from Portugal

Corker’s cork bag is PETA-approved, and the classic rustic design will go with almost any style of clothing.

Thanks to three roomy interior pockets you will have plenty of space for everything you need on a day-to-day basis.

The bag closes with a zip at the top and has an adjustable strap for comfort.

If you like the design of this cork handbag but aren’t into the color, that’s okay. It come in 4 different color schemes including a lighter and darker version than the one shown in the picture above.

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2. The Eco Owl Cork Handbag

Another great option, this bag is quirky and a bit different from most cork bags thanks to the distinct and vibrant pattern.

Like all other cork bags it’s completely vegan, waterproof, and made from natural materials.

If you’re into patterns then this bag could be the one for you.

3. Corkor Cork Saddle Bag

This Cork saddle bag from Corkor is a great option. Like all of Corkor’s products, it’s Made in Portugal and has a classic look.

As with most Made in Portugal handbags, this will last you a long time thanks to a sturdy build and timeless design. It also includes metal stud feet on the bottom to avoid damaging it when putting it down, and for extra support to keep it upright.

It has raving reviews on Amazon currently, with all reviewers leaving it 5* and a range of compliments.

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4. The Eco Owl Cork Handbag

This Cork handbag from The Eco Owl is a lightweight and spacious bag. It weighs only 400 grams and has an extra outer pocket (not pictured here, but check out the product images on Amazon to see for yourself).

It’s designed to be worn primarily over the shoulder and be comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.

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Recap – Best Made in Portugal Cork Handbags

If you’re in the market for a new handbag, a Made in Portugal cork bag is a stellar option. You can be certain that the cork comes from a great source, and the supply chain is sustainable.

These 4 bags are great options, and we’re sure that you’ll love your cork handbag!

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