6 Sustainable Handbag Brands You Should Know

Looking for your next handbag and hoping to find one that’s both stylish and sustainable?

Well, you’re in the right place!

We’ve found the best eco-friendly and sustainable handbag brands from around the world that you should check out.

All of the brands here make their sustainable purses and handbags from eco-friendly materials and approach their production with a sustainable philosophy.

We’re sure you’ll like these brands, so let’s get straight into the recommendations!

Our Favorite Sustainable Handbag Brands

1. The Root Collective

Sustainability: Work with small workshops in Guatemala and ensure their producers receive anywhere from 50-400% above the Fair Wage minimum. Items made with traditional techniques.

Price: $$ – $$$

The Root Collective are a sustainable handbag, shoe, and clothing brand that are definitely worth checking out.

They work with artisans in Guetamala and pay up to 400% above the Fair Wage minimum standard, and their mission is to continue to create jobs for people who need them.

Their ethically made handbags are made from high-quality leather, and often finished with unique handwoven details,

If you’re looking for a timeless handbag, you can’t go wrong the The Root Collective.

2. Matt & Nat

Sustainability: Sustainable materials, vegan leather

Price range: $$ – $$$

Matt and Nat sustainable handbags

Matt & Nat have been featured on our blog before, as we had high praise for their vegan shoes.

They don’t only stop at footwear, though. Matt & Nat’s handbag and backpack range are all made from vegan leather and contain a range of sustainable materials that include recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, cork, and even plastic bottles.

Shop Matt + Nat

3. Corkor

Sustainability: FSC Certified cork, fully vegan, resource re-utlization, small batch production

Price: $$

Corker sustainable handbag

Corkor is (as you may have already guessed) a brand making a range of bags and accessories from cork, which is sustainable and vegan.

All of their cork used is FSC® certified, so you know it’s being sourced in a sustainable way.

As well as using cork, they have a range of sustainable initiatives going on at Corkor which include using water re-utilization systems, making items in small batches, using non-toxic inks, and minimizing the use of polyester.

4. Mar Y Sol

Sustainability: Traditional manufacturing process, organically tanned leathers, sustainable materials

Price range: $$$

Mar Y sol ethical handbags

The backbone of Mar Y Sol is to help families gain economic independence, whilst preserving a traditional craft and environmental conservation.

They work with families in Madagascar who use organically tanned leathers and sustainable materials to create their collection of eco-friendly handbags.

Every single bag they stock are hand-dyed and hand-woven, and they’ll only get better with age.

5. Mashu

Sustainability: Vegan leather, made in Greece by local artisans

Price range: $$$$

Mashu vegan handbags

Mashu is a London-based sustainable handbag brand. They design everything in-house in London, and the bags are then made in Greece by local artisans.

So, how are the bags sustainable? They’re leather, right? Wrong. Mashu’s bags are all made from completely vegan leather.

This means that as well as avoiding animal products, they reduce their use of resources such as land, water, food, and fuel. The vegan materials they use for their handbags include recycled, and bio-based materials.

Mashu’s bags look great – each has a unique, bespoke handle, and the minimalist designs inspired by Art Deco is bound to make you stand out.

6. HFS Collective

Sustainability: Sustainable materials, made in LA


HFS collective sustainable handbags

HFS Collective produce all of their bags locally in Los Angeles in an ethical way.

The materials their handbags are made from are all PETA-approved. According to HFS Collective, all of their materials fall under four categories: recycled, upcycled, deadstock, or low-impact.

They have a range of eco vegan leather bags, that are modern and stylish.

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