Colorful Standard Review: Merino Wool Sweater

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An Honest Look at Colorful Standard

We were gifted some Colorful Standards products in exchange for an honest review.

As with all of our reviews, views are completely our own. We weren’t asked to say any specifics about the products featured.

We chose the recycled Merino Wool Crewneck Sweater in Sahara Camel, size medium.

Let’s jump in.


First Impressions and Unboxing Colorful Standard’s Recycled Merino Wool Sweater

The sweater was shipped carbon neutral by UPS and arrived quickly within two days, packaged in a recyclable FSC certified cardboard box.

We were initially put off by the protective plastic packaging around the sweater, but on inspection, the packaging is from recycled sources and fully recyclable.

Colorful Standard merino wool sweater in box
Colorful standard recycled wool sweater review

How does the sweater feel?

I’m very impressed by Colorful Standards merino wool sweater. The fabric feels high quality and warm, without the sweater being too thick.

I would describe it as a medium-weight sweater, ideal for pairing over an organic T-shirt or shirt.

The fabric has a lovely soft feeling. It’s not as soft as a cashmere sweater, but it is softer than most other wool jumpers I’ve tried.

A positive is that the crewneck isn’t itchy on my skin, which I often find with wool sweaters.

Colorful Standard Recycled merino wool sweater in sahara brown pictured in box

What fabric is the sweater made from?

This sustainable sweater is made from 100% recycled extra-fine merino wool and dyed with environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex® dye. This Oeko-Tex® certification means that no harmful chemicals or dyes are used to produce the colors.

Merino wool is a naturally breathable material while maintaining thermo-regulating properties in all weather, meaning I can wear this crewneck all year round – keeping me warm in winter and cool during the spring and summer.

What is the Color like?

I chose the Sahara Camel color, as I knew it would compliment my fall and winter wardrobe. The color is exactly as pictured on the Colorful Standards website, a lovely light brown and beige color.

The merino wool crewneck comes in 19 different colors, from vibrant red and pinks to neutral tones like the color I chose. Each color is created with environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex® dye.

The only downside is that because these sustainable sweaters are so popular, some colors are in high demand and are often sold out.

How does the sweater fit?

The wool sweater has a relaxed but not oversized fit; I am usually a UK size 10 and went for the medium in this crewneck.

Colorful Standard sizing


The length sits just above my hips (I’m 5ft7) and can be easily tucked into trousers or jeans.


The neck has a nice fitting, not too tight around the neckline. It sits just above my collarbone, so if you’re looking for a sweater that sits high up on your neck like a roll neck or turtle neck; this isn’t the sweater for you.


The sweater has a lovely knitted cuff that keeps the arms sitting right above my wrists. They aren’t too long or baggy, and they stay put when I lift my arms up and down.

How easy is it to wash the merino wool sweater?

Colorful Standard washing label

As instructed on the label, this merino wool sweater can be hand washed only and cannot be tumble dried. 

For more specific garment care instructions, make sure to check out the Colorful Standard care recommendations.

The crewneck comes already pre-washed, so you won’t need to wash it before you wear it, which is a bonus.

As wool is naturally breathable and antibacterial, I’ve found my sweater lasts a long time without washing and still looks and feels clean.

How Ethical is Colorful Standard?

Colorful Standard proudly creates all of its products ethically in their Portuguese factory, where European laws for ethical production are strictly followed.

They are entirely transparent about their production methods and even invite you to visit their factory, even printing the directions on the box.

How Sustainable Is Colorful Standard?

Colorful Standard is continuously working to reduce its environmental impact.

The best way to be more sustainable is to consume less and buy less. Colorful Standard understands this, and they don’t design for seasons or trends; instead, they focus on the essentials which will come out of your wardrobe year upon year.

They produce with zero waste and use organic cotton and recycled materials for their products. We’ve found them to be very upfront and honest when we had questions that we couldn’t find the answer to online.

They are not yet a B corporation, but we will watch this space.

Colorful Standard Merino Sweater One Year On

One year after receiving my merino wool crewneck, I thought I’d update you on how the sweater has laster after being worn heavily through the colder months of the year.

Colorful Standard Merino wool crewneck after one year of wear
Colorful Standard Merino Crewneck after a year of wear

Overall, the sweater has lasted well; it has gone through the wash a few times and still holds its shape. The color has faded ever so slightly, but overall the sweater is still as good as new, without any holes. The Crewneck will be a staple in my A/W wardrobe this year.

Colorful Standard Merino wool crewneck after one year of wear
Colorful Standard Merino Crewneck has held its shape well after one year of wear.

Wrapping Up – Summary

Overall, I am very impressed with the merino wool crewneck. The fit and feel are great, and I love the fact that Colorful Standard uses recycled merino wool for their sweaters.

✅ High quality, sustainable fabric – recycled merino wool❌  Cannot machine wash – hand-wash only
✅ Ethically made sweater ❌  Some colors constantly sold out online due to popularity
✅ Great range of colours all dyed with environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex® dye
✅ Good sizing – the sweater fits really well

We were gifted the sweater, so we didn’t pay the £90 ($115) this sweater retails for, but believe it is worth the price, I would definitely pay full price for another crewneck in a different color – the red sweater looks perfect for winter.

If you want to shop the full Colorful Standard range click here, or click the button below to shop the merino wool crewneck.

I hope you enjoyed the review and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.


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