8 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for Your Practice

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If you’re regularly taking yoga classes, either online, or in-person, you need a good yoga mat.

Unfortunately, many yoga mats are made with plastics, rubber, and foam from unsustainable sources, with harsh chemicals.

It can be hard to find a good eco friendly yoga mat, as most stores don’t carry them. Luckily, there are a variety of amazing brands making supportive, grippy yoga mats from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. We’ve found some of the best brands on the planet, making mats that we’re confident you’ll love (and the earth will too).

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Let’s jump into the recommendations:

1. Yogamatters

Yoga Matters ethical yoga mats

Sustainability: Made from EVO foam, and algae from lakes and ponds. 


At a glance: Non-slip, lightweight, non toxic yoga mat, great choice of colorful mats and accessories. 

Yoga Matters is a UK-based company committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly yoga mats.

Their products are made from EVO foam and algae from lakes and ponds, making them eco-friendly, lightweight, non-toxic, and vegan friendly.

All of their materials are sourced locally and use a natural manufacturing process that does not emit harmful chemicals into the environment. The Yoga mats come in a range of colors and styles suited to every yogi. 

2. Yoloha

Cork mat from Yohala, eco friendly yoga mat

Sustainability: Mats made from sustainable cork, 100% vegan.


At a glance: Antimicrobial, Dry grip and eco-friendly yoga mats. Plain and patterned mats available.

Yoloha set out to produce the world’s first sustainable cork yoga mat – and they didn’t stop there; they now also have a range of yoga essentials, from blocks, cushions, wheels, and straps.

The benefits of using cork as their core material means the mat is quick to dry, no-slip, and 100% sustainable. 

3. Yogi Bare

Yogi Bare eco friendly yoga mat

Sustainability: Tree planted for every mat sold. 100% Vegan, recyclable packaging. 


At a glance: Ultra grip mat, great patterns and colours available.

Yogi Bare’s Yoga Mat is made from a layer of natural rubber, making it highly durable and long-lasting. The mat is thick enough to provide cushioning for your knees and joints while delivering traction so you can hold poses without slipping.

Partnering with the Hometree initiative, Yogi Bare plants a tree for every mat sold. This initiative reduces carbon emissions in our atmosphere while also improving air quality within urban areas.

4. prAna

Sustainability: Non toxic yoga mat made from sustainable materials including FSC rubber


At a glance: UV resistant strength for outdoor use, hygienic supportive yoga mat.

prAna is a sustainable brand that makes reliable and innovative products for yogis.

Their eco friendly Yoga Mat features an outdoor-friendly material with UV protection so you can practice outdoors without worrying about mat breakdowns when you take your practice outside.

These eco mats are also designed with two different textures: One side includes a more supportive texture to provide cushioning during more intense poses. One surface offers grippy support for grounding yourself during your practice. The mat comes in 3 different colors, is lightweight, and made from non-toxic materials.

5. Corq

Corq eco-friendly cork yoga mat

Sustainability: Sustainably sourced cork and natural rubber

Price: $$

At a glance: Durable and sustainable mat made from premium sustainable materials

The Corq Everyday Mat is a durable, high-performance mat made from Portuguese cork and Vietnamese natural tree rubber.

It’s 4mm thick, and measures 72″ x 26″.

We love that for every mat purchased, Corq donates to the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project in order to offset the emissions caused by shipping their products out.

They also have a range of eco-friendly accessories including massage balls and carry straps for your yoga mat.

6. Yoke Wellness

Yoke Wellness Sustainable yoga mat

Sustainability: Created with the highest quality sustainable, recyclable, natural and biodegradable materials.

Price: $$

At a glance: Eco friendly, vegan yoga and acupressure mats

Yoke Wellness creates affordable and sustainable yoga and acupressure mats. Designed in London by a Yoga teacher, these mats are high-performing and perfect for professionals and first-time yogis alike.

Created from organic vegan jute fibers and made without any harmful chemicals, Yoke Wellness has removed the nasties most yoga mats are made from – such as latex and heavy metals – and replaced them with safe, sustainable, and biodegradable materials.

Yoke Wellness mats are non-slip and supportive with 5mm of thickness so that you won’t have aching or painful joints after your practice.

Editor Bethany uses her Yoke Wellness Yoga mat on a daily basis, it has laster for over a year without showing any signs of wear or tear. The eco friendly yoga mat provides good support and grip. Overall 5/5 stars!

Eco Friendly yoga mat Yoke Wellness

7. Inhala Soulwear

Inhala Soulwear sustainable yoga mats

Sustainability: Made from Recycled Natural Rubber and vegan suede


At a glance: Dreamy nontoxic yoga mats with an upcycled mat holder.

Inhala Soulwear creates a vegan, nontoxic yoga mat for your eco-conscious practice.

Two Peruvian yoginis created Inhala on their mission to create a truly sustainable yoga brand.

Inhala Soulwears’ sustainable yoga mats are designed to elevate your practice, putting you at the center. The nonslip natural rubber and vegan yoga mat is anti-slip, so you can flow without worrying about slipping or sliding. Oh, and Inhala’s dreamy designs make for the ultimate mindful practice.

Recap: Best Sustainable Yoga Mat

We hope you’ve found the perfect eco-friendly yoga mat for your practice.

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