Is Dolls Kill Fast Fashion? Analysis + Alternatives

In this article, we’ll ask ‘is Dolls Kill fast fashion,’ deep diving into the brand to ask where its clothes are made and if the brand is ethical.

Dolls Kill is an online fashion brand founded in 2011 by DJ. The brand grew in popularity because of its eccentric styles and now creates collections of clothing, including punk, gothic, on-trend, and vintage styles.

While the fashion brand may have been voted the fasted growing retailer in 2014 by Inc. Magazine, Dolls Kill has received a lot of public backlash in recent years, and for a good reason.

Let’s take a look behind the brand and discover if Dolls Kill is fast fashion.

Is Dolls Kill Fast Fashion?

Yes, Dolls Kill is considered a fast fashion brand. The brand produces hundreds of styles from unsustainable materials and regularly holds site-wide flash sales to encourage its customers to consume more of its clothing.

Plus, the brand releases hundreds of styles every week and has a sale with thousands of items discounted to low prices, including tops for as little as $2.


Selling clothing for such a low price encourages the overconsumption of clothing, and with extremely low prices, we ask the question, what portion is going to the people who made the clothes?

What Materials Does Dolls Kill Use?

Dolls Kill uses a range of what we would consider environmentally damaging materials. The brand features collections made mainly from polyester blends, cotton, and PU.

There is no mention of any eco-friendly materials or recycled materials.

Virgin polyester is environmentally damaging because it relies on crude oil to produce. Once you’re finished with it, the material is not biodegradable, meaning it will stick around the planet for hundreds of years.

In addition to using environmentally harmful materials, the brand also uses chemicals hazardous to health in its products.

In a statement on the Dolls Kill website, the brand has issued a warning to its customers In accordance with Proposition 65, stating that some of its products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm… This is a major red flag regarding human and environmental safety concerns. You can read the complete statement below:


Is Dolls Kill Carbon Neutral?

No, Dolls Kill is not a carbon-neutral brand. The brand gives little information about its carbon emissions (when we say little, we mean none), and it is not outwardly championing or supporting sustainable production practices.

Is Dolls Kill Ethical?

Dolls Kill doesn’t provide transparent information about where its clothes are made, the conditions of the factories that make its clothes, whether workers are protected, or whether workers are paid fair wages. We would therefore not consider Dolls Kill to be an ethical brand.

Along with the lack of transparency from the brand, Dolls Kill has been called out in recent years for racist slogans featured on its clothing, a backlash of an Instagram post from the founder, and stealing designs from up-and-coming artists and designers. The brand has tried to put a positive spin on its mistakes by publishing a list of them here, however, we think the ‘mistakes’ in the first place show the lack of ethics portrayed by the brand.

Where are Dolls Kill Clothes Made?

There is no information that the Ecothes team could find on the Dolls Kill website that provides adequate information about where Dolls Kill clothing is made.

Is Dolls Kill Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

Again, Dolls Kill doesn’t provide any information about its animal welfare policy or whether the brand is cruelty-free. The brand has some vegan styles, but we are unable to say the brand is cruelty-free.

Does Dolls Kill Have A Clothing Recycling Program?

No, it is unfortunate that Dolls Kill doesn’t have a recycling program because many of its clothing isn’t biodegradable, meaning they’ll clog up landfills at the end of their lifecycle.

Ecothes Opinion: Is Dolls Kill Fast Fashion?

Is dolls kill fast fasion
We rate Dolls Kill a terrible sustainability score of 0/5.

What we liked:
❌ We couldn’t find anything we liked about the brand in terms of sustainability or ethics:

What we didn’t like:
❌The lack of transparency surrounding where its clothes are made or the working conditions in its factories.
❌The fact that some of its products contain chemicals hazardous to human health.
❌The proportion of unsustainable virgin materials that aren’t biodegradable.

Sustainable Alternatives to Dolls Kill

Overall, Dolls Kill is a fast fashion brand that we wouldn’t support. However, if you’re looking to be more eco-conscious with your buying habits, discover the brands below which are more sustainable alternatives to Dolls Kill.

1. Uye Surana

Uye Surana ethical lingerie

Sustainability: Sustainable lingerie from recycled materials and ethical production

Best for: Sexy lingerie

Ships to: Worldwide

2. Punk Majesty

Punk Majesty sustainable alternatives to Dolls Kill

Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials, small batch production

Best for: Punk street style clothing

Ships to: the USA


Sustainability: Natural and organic materials, including hemp and organic cotton

Best for: Street style, t-shirts

Ships to: Worldwide

Wrapping Up: Is Dolls Kill Fast Fashion?

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