Is I Saw It First Fast Fashion? Analysis + Alternatives

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I Saw It First is famous for always keeping up with the latest styles and dressing celebs, including the Love Island cast, but is I Saw It First Fast Fashion?
We’ll discuss if the brand is actually fast fashion, including whether the brand it ethical and where its clothes are made.

Who owns I saw it first?

I Saw it First was founded in 2017 by 2017 by Jalal Kamani, the brother of Boohoo co-founder Mahmud Kamani. In 2022 I Saw it First was acquired by British retailer Frasers group, which owns the brand.

Is I Saw it First Fast Fashion?

Yes, I Saw It First is a fast fashion brand because it produces thousands of styles (over four thousand to be precise) of clothing, retailing them at relatively low prices. In addition, the brand releases hundreds of styles every week based on rapidly changing trends.

Is I Saw It First Fast Fashion?

The brand also heavily markets its products on social media, constantly pushing new styles and trends. When customers are directed to the website, they are met with large-scale discounts, for example, “50% off everything,” which we encountered when we visited the brand.

Is I Saw It First Fast Fashion?

The process of having flash sales and demand-driven marketing creates a sense of urgency in the buyer which fuels the problem of over consumption of clothing,

In summary, I Saw It First is pretty much a textbook fast fashion brand.

What Materials Does I Saw it First Use?

You might not be surprised that I Saw It First doesn’t prioritize using sustainable materials as a fast fashion brand. In addition, it’s actually difficult to find out what each garment is made from due to the lack of information on the website.

When we look at the brand’s ‘Sustainable’ edit – we see a tiny portion of garments made with a small percentage of recycled polyester. But, again recycled polyester isn’t a biodegradable fabric, and it’s not infinitely recyclable – this screams Greenwashing to us.

Is I Saw it First Carbon Neutral?

No, I Saw It First is not a carbon-neutral brand. The brand also doesn’t give any information about whether it is working to reduce its GHG emissions.

Is I Saw it First Ethical?

I Saw It First doesn’t disclose transparent information about factory working conditions. In addition, the brand doesn’t do enough to ensure living wages are paid to garment workers. For example, If a top is being sold for £5, don’t expect much of the profit to be given to the workers who created the garment.

Where are I Saw it FirstClothes Made?

I Saw It First doesn’t publish a transparent list of suppliers, so we are unable to pinpoint the exact locations of where I Saw It First creates its clothes.

Is I Saw it First Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

No I Saw It First is not a vegan brand as it permits the use of animal;l products like leather and wool in its products.

The brand has banned using fur, angora, and animal skins. Still, it doesn’t partner with animal welfare organizations, for example, LWG to ensure certified leather or other animal products.

Do I Saw it First Have A Clothing Recycling Program?

No, I Saw It First doesn’t have a clothes recycling programme.

Ecothes Opinion: Is I Saw It First Fast Fashion?

We rate I Saw It First an extremely poor score of 0.5/5, and consider it a brand we personally wouldn’t shop from.

What we didn’t like:
We consider I Saw It First to be a fast fashion brand that isn’t doing enough to prevent the overconsumption of clothing and isn’t doing enough to protect its workers or campaign for living wages.

Sustainable Alternatives to I Saw it First

Overall, I Saw It First is a fast fashion brand that pays little focus on sustainable materials, transparency, or ethics.

Instead of supporting a brand that’s part of the fast fashion pollution problem, why not check out some sustainable clothing brands below.

1. Omnes

Omnes sustainable alternative to I Saw It First

Sustainability: Transparent supply chain, ethical clothing from some sustainable materials

Best For: Dresses, skirts

Ships to: the UK & International

2. Birdsong

Birdsong sustainable women led brand

Sustainability: Ethical clothing handmade in the UK using sustainable materials

Best For: Dresses, skirts

Ships to: the UK & International

Birdsong sustainable clothing brand


Sustainability: Audited factories, responsible materials

Best For: Affordable, sustainable clothing

Ships to: Worldwide

4. Reformation

Reformation dress ethical alternative to COS

Sustainability: Ethical production and responsible materials, including natural fibers and recycled materials

Best For: Dreamy dresses

Ships to: Worldwide

Brand Rating: 4.5/5

Reformation sustainable stores like Zara

5. Molby the Label

Molby the Label sustainable dresses

Sustainability: Handmade clothing in the UK

Best For: On-trend dresses

Ships to: the UK

Wrapping Up: Is I Saw It First Fast Fashion?

If you enjoyed our analysis of I Saw It First, make sure you check out if other brands including Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Hollister and fast fashion.


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