Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable? Brand Rating & Alternatives

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Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable

Join us while we look at American activewear brand Outdoor Voices to answer the question ‘Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable?’.

We’ll discuss where Outdoor Voices clothing is made, whether the brand uses sweatshops, and what materials Outdoor Voices uses.

About Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices, commonly known as O.V., is an American activewear brand founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney in New York City.

The brand focuses on creating stylish yet practical activewear, including sustainable leggings, sports tops, sports dresses, and accessories.

Ecothes Opinion: Outdoor Voices Sustainability Rating

Is Outdoor Voices sustainable?
We wouldn’t consider Outdoor Voices a completely sustainable or ethical brand. While Outdoor Voices is making improvements to its products and production practices, there are still improvements the brand must make. Therefore we give Outdoor Voices a sustainability score of 2.5/5.

What we like

✔ We like that the brand is improving its use of sustainable materials. The brand uses recycled materials such as RecPoly, a recycled polyester (PET), recycled wool, responsibly sourced merino wool, and BCI cotton.

✔ Outdoor Voices uses Blue Sign-approved fabrics. The bluesign® certification certifies that materials are created with responsible and sustainable use of resources and low negative impact on workers, stakeholders, and the environment.

What we don’t like

❌ The brand doesn’t actively share transparent information about where the brand is relative to its sustainability’ goals’.

❌ For example, the brand aimed to have at least 80% traceable recycled fibers by 2022. However, there is no update on whether the brand is close to reaching this goal.

❌ O.V. also does not share exact information about the factories it partners with or share audit scores, meaning we cannot validate the brand claims that it ensures compliance with workers’ safety or fair wages.

Improvements we’d like to see:

We’d like to see an improvement from the brand: to publish audit scores and transparent information about where its clothes are made. We would also like to see O.V. post updates on whether the brand is meeting its sustainability targets.

What Materials Do Outdoor Voices Use?

Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable

Outdoor Voices still uses a combination of sustainable and non-sustainable materials.

O.V. actively uses virgin materials, including polyester. However, the brand only uses bluesign® certified materials.

Outdoor Voices is taking steps to improve its sustainable material usage by using recycled PET, recycled wool, and responsibly sourced Merino Wool.

The brand is starting to use BCI cotton over conventional cotton, which is an improvement; however, the brand could go a step further and use organic cotton.

Is Outdoor Voices Carbon Neutral?

No, Outdoor Voices is not a carbon-neutral brand. In addition, the brand does not publish information about its greenhouse gas production or whether it has put any steps in place to reduce carbon emissions.

Is Outdoor Voices Ethical?

Outdoor Voices states that they only work with partners who comply with workers’ safety, fair wages, and benefits and reduce environmental impact.

However, the brand does not disclose any information about whether its factories are audited or the audits’ results, so we cannot validate if Outdoor Voices are ensuring ethical production.

Where are Outdoor Voices Clothes Made?

Outdoor Voices manufacture its garments in the U.S., China, and Vietnam.

Is Outdoor Voices Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

O.V. use some animal materials, including recycled wool and Merino Wool, so it isn’t a vegan brand.

While Outdoor Voices states it uses ethically sourced Merino wool, the brand doesn’t publish transparent information about the origins of its recycled wool and whether the brand obtained it from cruelty-free sources.

Sustainable Alternatives to Outdoor Voices


Sustainability: The female-founded brand uses ethical production in SA8000-certified factories and recycled materials to create its activewear, including recycled plastic bottles.

Materials: Recycled PET

Best for: Compression leggings, sports tops, sports bras

Ships to: Worldwide

Girlfriend Collective sustainable activewear leggings and top

Also available to shop at.

2. Organic Basics

Organic Basics Sustainable activewear

Sustainability: Ethical labor, recycled materials, and natural materials, including organic cotton

Materials: Recycled plastic, organic cotton

Best for: Compression leggings, sports tops, sports bras

Ships to: Worldwide

Organic Basics

3. Patagonia

Patagonia yoga bra

Sustainability: Ethical production in Fair Trade environments, recycled materials, and natural fibers.

Materials: Recycled nylon, recycled polyester, organic cotton

Best for: Running leggings, sports tops, bras, climbing gear, hiking gear.

Ships to: Worldwide

Patagonia eco friendly activewear


prAna sustainable alternatives to Outdoor Voices

Sustainability: Blue sign certified materials, ethical production, natural materials, Renewal workshop.

Materials: Recycled materials, hemp, organic cotton

Best for: Hiking clothes, yoga clothes, leggings, tops

Ships to: Worldwide

prAna sustainable alternatives to Outdoor Voices

Wrapping Up: Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable?

We hope that you now have enough information to make your own decision on whether outdoor voices is a sustainable brand.
In our opinion, the brand isn’t entirely sustainable, although it is taking steps in the right direction.
If you want to discover more sustainable brands, check out our guides on sustainable activewear and sustainable running shoes. Alternatively, feel free to browse our other brand ratings, including Patagonia, Girlfriend Collective, COS, nasty gal, Romwe, and Banana Republic.


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