Our 9 Favorite Sustainable & Organic Baby Clothes Brands 2021

You know the importance of being careful with what you put on your baby’s skin, so the clothes you choose are no exception.

However, it’s hard to find brands creating high-quality baby clothes that are free from harmful chemicals and toxic dyes and aren’t going to break the bank.

That’s why we created this guide. We’ve found some of the best affordable organic baby clothes brands, creating soft, snuggly and most importantly — safe — clothing for your baby.

Let’s take a look at the brands.

Our Organic and Sustainable Baby Clothes Picks

1. Boody

Boody Organic Bamboo baby clothes

Sustainability: Organic Bamboo Yarn, no toxic dyes or chemicals. Certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association.

At a glance: Organic bodysuits, T-shirts, bottoms, pajamas, muslin wraps and vests from 0 – 12 months.

Price: $$

Boody produce their affordable organic baby clothes from their signature spun Organic Bamboo yarn. Bamboo is a great sustainable raw material. It uses less water than alternative materials, is renewable, and doesn’t use any nasty pesticides or chemicals. The bamboo is then harvested and spun into yarn to produce a sustainable fabric.

Bamboo yarn is ultra cooling, super soft, and naturally anti bacterial, which will keep your baby cool, safe and comfortable. 

Featured: Boody Babygrow Onesie, $34.95

2. Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma organic baby clothing

Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials, organic cotton, fair trade supply chain, fair wages to all workers, lead and nickel free

At a glance: Tasteful and cute baby clothing made

Pricing: $$ – $$$

Finn + Emma’s roots are in sustainability. Their baby clothes are all made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and the colors are made with eco-friendly dyes.

The brand works with fair trade certified partners, ensuring everyone in their supply chain is paid fair living wages. You can be comfortable knowing your little one’s clothes have been made in an ethical way, empowering the local workers creating them.

Finn + Emma make a wide range of beautifully crafted clothing, as well as knit dolls — handmade at a women’s collaborative in Peru — and a range of toys made from untreated hardwood.

Featured: Footie Tutti Frutti, $34

3. Beya Made

Beya Made organic baby clothing

Sustainability: Buy 3x less clothes, handmade in Atlanta,

At a glance: Clothes that expand up to 3x and grow with your baby, all made from sustainable materials

Pricing: $$$

If you want to cut your carbon footprint, buying less is the best way to do that.

That’s why Beya Made design their organic baby clothing to grow with your young one, meaning you need to buy fewer new clothes and get more use out of those you do buy.

Beya Made handcrafts a variety of cute rompers, trousers, and tops from sustainably sourced cotton. They look slightly expensive at first, but considering your baby’s clothes will last 3x as long, that cost will mean you don’t need to run to the nearest store to stock up every few months.

Every item is designed to grow with your child, but that doesn’t mean they’ll look oversized. Beya Made uses smart design such as seamless armholes, clever use of openings, and adjustable straps to make it easy to ensure your baby’s clothes always fit perfectly.

We love Beya Made’s approach to clothing waste reduction, and we think you will too.

Featured: Garden Green Linen Romper, $76

4. Pact

Pact baby grower from organic cotton

Sustainability: Organic clothing, clothing recycled program, carbon offset shipping and recycled packaging. GOTS certified. Fair Trade Certified Factories.

At a glance: Organic baby sleepers, vests pants for 0-12 months, and practical children’s apparel from 12 months – 12 years

Price: $$

Pact is a brand driving organic, sustainable clothing forward. They have a great selection of baby clothes, as well as kid’s essentials in sizes up to 12 year old.

They use organic cotton, which has been farmed naturally, using no toxic chemicals and saving up to 91% more water than using non-organic cotton. 

Their practical kid’s range features Tops, Bottoms, Sleepwear, Dresses Underwear and socks. They don’t have any products for children under 12 months, but they are a great option for your growing toddler!

Featured: Footie Sleeper, $20

5. Frugi

Frugi Organic baby clothes

Sustainability: Sustainable, eco friendly materials such as organic cotton, and recycled materials.Certified by Soil Association and GOTS.

At a glance: Soft baby growers, vests, cloth nappies and rompers. Selection of organic clothes from baby & toddler, to kids.

Price: $$

Frugi are on a mission to produce high quality, soft, snuggly, and sustainable clothes for you and your babies. They only use organic cotton, which saves water in production, and is more durable – so will last longer and is super soft with no harsh chemicals or toxins.

Their outerwear range is made from recycled plastic bottles – one winter jacket recycles 36 plastic bottles. 

Featured: Cameron Romper, $37

6. Little Green Radicals

Little Green Radicals Dungarees

Sustainability: Fair trade certified organic cotton. Plastic free packaging. Recycled polyester.

At a glance: A range of organic, ethical clothes from 0-8 years.

Price: $$

Since starting 2005, Little Green Radicals have been creating sustainable clothes for children, which are kind to the planet and to the workers in their supply chain. 

They have a transparent supply chain, which means you can track and know exactly where your clothes are produced and the people who have made them. This is combined with their use of GOTS certified cotton and organic textiles, all produced without any nasty harmful or toxic chemicals.

This makes their clothes extra soft and durable, and also great for children with sensitive skin. 

Featured: An Apple A Day Striped Shortie Dungarees, $46.96


Mori Supreme baby starter set

Sustainability: Organic fabrics – organic cotton and bamboo, and sustainable fabrics such as modal. Recycled packaging.

At a glance: Organic baby clothes 0-24 months for sleeping and day wear. 

Price: $$$

Since 2015, Mori have been developing their signature fabric to produce their children’s clothing, which is all made from an eco friendly material made from organic bamboo and organic cotton mix. This fabric is soft, naturally breathable and moisture wicking. 

The production of organic bamboo and cotton doesn’t use any harmful pesticides or toxins, which makes it soft and safe for your baby’s skin, and kind to the planet.

Featured: Supreme sets, a 32 piece starter sets of soft baby clothes and swaddles made from organic material, from $545 

8. Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt's Baby Bees organic set

Sustainability: GOTS Certified Organic cotton, recycled polyester. Partnering with supplies who use renewable energy to power production. Eco-friendly packaging using plant based ink. 

At a glance: Clothes for 0-24 months and toddlers. Organic, eco-friendly sleepwear and nursery bedding. 

Price: $$

Burts Bees Baby only use GOTS certified organic in the production of their organic baby clothes. That means safer, softer fabrics for your newborn baby. The use of organic cotton as an alternative for conventional cotton saves 51 gallons of water for every one of their body suits produced.

They only work with suppliers that use renewable energy such as wind-power and solar power, to ensure their supply chain is preserving the planets resources.   

Featured: Sloth Sanctuary Organic Baby Romper 2 Pack, $17.99

9. Soul Flower

Soul Flower ethical baby and toddler clothes

Sustainability: 100 percent organic cotton, low-impact dyes, Made in the USA

At a glance: Fun and comfortable organic baby clothing, all made in the USA by a brand that’s all-in on natural production methods

Pricing: $$

Soul Flower are a natural clothing brand with a range of affordable organic baby clothes for your new family member.

The brand creates a range of bodysuits, bibs, hats, t-shirts, and more — all from 100% organic materials.

Even their colorful prints are made with natural, low-impact and non-toxic dyes, so you can be confident knowing your baby isn’t being unnecessarily exposed to any harmful chemicals.

Featured: Flower Child Onesie, $26.00

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