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10 Must Have Ethical and Sustainable Scarves for 2023

Made Trade sustainable scarves

A timeless scarf is a perfect complement to any winter outfit. But, many scarves on the market are produced unethically with poor quality, unsustainable materials and it’s hard to find a good quality, eco-friendly scarf which looks stylish. That’s why…

9 Best Vegan Dress Shoes For Men 2023

Immaculate Vegan dress shoes

We’d hate to see our beloved casual sustainable sandals and eco-friendly sneakers turn green with jealousy, but there is just something about vegan dress shoes that just gets us every time. It definitely requires a very special attitude to walk…

8 Best Vegan Sandals for a Cruelty-Free Summer [2023]

Best Vegan Sandals for Summer

There is a variety of natural, synthetic, and recycled materials that can be used in vegan sandals: cork, vegan leather, recycled post-consumer waste plastics, organic cotton, and much more. If you’re vegan, or simply want to support brands with cruelty-free…

The 8 Best Sustainable Mens Swimwear Brands for 2023

Sustainable mens swimwear

Finding the perfect pair of sustainable swim trunks can be difficult. First, you want a durable pair that will not fall apart after your first swim. Secondly, it’s important your swim shorts are made ethically and from sustainable materials. We’ve…

8 Vegan Comforters for a Cozy Sleep 2023

Urbanara vegan comforter

Finding high-quality vegan comforters can be challenging as many luxury comforters on the market are made with down filling. Alternatively, down alternatives can be of poor quality and don’t last longer than one season. But fear not; there are many…

20+ Fast Fashion Brands to Avoid & Alternatives

Fast Fashion Brands to Avoid

Looking for fast fashion brands to avoid? We’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss the worst fast fashion brands to avoid and instead give you sustainable alternatives doing good for the environment and people in their supply chains. Fast fashion is…