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Allbirds Tree Dasher Review – Dasher 2.0 vs Dasher 1.0

Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0

In 2022 San Fransisco based shoe brand Allbirds launched an updated version of their popular Allbirds Tree Dasher – the running shoe that catapulted the brand into the sustainable running market. Having tried, tested, and loved the original Tree Dasher…

20+ Fast Fashion Brands to Avoid & Alternatives

Fast Fashion Brands to Avoid

Looking for fast fashion brands to avoid? We’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss the worst fast fashion brands to avoid and instead give you sustainable alternatives doing good for the environment and people in their supply chains. Fast fashion is…

10 Best Ethical & Organic Boxers For Men 2022

Organic boxers mens underwear

If you’re looking for ethical boxers for men you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of the best sustainable brands creating organic boxers and briefs ethically, from natural and renewable materials. Whether you’re looking for organic cotton boxers…

9 Best Hemp Shoes From Sustainable Brands 2022

Sanuk hemp shoes for men and women

Are you looking for a pair of hemp shoes? Great choice! Take a look at the best footwear options available in our top picks below. Hemp fabric is a great eco-friendly alternative to cotton and other plastic-based shoes. As the…

Top 10 Organic Linen Clothing Brands for 2022

Magic Linen organic European linen clothing

If you’re looking for organic linen clothing, you’re in the right place. We’ve selected a range of sustainable brands creating stylish and sustainable organic linen clothing. Benefits of Linen fabric Linen clothing is well known and worn worldwide thanks to…