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Hemp vs. Cotton: Which Fabric Is More Eco-friendly?

Hemp vs Cotton

Wondering what the differences are between Hemp vs. Cotton? This material summary will discuss what is hemp and cotton, the benefits and drawbacks of each fabric, and find out which natural fiber is more eco-friendly. What is Hemp? Hemp fibers…

Is Polyester Bad? Recycled Polyester vs Polyester

Is polyester bad

This materials summary will discuss the differences between recycled polyester vs. polyester and answer the question, is polyester bad? As consumer focus switches to more sustainable brands creating products using eco-friendly materials, you may have noticed an increase in brands…

What is Sustainable Fashion?

sustainable fashion

Want to learn more about sustainable fashion, make decisions that have a positive impact on the planet, and still wear clothes that look great? You’re in the right place! We’re going to walk you through what sustainable fashion is all…

9 Luxuriously Soft Organic Towels You Need in Your Bathroom

Coyuchi organic bath towels

On the hunt for plush, luxurious towels, but don’t want to purchase cheap, low-quality towels which have been produced unethically, with potentially harmful chemicals and dyes? We’ve got you. We’ve researched the best organic towels on the market, so you…