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Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable? Brand Rating & Alternatives

Is Outdoor Voices sustainable?

Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable Join us while we look at American activewear brand Outdoor Voices to answer the question ‘Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable?’. We’ll discuss where Outdoor Voices clothing is made, whether the brand uses sweatshops, and what materials Outdoor Voices uses.…

Q&A: Presca – A Climate Positive Sportswear Brand

Presca Sportswear

In this sustainable brand founder Q&A series, we catch up with Rob Webbon, an environmental scientist and CEO of Presca sportswear. We discuss the inspiration behind the brand, challenges the brand faces, eco-anxiety, and what he hopes the future looks…

What is Nylon & Is Nylon Bad For The Environment?

Is Nylon bad for the environment

In this material guide, we’ll discuss what Nylon fabric is, and ask is Nylon bad for the environment? Let’s jump in. What is Nylon? Nylon is a silk-like thermoplastic synthetic fiber constructed of polyamide linked chains derived from petroleum; it is also…