Q&A Idle Sleepwear: Behind the Vegan Loungewear Brand

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Michelle Idle Sleepwear founder

In the following Q&A series, we chat with Michelle Callahan, founder of sleepwear brand Idle Sleepwear, to discuss her new sleepwear collection.

Hello! Who are you and what brand do you run?

Hi, my name is Michelle Callahan! I started Idle Sleepwear, a sustainable loungewear line, in 2021.

What inspired you to start a sleepwear brand?

I had always wanted to start an apparel line using fabrics like Cupro and Tencel, which mimic the same feeling of silk – soft, cool to the touch, and luxe.

The fabrics feel amazing on the skin and are also made of cellulose fibers, making them much friendlier to the earth.

The first style we made was a Robe. As soon as I tried it on the sample, I knew we had something special.

Idle vegan sleepwear

How do you manage juggling two businesses at the same time?

It can be tough, but thankfully I have an amazing team of people and factories I work that help me. My calendar has also become my best friend.

What steps does Idle take to reduce its environmental impact and waste in the fashion industry?

Starting with our materials, we source fabrics that are made of cellulose fibers and avoid any made of synthetic or animal fibers.

We found a fun way to repurpose our scrap fabrics by making scrunchies to pair back with your robe. Our packaging is made of recycled materials, and we are mindful of the waste we create in our factory and warehouse.

Diversity and size inclusivity is often under-represented in many lingerie and sleepwear brands. So how does Idle ensure that everybody is celebrated?

Currently, we are excited to be able to offer sizes up to 3x. As we grow, we plan to extend sizing even further.

Do you have a favorite piece from Idle’s new sleepwear collection?

We recently launched our Slip style. It is a simple slip that can be worn alone or paired back with its matching robe. It has a few details like adjustable straps and a back vent, making it both a comfortable and elevated lounging experience.

Idle Slip

Have you tried a product from another sustainable and ethical brand that you think our audience should know about?

I love Everyday Oil, a botanical oil company. I discovered it through one of our retailers and have been purchasing their Mainstay Oil ever since. It smells so great that I can’t get enough of it.

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in setting up a sustainable business in the fashion industry?

I am still learning, but I would say to do your research and be willing to pivot or make changes in your production or operations.

Idle Sleepwear

What does the future look like for your brand?

We have great products coming your way using some beautiful textiles made of sustainable materials. In addition, we are building our social presence to better connect with our customers and grow our online community.

Wrapping Up: Q&A Idle Sleepwear

We hope you enjoyed the insight behind Idle with Michelle, to shop her new collection of vegan sleepwear visit the website, or shop via the button below 🙂


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