9 Essential Sustainable Brands from Canada

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Looking for the best sustainable fashion brands from Canada?

Well, you’re in the right place.

Canada is currently a growing hub for sustainable fashion brands and there are a wide selection of brands available to buy from locally across the country.

Let’s dive into some of the best brands out there.

Know a great sustainable Canadian fashion brand not included here? Let me know in the comments!

Best Sustainable Fashion Brands based in Canada

1. Kotn


Based in: Toronto

Pricing: $$

Kotn are a Toronto based sustainable clothing brand who are contributing to the fashion ecosystem in a positive way.

They’re a Certified B Corporation, which means that they are required to consider the impact of their practices on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Whenever you see a B Corp, you can be almost certain they’re a great choice to purchase from if you care about the ethics behind the clothes.

They have fair and safe labor standards, and use organic materials to create their men’s and women’s collections.

Kotn also donate to pro-literacy organizations around the world to help communities grow.

2. Encircled

Encircled made in canada

Based in: Toronto

Pricing: $$$

Encircled make versatile, minimalist clothing. They’re also a Certified B Corp so you can be certain your purchases are supporting a good brand.

Since 2012 Encirled have been making their modern basics, using Made in Canada sewing studios based Toronto. The core fabrics they use include Modal, TENCEL Lyocell, and Rayon from Bamboo. These fabrics make up the pillars of their ethical clothing brand and all look and feel great.

3. Matt & Natt

Matt and Nat canadian sustainable brand

Based in: Montreal

Pricing: $$ – $$$

MATT & NAT are a sustainable brand from Montreal making waves. They have a range of bags, accessories, and vegan footwear.

Since the brand was founded they have been committed to not using animal-based products. As well as that, the linings in their shoes are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and they’re starting to use recycled bicycle tires, which is another great initiative.

Their styles are very contemporary, and you’ll be sure to find something you like from MATT & NAT.

4. Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak Canada

Based in: Montreal

Pricing: $ – $$

Frank And Oak are another Montreal based brand that you need to check out.

They prioritize reducing their impact by using recycled fabrics, and responsible practices in their supply chain. They have also made big strides towards using more eco-conscious materials and production methods.

Like some of the other brands on this list they use a range of sustainable materials like recycled denim, recycled hemp, Lenzing TENCEL, Seacell, recycled wool and ,ore. They also use eco friendly dyes made from natural materials, so there’s no run off contamination.

5. Eve Gravel

Eve Gravel Canada

Based in: Montreal

Pricing: $$$ – $$$$

This Montreal based brand are creating ethically made clothes in Montreal, using carefully chosen fabrics such as Tencel. Eve Gravel design all of their prints in house, and only use local artisans to make their clothes.

You can visit their the Atelier Eve Gravel (their workshop) by appointment only, so give them a call before stopping by.

6. Peggy Sue Collection

Peggy Sue Canada

Based in: Ontario

Pricing: $$$

Peggy Sue Collection are another sustainable Canadian brand doing great work, and everything is made in North America.

All of their textiles are sourced from a North America based farm (they don’t disclose where the factory is, so it could be in either Canada or the US).

The cotton used in their denim or other clothes are made from organic cotton, or upcycled denim. Their wool is all Canadian. Finally, the clothes are handmade in Toronto, Canada.

Peggy Sue Collection’s clothes are timeless and elegant, and fit the heritage luxury description they give themselves.

7. Stevie Crowne

Stevie Crowne

Based in: Toronto

Pricing: $$$$

One of the most unique brands on this list, Stevie Crowne are definitely worth checking out (even if you don’t want to drop the kind of cash their clothes cost).

The brand, founded by 24-year-old Stevie Crowne makes high-end sustainable clothes and makes all of their collections by recycling high-quality vintage and thrifted clothes.

The primary service the brand offers is custom work, so you can get a completely unique item made just for you.

While the price point is certainly out of most people’s clothing budget, this list wouldn’t be complete without Stevie Crowne.

8. Amanda Moss

Amanda Moss Canada

Based in: Montreal

Pricing: $$$

Amanda Moss create a small, carefully handmade selection of womenswear handmade in Montreal.

The brand was launched in 2013 and since then have been making womenswear that focuses on silhouette and high quality construction that “evokes timeless femininity“.

9. Iris Denim

Iris Denim Canada

Based in: Toronto

Pricing: $$$

Since 2014 Iris Denim have been on a mission – to make the perfect pair of jeans.

All of their denim is designed for women, and all of their items are manufactured in Canada. They use environmentally conscious production methods, and use biodegradable washing agents in the production process rather than toxic chemicals.

Recap – Best Canadian Sustainable Fashion Brands

These Canadian brands all offer great sustainable clothes.

If you’re visiting any of the cities they’re based in you should definitely support them and pay a visit (or, just visit them online!)!

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