4 Sustainable Fashion Brands from Toronto to Check Out

Looking to find the best sustainable brands in Toronto?

You’re in the right place!

We’ve brought together some of the best eco-friendly brands from Toronto who are making waves with their carefully styled and sustainable collections.

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Best Sustainable Brands from Toronto

1. Kotn

Sustainability: B Corp, organic, safe and fair labor standards, donations and funding to pro-literacy organizations

What they make: Womenswear, Menswear

Price: $$

Kotn Toronto

Kotn is one of the most well known sustainable brands from Canada, and they’re based in Toronto. They’ve only been around since 2015 but have grown rapidly since then.

They’re a B Corp, so you know they consider the environmental impact of everything they do.

They use organic and sustainable materials to create their ranges of simple, but sharply designed clothes for women and men.

They also ensure that their garments are made under fair and safe labor conditions.

They also donate to pro-literacy organizations to help in-need communities around the world thrive. In 2017 they built an elementary school in Egypt for the children of their farmers.

Shop Kotn on their website

2. Encircled

Sustainability: B Corp, ethical production, eco-conscious fabrics, upcycling, small batch production

What they make: Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories

Price: $$$

Encircled Toronto

Encircled make minimalist clothing that can be worn in any almost situation. Their philosophy is to focus on timeless designs that you can wear in any outfit, and always look good.

Like Kotn, they’re a Certified B Corp so you can be certain you’re supporting both the brand and their stakeholders.

All of their clothes are Made In Canada, too.

Shop Encircled

3. Stevie Crowne

Sustainability: Recycled materials, upcycles thrifted clothes

What they make: Womenswear, Womenswear

Price: $$$$

Stevie Crowne Toronto

If you have money to blow and an out-of-the-box style, then Stevie Crowne is for you.

Founded by 24-year-old Stevie Crowne, they create high-fashion sustainable clothes by recycling thrift store finds and clothes that would otherwise be disposed of.

The brand makes items completely custom, so if you’re looking for something special this brand could be the one for you. They also have an online shop section, however, due to the nature of the brand custom making everything, the selection is limited.

Shop Stevie Crowne

4. Iris Denim

Sustainability: Denim is all made in Canada, waste reduction in the supply chain

What they make: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Iris Denim Toronto

Looking for your next pair of jeans? Iris Denim is for you.

All of their sustainable denim is designed for women, and all of their items are Made in Canada and their jeans come in a range of classic, stylish cuts.

They use environmentally friendly production methods and biodegradable washing agents in the production process. This ensures that no toxic chemicals are used to minimize their environmental impact.

Shop Iris Denim

Recap – Toronto’s best Sustainable Clothing Brands

If you’re in Toronto, or simply want to shop from a sustainable brand creating high-quality clothing, then these brands are all amazing options.

If you know another Toronto-based brand making clothes in an eco-friendly way, we’d love to know about them. Just leave a comment below!

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