20 Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry Brands for 2024

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You’ll keep your jewelry for years, and good pieces will last a lifetime.

It’s important today, more than ever, to ensure the brands you support are treating their workers fairly, using eco-friendly and ethical production techniques, and sourcing their metals, jewels, and diamonds from sustainable mines or production systems.

We’ve collected our favorite sustainable jewelry brands that we’re confident you’ll love.

We’ll highlight their sustainable initiatives, product ranges, and more.

Why Choose Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry?

The jewelry industry is notorious for creating high levels of carbon pollution, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. The jewelry industry is also known for poor ethical standards for workers across the supply chain.
For example, one silver ring costs around 1.03 kg CO2 to produce; this contributes severely to environmental pollution on a large scale.

Sustainable jewelry uses recycled or lower environmental impact materials, such as reclaimed silver and gold, or ethically mined jewels and metals.

Brands creating sustainable and ethical jewelry often have a transparent supply chain, which is essential to ensure that workers have been treated fairly and work in safe environments.

Take a look at our top suggestions for sustainable and ethical jewelry brands in the post below.

Let’s jump in.

Our Favorite Ethical Jewelry Brands

1. Mejuri

Mejuri sustainable jewelry

Sustainability: Jewellery made from a combination of recycled and fairly mined materials. Supply chain traceability.

Price: $-$$

At a glance: A range of rings, necklaces, bracelets at fair prices, from gold vermeil rings, 14K gold pieces, diamonds, and wedding bands.

Toronto-based brand Mejuri have traceability from mine to market.

This allows Mejuri to improve the sustainability and social impact of their pieces in the supply chain.

Their jewelry is made from a combination of recycled and fairly mined material. Mejuri is serious about driving fair pricing in the jewelry industry; with some major brands driving prices 10x their value, Mejuri is transparent about their costs. This allows their luxury pieces to be accessible for everyone. 

Mejuri necklace

2. Capsul Jewelry

Capsul Jewelry sustainable

Sustainability: 3D-printed jewels, hand-crafted in LA, female-founded, non-toxic materials

Price: $ – $$

At a glance: Custom, made-to-order jewelry, created using innovative 3D printing techniques

Capsul Jewelry is unique as they create all of their necklaces, earrings, necklaces, and more, using 3D-printing.

Every piece is made to order, and you can create your own unique piece of designer jewelry, at a fraction of the cost you would usually pay.

Everything is produced in LA, and it’s a women-run company.

Capsul jewelry earrings necklace and ring combination

3. SiiZu

SiiZu sustainable jewelry

Sustainability: Sustainable materials and supply chain, 10% donations to environmental organizations

Price: $

At a glance: Tasteful jewelry at a fraction of the price you’d expect

SiiZu is a New York-based sustainable jewelry brand making luxury but affordable earrings, necklaces, rings, and more.

ALl of Siizu’s jewelry is affordable, and because they’re a direct-to-consumer brand, you don’t have to pay traditional wholesale markups.

The brand uses sustainable materials, and as well as that, every item is shipped in eco-friendly recycled paper bags.

They also donate to help the American Forests organization plant trees across the US to restore and protect vital habitats.

Siizu ethical jewelry examples, this image features two Siizu necklaces


ABLE sustainable rings

Sustainability: Sustainable materials, wage and supply chain transparency, recycled packaging

Price: $

At a glance: Affordable jewelry from a brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty

ABLE is a sustainable brand that handcrafts their ethical jewelry collection in Nashville, Tennessee.

You’ll find affordable but stylish jewelry – from earrings to bracelets made from a variety of metals, depending on your preference.

They use a variety of sustainably sourced materials, including cellulose acetate, a plant-based material that’s biodegradable and compostable.

ABLE is highly transparent – they publish the wages that their staff earn. They’re committed to paying living wages to their staff, wherever they’re located in the world.

Able bracelet

5. Astor & Orion

Astor & Orion recycled jewelry

Sustainability: Recycled metals are ethically handcrafted into beautiful jewelry.

Price: $-$$

At a glance: Recycled gold and silver jewelry that’s safe for customers, workers, and the environment

Astor & Orion creates bespoke recycled jewelry from recycled materials, including gold, silver, and stainless steel.

The brand carefully creates its unique designs in Seattle and partners with a certified factory in Thailand which brings its designs to life.

Astor and Orion focus on a circular business model, which works to reduce waste by creating recyclable jewelry from recycled materials.

Astor and Orion ethical jewelry

6. Nisolo

Nisolo sustainable earrings

Sustainability: Upcycled materials, handmade by artisans, B Corp

Price: $

At a glance: Minimalist, stylish, and tasteful jewelry handcrafted by Kenyan artisans

Nisolo’s handmade sustainable jewelry is made by local artisans from upcycled metals.

They work with artisans in Kenya, Peru, and Mexico, always paying wages that are above average for the location. They’re also transparent about the wages they pay, and the processes they’re using to ensure wages continue to rise for their workers.

The company is also a B Corp, which means it’s committed to using it’s platform to benefit the environment and all of the brand’s stakeholders.

They create simple, timeless, and stylish jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Nisolo Brass Earrings


SOKO ethical jewelry

Sustainability: Certified B Corp, Women-led, ethical jewelry created by Artisans in Kenya using recycled brass

Price: $-$$

At a glance: Ethical rings, necklaces, bracelets

SOKO is a women-led marketplace connecting artisans in Kenya with the world.

The online platform showcases handmade ethical jewelry from sustainable materials such as recycled brass, reclaimed materials, and beads.

Expect to find dainty chains, bold rings, and dreamy earrings in SOKO’s collections, each handmade by Kenyan artisans. SOKO’s impact enables these artisans to earn 5X more than an average artisan workshop, meaning communities and families are better supported.

SOKO ethical jewelery


BAR jewellery sustainable necklaces

Sustainability: Recycled silver used in each piece, full traceability, full brand transparency on production methods.

Price: $$

At a glance: Cool contemporary rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Bar Jewellery produces its artisan-made jewelry from recycled silver and believes in reducing its environmental impact on the supply chain.

Pieces are locally cast and hand-finished at their London studio using locally sourced recycled silver. Hand crafted jewels are also produced in Bali.

Bar Jewellery ensures the artisans who handcraft their pieces are provided with fair wages and safe working conditions. 

Here I am pictured wearing my BAR jewelry necklace
Here I am pictured in my BAR jewellery necklace!

9. AUrate


Sustainability: Jewelry made from ethically sourced and sustainably produced material. 100% Recycled gold. 

Price: $$-$$$

At a glance: Luxury jewels, offering everyday statement pieces to dainty diamonds, vintage rings, and wedding bands. 

Focusing on improving the ugly side of the jewelry industry, AUrate ensures the gold it uses is 100% recycled.

Female-led, New York brand AUrate produces fine jewelry in their Manhattan studios.

Their pearls are harvested sustainably using family-run farms that respect the marine environment. The sustainable brand offers up a range of pieces, including the ability to personalize pieces by offering an engraving service on select necklaces, rings, engagement rings, earrings.

Aurate medallion ring

10. Alighieri

Alighieri sustainable and ethical necklaces

Sustainability:  Local craftsmanship, recycled and upcycled materials. Focus on ethical trade and supporting charity.

Price: $$$

At a glance: Beautifully individual pieces inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’.

Alighieri’s offering of refreshingly individual pieces sets this brand apart from others. They produce modern heirlooms that you can cherish for years to come.

They pride themselves on their sustainable and ethical practices by using local craftsmanship and creating every piece from recycled metal and upcycled materials (all of their pieces are cast in recycled bronze before being plated in gold).

Ecothes Reviewed: “I’ve been collecting Alighieri pieces over the years as I love the design and concept behind the brand. I always get complimented whenever I wear my pieces!” – Bethany

Editor Bethany’s much loved Alighieri pieces.

11. Rays and Riches

Rays and riches sustainable jewlery

Sustainability: Jewelry handmade in Italy from pre-loved gemstones.

Price: $-$$

At a glance: A range of contemporary rings and earrings featuring beautiful pre-loved gemstones.

Introducing Rays and Riches, a renowned Italian jewelry brand that’s inspired by organic shapes and patterns found in nature. Famed for its exquisite craftsmanship and use of high-quality sustainable materials, Rays and Riches has become a symbol of luxury and refinement in the world of jewelry.

The brand’s collections showcase a unique fusion of classic Italian design and contemporary flair, featuring an array of stunning pieces such as rings, necklaces, created with pre-loved gemstones. With a strong focus on quality and attention to detail, Rays and Riches continues to captivate discerning clientele seeking statement pieces that embody the essence of sustainability and style.

12. Monbouquette

monbouquette sustainable jewelry

Sustainability: Sustainable pearls, recycled metals, lab-grown diamonds, all products made in the USA

Price: $$$

At a glance: A selection of luxury, made in the USA, necklaces and earrings, created by a mother-daughter team.

Jenny and Lily Monbouquette are a mother-daughter team creating tasteful, sustainable, bold jewelry. They create a selection of necklaces and earrings available in a variety of styles.

Their sustainability credentials are impressive: all earrings and spheres are made from 100% recycled materials including silver, bronze, or brass, with ethically mined gold plating.

They also use hand-selected, sustainably farmed freshwater pearls.

The diamonds they use in their jewelry pieces are lab-grown, ensuring they’re conflict-free and with minimal environmental negative impacts.

Finally, all of their jewelry is handcrafted in the USA. And, when you order from them, you’ll receive your new jewels in plastic-free, recycled packaging.

Monbouqette earrings and ring

13. Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader sustainable jewelry

Sustainability: 100% of supply chain certified by the responsible Jewellery council. 100% recycled silver. 

Price: $$

At a glance: Luxury British jewelry brand offering wearable pieces. MV offers the ability to customize pieces for unique pieces.

Household name Monica Vinader is a British jewelry brand well known for wearable, stylish jewelry.

In 2020 the brand transitioned to 100% recycled silver and worked on offsetting emissions by offering carbon neutral delivery and returns. This will allow the brand to reduce Co2 emissions by 2.3M kilograms by the end of 2021. 

Ecothes Reviewed: “I bought myself a pair of Monica Vinader earrings to try as I love their brand ethos. Their earrings are perfect to wear everyday and feel super high-quality for an affordable price point, I’ll definitely be buying more in the future!” – Bethany

Editor Bethany’s Monica Vinader Earrings

14. Bario Neal

Sustainability: Ethical jewelry made from recycled and Fair mined certified materials.

Price: $-$$

At a glance: Ethical Engagement rings, sustainable wedding bands, and fine jewelry.

Bario Neal is a refreshingly different ethical jewelry brand, creating eco-conscious engagement rings, fine jewelry, and wedding bands from responsibly sourced materials.

All of Bario Neal’s bespoke jewelry is created in-house at their Philadelphia studio or sourced from American makers, keeping production local to reduce environmental impact and ensure ethical production of its pieces.

15. d’Francisco

d'Francisco silver sustainable rings

Sustainability: 3D printed bespoke jewelry made from recycled silver.

Price: $$

At a glance: Bespoke silver jewelry inspired by Wild Animals

d’Francisco is a sustainable jewelry brand that started with the desire to connect people to the planet.

Sustainability has been a priority for the brand since day one, by incorporating 3D printing technology in their design process helps reduce manufacturing waste. In addition, d’Francisco uses sustainable materials to create their bespoke jewelry.

d’Francisco works with recycled fine metals, such as silver from electronics, x-ray films, old jewelry, and other recycled materials to create their pieces, reducing metal waste on the planet.

Into the WILD is the name of d’Francisco’s second collection, a unique collection inspired by jaguars, palms, and the idea of living a WILDlife.

d'Francisco silver sustainable necklaces

16. SVNR

SVNR ethical earrings

Sustainability: Sustainable manufacturing processes and conscious consumption.

Price: $$

At a glance: Vibrant pieces hand-made from colourful stones, shells, and gems.

SVNR (Pronounced souvenir) is for you if you want to show off with a splash of color and individuality

They produce quirky handmade ethical jewelry, including earrings and necklaces, handmade from natural, re-used, and upcycled materials. 

SVNR earring

17. Catbird

Catbird ethical jewelry

Sustainability: Handmade by jewelers in their NYC studio, using sustainable materials, ethically sourced gold and conflict free stones.

Price: $$ – $$$

At a glance: Rings, Necklaces and earrings. Unique charm collections. Wedding bands and engagement rings.

Brooklyn based jewelry studio Catbird specialise in ethical jewelry at a fair price. Since launching in 2004, their jewels have gained in popularity for their creative and bespoke designs.

Handmade in their NYC studio, all from ethically sourced gold their jewelery features conflict free stones which sparkle and shine, without negatively impacting workers in their supply chain.

Catbird are proud members of the No Dirty Gold campaign, which works internationally to reform the gold mining industry to respect human rights, and reduce environmental impact.

Catbird ethical diamond ring

18. Lark & Berry

lark and berry

Sustainability: Cultured diamonds set on silver and gold.

Price: $$$$

At a glance: Rings, pendants, necklaces, charms, earrings, and more.

Lark & Berry is a sustainable jewellery pioneer that has been creating jewellery from cultured diamonds – never mined – since 2018.

They have a large range of necklaces, earrings, charms, and more. All of their collections are designed to be timeless, yet unique.

The brand’s jewellery has been worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Adriana Lima, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, plus more.

Lark & Berry is an excellent option, but it’s worth noting that it is one of the more expensive options in this guide.

lark and berry ethical rings

19. Article 22

Sustainability: Recycled jewelry crafted from scrap metal from shells and bombs in Laos

Price: $$

At a glance: A selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings created from recycled bomb metal and shells in Laos

Meet Article 22, a recycled jewelry brand helping to support the lives of support traditional Laotian artisans by working together to turn shell casings and bomb shrapnel into bespoke and beautiful jewelry.

Laos is the most bombed country per capita in history, and still, millions of bombs are left un exploded across the country.

The brand works with communities in Laos and contributes to the MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to help safely clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos.

20. Fox & Bond

Fox & Bond vintage jewelry

Sustainability: Vintage jewelry that saves energy and reduces waste

Price: $-$$$

At a glance: A range of vintage rings, necklaces, engagement rings, 14K gold pieces

If you’d rather shop pre-loved vintage jewelry but still want a touch of luxury, check out Fox & Bond, purveyors of the finest bespoke vintage jewelry.

The Los Angeles-based brand was founded in 2015 to bring antique and vintage jewelry into the modern world.

Each piece is bespoke, and each ring can be sized custom to order. The brand constantly refreshes its collection with exciting new vintage finds, and Fox & Bond offers free shipping on all US orders.

Fox and bond antique jewelry

Wrapping Up: Sustainable Jewelry

We hope you enjoyed our ethical jewelry top picks. If you have any recommendations please let us know in the comments below.

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