11 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Sunglasses For 2021

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As summer approaches, it’s time to get prepared.

A good pair of sunglasses is essential — both for your eye health, and as a way to complete your outfit.

Traditionally, sunglasses were made from plastics, and non-sustainable materials like plastics, and acetate made from petroleum derivatives.

Luckily, there are innovative, eco-friendly sunglasses brands pushing the boundaries on what’s possible.

They combine eco-friendly and sustainable materials with modern, versatile styles.

In this guide, we’ve collected some of our favorites for you.

Let’s take a look.

Our Favorite Sustainable Sunglasses Brands


Pela Vision ethical sunglasses

Sustainability: Climate Neutral Certified, Certified B Corp, member of 1% For The Planet. Biodegradable glasses, recycling program

Price: $ – $$

At a glance: Sustainable and ethical sunglasses in a range of classic and modern styles, coming in at an affordable price.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? No

Swway’s ( formerly Pela Vision) sunglasses are stylish, coming in a variety of classic and modern styles and colors.

But, that’s not the best part. The sunglasses are completely biodegradable, free of traditional metal bits and hinges. If they go to landfill, they’ll completely disappear.

If you’re looking to switch from plastic sunglasses to a new pair of Pela’s, you can send your old glasses to Pela as part of their recycling program and they’ll ensure they get recycled and reused.

The company is constantly pushing their limits to implement new sustainability initiatives, such as opening local distribution centers to reduce overseas shipping, and offsetting their entire carbon footprint with carbon credits. They also donate a percentage of every sale to ocean cleanup programs.

2. Sunski

Sunski sustainable sunglasses

Sustainability: Recycled materials, certified carbon neutral company, member of 1% For The Planet

Price: from $58

At a glance: One of the original eco-friendly polarized sunglasses brands, making all of their frames from recycled materials. Each pair comes with a lifetime warranty.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? Yes

Sunski make polarized sunglasses from recycled materials reclaimed from landfill. The brand uses no plastic packaging, and is a member of 1% For The Planet — to date, they’ve donated over $150,000 to environmental causes.

Sunski also offer a lifetime warranty and will fix your sunglasses if anything ever happens to them.

We also love that Sunski are a carbon neutral company, offsetting emissions created in their sunglasses production process.

Sunski’s shades come in a variety of frames and sizes, and there’s a virtual try-on system to preview how they’ll look on your face.

Pictured: Makani, Blonde Tortoise Aqua, $58

3. Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard Sustainable Sunglasses

Sustainability: Biodegradable, fully compostable sunglasses, created from renewable, plant-based materials. Striving for zero waste through sustainable production techniques.

Price: $115 per pair

At a glance:  15 chic styles in 24 colors. UV400 protection lenses keep your eyes safe while looking stylish. 

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? No

Colorful Standard has a unique sunglasses range to suit every style. The hardest part will be picking your favorite from their impressive collection, with over 300 pairs to choose from.

Crafted from plant-based materials such as cellulose acetate and wood (all FSC certified), their sunglasses are 100% biodegradable and built to last. 

They produce their sunglasses in Portugal, and ensure their workers are paid a fair wage and have safe working conditions.

Pictured: Sunglass 01 $115

4. Proof Eyewear

Proof sustainable sunglasses

Sustainability: Handcrafted eyewear from FSC-Certified wood, cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminum, and re-purposed skateboard decks, $10 from each purchase goes to a Do Good program that gives back to local and global projects

Price: $$

At a glance: Wide range of handcrafted sunglasses from sustainable materials.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? No

Proof Eyewear was founded in 2021 by 3 brothers out of a desire to create an eco-friendly product that could contribute and give back to causes that matter.

Today, the brand creates a wide variety of sunglasses from sustainable, biodegradable, and recycled materials.

The brand also donates part of its profits to ethical causes every year.


PENDO Maple PALA Sunglasses

Sustainability: B Corp certified, ethical brand supporting eye-care brands in Africa, recycled acetate styles from factory offcuts.

Price: $$

At a glance: Ethical and sustainable brand. A wide range of on trend styles and colour choices available.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? Yes

For every pair of PALA sunglasses sold, they give back to initiatives in Africa which are supporting vision centers and screening programs to ensure people get the correct care for vision impairments.

PALA is ensuring they aren’t damaging the planet by using recycled material from factory off-cuts and replacing plastic by using bio-acetate on their frames.

Bio-acetate is a plant-based, biodegradable material t hat reduces the sunglasses industry’s reliance on non-renewable resources.

Pictured: Pendo Maple £110


MITA Brickell sunglasses

Sustainability: Eyewear made from recycled plastic bottles

Price: $$

At a glance: Cool lightweight styles, sunglasses and optical ranges.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? No

MITA’s glasses are made from 5 recycled plastic water bottles — it’s a simple concept that we’re a big fan of.

Their lenses are biodegradable, and their sunglasses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

MITA has a range of both mens and women sunglasses styles, and there are plenty of colour and style selections to choose from.

Pictured: Brickell Sunglasses in tortoise shell $105

7. ECO

ECO Cancun sunglasses

Sustainability: Recycled material, bio-based sunglasses.

Price: $$

At a glance: Sunglasses, optical frames and clip ons.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? Yes

Eco craft their sunglasses from sustainable castor seed oil, making this a sustainable alternative to harmful plastics.

Their metal frames are made from 95% recycled materials.

The brand also has an Eco Ocean range, where all frames are made from recycled ocean-based plastics.

The brand also plants a tree for every frame sold, which is a great initiative.

Pictured: Cancun Sunglasses $99

8. FreshForPandas

Bruno Sun Sunglasses

Sustainability: Eyewear made from sustainably sourced wood and bamboo.

Price: $$

At a glance: Perscription sunglasses available. Fresh eco-friendly eyewear men and women styles available.

Prescription lenses available? Yes, prescription sunglasses available

Polarized lenses available? No

FreshForPandas is a forward-thinking eyewear brand changing the way they create their sunglasses and optical glasses to ensure they are more sustainable.

Their frames are all made sustainably sourced wood from certified FSC sources, and bamboo (from non-GM sources).

Their alternative to plastics is to use cellulose-based bio acetate, which is completely biodegradable!

They ship all of their sunglasses carbon-neutral in plastic-free packaging.

Pictured: Bruno Sun, Sunglasses $154, prescription lenses available.

9. Bird

Bird Pluma green Sunglasses

Sustainability: Certified B Corp company, recycled materials, including wood and metals, bio-based acetate and renewable cork.

Price: $$

At a glance: Cool styles, recycled and biomaterials. Giving back through the Share a Sun program.

Prescription lenses available? Yes, prescription lenses available

Polarized lenses available? No

Birds are creating modern sleek sunglasses with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do.

The frames are made from recycled aluminium, sustainable wood, and renewable cork. They also use the popular bio-based acetate as a alternative to plastic, using real leaves to sculpt some of their styles like their Pluma pair pictured.

They are driving the Share a Sun initiative, in partnership with Solar Aid, which helps to distribute solar electricity to families in Malawi and Zambia as an alternative to fossil fuel sources.

Pictured: Pluma Green Leaf Sunglasses, £99

10. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney vegan sunglasses

Sustainability:  Bio acetate, over 50% of materials are recycled.

Price: $$$

At a glance: Chic shades, bold chunky frame styles.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? No

Perhaps not as sustainable as some of the other brands featured here, Stella McCartney are still changing the industry, recognising their impact and pushing for sustainability.

The materials they use are now at least 50% recycled. They are using bio-acetate for their sunglasses.

As you may know already, Stella McCartney are a completely vegan, cruelty-free brand.

Their styles are big, bold, and super cool.

Pictured: Shiny black round sunglasses £170.

11. LaBante

LaBante sunglasses

Sustainability: Cruelty free, PVP free, Sweatshop free

Price: $

At a glance: Sunglasses with a cool wood finish.

Prescription lenses available? No

Polarized lenses available? No

A smaller selection of styles than other brands featured here, but by no means any less worth your attention.

LaBante is committed to being vegan, cruelty-free, ethical, and sustainable.

They ensure workers are paid a living wage and are avoid using any factory with a history of bad labor practices.

Pictured: Rosewood Akita Round Sunglasses $49

12. Warby Parker

Warby Parker sustainable sunglasses

Sustainability: For every pair bough, a pair is donated to someone in need. Responsibly sourced materials, recycled packaging.

Price: from $95

At a glance: High quality eco sunglasses available in mens and women styles

Prescription lenses available? Yes, prescription lenses available

Polarized lenses available? No

Warby Parker hosts an impressive collection of high-quality, sustainable sunglasses with over 50 styles on offer. They use cellulose acetate – an eco-friendly alternative to acetate – for their frames and responsibly source materials such as titanium and bronze.

Every year, they publish a detailed impact report, which specifies the sustainable initiatives they are working on and their environmental impact, such as CO2 emissions and percent of recycled input materials used in manufacturing. As a brand, Warby Parker strives to reduce its environmental impact and be more sustainable by offsetting its carbon emissions by donating to environmental programs.

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